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      Welcome to the Horse Lovers group! I figured this would be a good place for us to talk about our experiences with/opinions about/anything else anyone wants to say about(or related to) horses 🙂

      My whole blog is about my experiences with horses but here’s just a brief introduction about me:

      I have a full lease on a horse here in Washington(my home). She’s a dark bay thoroughbred named The Movie Star (She loves hearing her name called at horse shows, she’s quite a diva!), or Star for short.

      I’m a student at Purdue University. I just finished my senior year and I have one more semester before my graduation in December with a degree in professional writing with a concentration in wildlife science.

      I ride on Purdue’s equestrian team and I’m on the executive board for the team as the chronicler so my job is to keep track of the points that each member accumulates individually and the points we accumulate as a team over the course of our season.

      I also play the tuba and have played in a variety of the ensembles Purdue has to offer over my four years there including Boiler Brass, the men’s basketball pep band. I haven’t desensitized Star to my tuba yet(I’m not sure that would go very well!) but I love playing it in barns and have gotten other horses that I have worked with over the years used to it so it’s definitely possible!

      That’s all I can really think to write at this point. If you have questions for me feel free to ask and I can’t wait to read about you all as well!

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