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What do you do to stay healthy?

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      What is everyone’s tips and tricks for staying healthy?

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      Ellyse Mae Tadifa

      I always see to it that I eat the right kind of food for my body. I am a vegetarian for almost 12 years now, I am not saying that I am completely healthy because I also have common colds and cough sometimes but my body can quickly recover from these sickness.

      It not all about food, it depends on your body clock too, I always take time to get a full sleep, an eight hour of sleep helps me gain more strength for the next day.

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      drink lots of water

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      Every morning when I wake up, I take my #Isotonix cocktail. Which consists of anti-aging properties, multi-vitamin with Iron (which I desparately need) and vitamin C.
      After I drink my delicious Isotonix drink, I’m ready to start my day…eat a healthy breakfast, usually greek or soy yogurt with a banana, sometimes cereal.
      I go to the gym every morning (I usually like going to the Zumba class, but I do mix it up and try other workouts)
      After the gym, my body needs more fuel so I eat a healthy lunch after taking my Omega3 supplements.
      Then its working time for me, I’m alway drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated. If I feel hungry I try drinking water first, if still hungry I reach for something healthy and small.
      I have dinner around 7 or 8…(I stay up late so it’s not too late for me)
      I always use small plates for portion control as well.

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      I have a chia seed bran muffin for breakfast every morning! Chia seeds have nutrients that our bodies need and eating just one muffin keeps me full for a long time (usually about five hours or so). I also rarely snack and if I do, I make sure it’s something like a piece of fruit or vegetable. I do Weight Watchers so I try to eat foods with a fairly low PointsPlus value.

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      Ellyse Mae Tadifa

      Thanks for sharing guys! I hope to read more from other people too. Being healthy is not easy, especially if you’re always on the go and you don’t have much time to prepare your breakfast before leaving the house. I know everyone agree with what I am saying. Sometimes, we forget about our body, we always think about working late hours and tend to stay up all night. But I hope, you’ll all find the right way to stay healthy even you’re busy.

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