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    Yes, I do. If it wasn’t for the venison and elk my mother and father successfully brought in, all six of us would have starved to death. That is literal. My brother, both sisters and I all hunt and have done so all our lives. I won’t shoot anything I won’t eat, but if it wasn’t for hunters in the US, a huge number of deer and elk would die…[Read more]

    • I agree completely. I couldn’t have said it better myself @rextrulove. My husband hunts, and we feel the same way. It’s true about over-population. The herds must be thinned out. Otherwise they’d starve to death or die on the highways. They also end up in urban areas where they ravage gardens. Over-population causes very serious problems.

      • For deer, elk and other game animals, hunters are the conservationists who do the most for the animals. I’ve also been rehabilitating wild animals for 51 years, but there is no conflict of interest, because when I hunt and I’m successful, I know that I’ve helped far more than just one deer, elk or whatever.

      • It is also interesting and telling that of the 30-50 deer in and around our little town, all the does had twins or triplets this year. One even had quadruplets. It was the first time I saw a doe with four fawns, and she successfully raised them to the point that the spots were fading. The problem is that last year had a mild winter. I fully expect…[Read more]

    • @rextrulove I think that it’s important to believe in responsible hunting.

    • I guess you can hunt for animals as food on the table is western countries. here in Malaysia, you are not allowed to have guns, so no hunting

      • That is true in most countries where the government wants to firmly control the people. There are even movements in the US where some government officials want to control the US citizens. They try to say that it is for the good of the people and that it is to stop senseless shootings, but that is an outright lie. It is simply a desire to control…[Read more]

      • There is a lesson in history, too. In 1939, a wicked man in power wanted to first register all guns. He later outlawed them and confiscated those that were owned by law abiding citizens. It was shortly after that when he took total control of the government and declared war on much of the world, securely knowing that the citizens of his country…[Read more]

    • i know you on bubblews

    • I’ve written at Bubblews, yes, @catthsy. Also, where I was a senior manager, and I’m co-owner of, which just became a pay site.

      • i havent hear about helium

        • Helium was the first site that paid (and paid well) for articles. When I was with Helium, I consistently earned well over $500 a month, just from there. Many other similar sites sprang up, trying to capitalize on what Helium was doing. Then Google changed all the rules, with their infamous Panda algorithms and many sites, including Helium,…[Read more]

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    No i don’t like.. i hate animal hunters

    • Thinking about it, the honey bears being hunt down for their bile ducts to be sold……. very sad indeed, the bears are being tortured by hunters