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      There was a certain beauty to it. Universal forces tore at one another to puncture reality. Tachyon particles waltzed with the remnants of long since dead celestial bodies. The vortex beckoned; a hypnotic spiral that enticed the eyes and piqued curiosities.

      Dimensional Enforcer Third Class Wong Li glanced in the direction of his senior partner. First Class Mitchell King was not a model Enforcer. His chin was full of stubble, his medals looked slapped on, and he always seemed to be on the verge of passing out in the middle of his sentences.

      “Stop staring at me Rook. I ain’t that good looking. It’s time.”

      Wong focused his attention back on the vortex. It had doubled in size in the last quarter minute. King yawned and step towards the vortex. Wong followed obidiently and joined him.

      King unholstered his sidearm. As he checked the settings, Wong set up the containment field.

      As he impaled the dirt with the last spike, what sounded like a dozen screeching birds assaulted their ears. King squeezed off one round before being bowled over by an impossibly fast dark blur.

      The blur slammed into the translucent field just above Wong’s crouched body. Wong rolled to the side and tossed an impact grenade. The containment field shuddered but withstood the force of the blast.

      Wong scrambled towards the stationary King. He had a glazed over look in his eyes, but he was breathing. The blur emerged from the cloud of dust. Standing almost seven feet tall, it had taken a more humanoid shape. It lacked distinct features; like a shadow peeled from a wall and given depth and breadth.

      Wong grabbed King’s weapon and fired until it whined in protest. He tossed it aside and ran towards the creature.

      The creature lashed at him with unnaturally long and spindly limbs. Wong avoided the unskilled swings and dropped a second grenade at the creature’s feet. This time blast knocked the creature to the ground.

      Wong quickly reached behind his back and slapped a disc the size of a soup bowl on the creature. Eight steel cables encircled and bound the creature.

      “Good job Rook.” Wong turned to see King sitting up with one leg straight and the other bent awkwardly. “Damn thing broke my leg.”

      Wong was at his side a moment later and slowly helped him to his one good leg.
      “Let’s tell everyone I tried to break my foot off in its ass and got the whole leg.”

      “As long as you do the paper work.”

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