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      This is a forum to share your ideas to make this site viral. Here are some to start the storm…

      1. We create contests for the most recruits etc. Perhaps even with prize support?

      2. We create a crypto-coin tipping app as an added layer of making $$$?

      3. We have races to certain point benchmarks. Like being the first to hit 10,000 and cash out.

      4. We make an effort to plug our links into all our available social media channels.

      5. Monetize your recruits by joining Cash Unite.

      6. Promote your blog by increasing your activity on this site.

      Any more ideas? Share them now and help light the fire!

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      Kimberly Brown

      I think those are all great ideas. I would suggest finding other sites that allow people to tell others like Chatabout they do not have any rules and you can post your own links for any site and hey pay you to do it.

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      Just wanted to refresh the forum a bit. Has anyone seen any progress? I’m thinking of doing more visual media. Pictures with attention grabbing captions. Music or voice over videos showcasing some of the better reviewed posts. What do you guys think?

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