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Fear or Joy

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      Reading the bible and particularly Revelations, it is clear that we are in the final days before the tribulation and the Christ’s return. Knowing this, are you fearful or joyous? Why?

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      I don’t know what to feel, honestly.

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      Kyla Matton Osborne

      I must confess that Revelations and other Apocalyptic writings have never really been my cup of tea, so perhaps I’m missing something. I have encountered a handful of people who take things like the unrest in the Middle East and the increasing number/severity of earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. as a sign of the end of days.

      But isn’t there a lot more to Revelations than that? And haven’t people believed in the end of days, many times before?

      I don’t think much about it is clear, after all.

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        @ruby3881, Indeed, there is a great deal more to Revelations. It also isn’t a ‘bad’ book and it explains a huge amount of the end of times. Even ‘end of times’ isn’t accurate, because after the tribulation comes the rapture and the coming of the kingdom of God.

        There have been people in the past who believed that the end was near, but much of that wasn’t based on the bible. In no other times have all the prophecies come together as they are now. Still, we don’t KNOW when Jesus will return, to the moment. The bible says that He will arrive like a thief in the night…meant only that there will be no warning at all…and that when He does return, it will be loud and there won’t be any mistaking it. That prophecy also says that all nations will bow to Him.

        Still, Revelations is filled with information and hope. The only ones who will have no hope are those who didn’t accept Jesus while there was time to do so, and even then, they will be judged, not by their sins, but by their works.

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