Stockpile Sunday

February 14,2016

2016 Resolution number one – Stop shopping and use stockpile.

I did not stockpile shop last week at all. I bought twenty dollars worth fresh produce at Aldi`s and that was it.

I would like to say that there is a thing that most know as shopping addiction. I am not really addicted to shopping but I am addicted to shopping with coupons and getting things free or dirt cheap.

Over the years I have built a nice but small stockpile of just about anything a person can use to run a household. From body and hair products to cleaners and can goods.

I am down to four cans of tomatoes, I have not bought any canned tomatoes in three years. I am not sure of I will stock as many as I did before but most were free or no more than fifteen cents a can, all name brands too. Maybe I will grow and can my own this year.

I am sure I would have a three to four month supply of food if I did not leave this house or buy anything.

My problem is, I want to stop shopping altogether, with or without coupons and live on what I can grow and can myself.

Now this presents another problem, Sunday newspaper. I am used to buying several each week just for the coupons. I know I have to have dog food and toilet paper so do I go pay full price or buy those newspapers for the coupons and the opportunity to get it half price or less and stock it? But be tempted to buy more because I can get it for pennies with coupons.

The battle is one. On one shoulder sits the little red devil and on the other sits the little white angel. Who or what do I pick?

Will this stockpile Sunday cease to exist?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry