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Fur-babies, and/or pets.

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      Amalthea Hustles

      I’m a fledgling cat lady. Right now, I live alone with two cats. Their names are Raoul Duke and Fidel Castro. My partner likes to joke and call Fidel ‘Catstro,’ but I tell him that my Fidel is too dignified for such punnery.

      Raoul is huge and orange and fluffy, highly affectionate and loves to be the center of attention. He likes knocking things off tables and finding inappropriate places to park and scratching my chair.

      Fidel is round and white with faint orange markings. He likes hiding and hates new people, and he has a beanie baby Simba that he carries around in his mouth, grooms, and sleeps upon like a baby.

      Here are my giant cats.

      my giant cats on the balcony

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      Amber R.

      Oh, kitties! Hehehe. I too have giant cat babies. As you can see from my avatar, I have a cat icon! That would be my big momma “Shell”. One day during sophomore year in highschool, she walked up to me as a pregnant stray. And she’s been by my side ever since! The summer after I found her, she gave birth to two kittens.

      And that’s how I got my other cat, Torti.

      Torti, my cat

      She was born on June 20th, 2009.
      Shell and her babies
      Torti and her brother

      And, just recently, I’ve gotten a new little kitten I’ve named Rebel.
      Rebel, my kitten

      So, yeah! Those are my cats.

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        My fur babies are all friends and stay pretty much together your babies seem very well loved and handsome cuties

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      Amalthea Hustles

      Oh my god, what precious little baby kittens! They’re only that little for such a short time, make sure to take lots and lots of pictures of them. And lovely happy ending for a stray, to find a nice friend like you.

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        Amber R.

        Oooh, yes! You need to take as many pictures to make the memories last, heh. Rebel was actually born on May 23rd of this year. I can’t believe how fast the time has flew.

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      I’m not entirely sure how to get a picture up on here without having it loaded somewhere else on the net first, so for now I’ll just have to describe my adorable furbaby. She is a medium sized mocha colored pittie-lab mix named Penny. She had a litter mate named Sheldon (Big fans of Big Bang Theory), but we unfortunately lost him about a year ago. We only have the one pup now, but she is a sweetie pie.

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      Amalthea Hustles

      Awww. Your babies sound lovely, Pegasus. A pittie-lab mix must have a very sweet demeanor. I’m sorry for your loss, it’s hard to lose a pet, and it’s probably also hard for Penny too, to lose a family member like that.

      Did she mourn? I’ve never had more than one dog in a household.

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