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      Annette Keachie

      Welcome everyone!

      Relationship abuse comes in many forms: You have you financial abusers, physical abusers, mental abusers, emotional abusers, sexual abusers, and verbal abusers. Here is a short list example of each abuse. Remember the abuse is vast beyond the mentioned examples, but if you ever feel that something is wrong, it probably is!


      – Thows things at you
      – Hits you
      – Physically harms a pet
      – Destroys any of your possessions.


      – Unreasonable jealousy
      – Manipulation or control
      – Hypocriticism
      – Ignoring you or excluding you
      – Disrespecting you


      – Put downs
      – Name calling
      – Treating you likea child
      – Ignores your affection/ or you get the ”silent treatment”
      – accusing you of things
      – reminding you of shortcomings


      – Forces sex on you
      – Manipulates you into love making
      – Denies sex within the relationship


      – Bribes you for any deeds done
      – Manipulates or controls your spending
      – forces you to give them money
      – forces you to buy things you cannot afford


      – Yells at you
      – Calls you names
      – Shaming you
      – Threatening or intimidating you

      So again, these are just very short lists of the vast list that is out there. You can always do your homework online and find out if you are actually going through any sort of abuse. And again; if it feels wrong, it probably is wrong!

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