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      Does anyone love these bad boys as much as I do? I wear them all the time and even pair them with going out style clothes. I think they are a great accessory and not just a shoe.

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      I miss my converse and my chucks. I had this beautiful neon green pair of chucks and due to the nature of my day job at the time I had to throw them out when I had to clean up after a bloody fight *sigh* I went back to payless where I had originally gotten them but by the time my paycheck came in they were no longer in stock and they stopped carrying them.

      I’ve had nothing but basic black converse but I would add glow in the dark star beads to the ends of the laces (hot pink beads). These got too worn out to wear anymore though. Now my boyfriend’s converse, I want a pair like those because they match my favorite summer dress. His are black with neon pink stitching (he calls it raspberry instead of pink). But they’d go perfectly with my strapless black dress with skulls and pink butterflies.

      I’ve been thinking about getting a new pair recently.

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