Week Six – Thoughts And Fears

Six Weeks. How am I doing on this journey to stop shopping and use up the stockpile? Getting off coupons and boxed, bagged and frozen foods?

Did I go buy newspapers this past Sunday? Yes I did not. I was not proud of myself either and about the only thing I need with coupons is the toilet paper and I could have probably bought “just” those from a clipping service, there were no dog food coupons so I am paying full price for that at the moment.

My problem is not just providing for me, I can live in the produce isle, its I have to feed others and they do not like change.

The only things I bought using a coupon this week was one five pound bag of self rising flour and a can of Pam.

The flour was on sale at Publix for two dollars and the coupon was for twenty five cents, that doubled so I paid one dollar and fifty cents for the flour, this will last me a long time. The Pam was buy one get one free, at Publix they split the price so nothing rings up as free, just half price, making it just one dollar and fifty cents. I used a thirty cent coupon that doubled and it was just ninety cents. No stockpiling I was out of both.

Now what I did buy was produce and at Aldi`s but no coupons and no stockpiling.
Here is what I got this week:

Navel oranges- two ninety nine a bag

Roma tomatoes- one sixty nine – six tomatoes

Strawberries- one forty nine per sixteen ounces

Four cucumbers – forty nine cents each

Celery – sixty nine cents per pack

Cabbage – one thirty nine per head

Iceberg lettuce – eighty nine cents each head

Mushrooms – one thirty nine per eight pounces

Green beans – one eighty nine per large carton

Russet potatoes -one fifty nine per ten pounds

Red Delicious Apples – three forty nine per bag

Total : $19.46

This will last two people one week. Although I have cabbage I grew and put away in the deep freezer we still like fresh cole slaw and the frozen will not do.

So if I stick with just buying fresh and using up all the vegetables in the freezer then I will be only spending $80 to $100 per month on fresh produce per month. Well until I am growing all of this in the summer.

BUT as I break this addiction, I do feel the pain, I think about what day it is and how many days till the current sale will be over at each store. This may take a while!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Save More Money 2- Clothing And More

Besides the obvious and that is using coupons for certain stores, there is a time to buy clothes and get them so cheap you will not believe they sold them at that price.

Right now all stores are preparing for the new spring shipment of clothes. This means ALL winter clothing will be dirt cheap, they want it gone so look out for those five dollar racks, three dollar racks and one dollar racks of clearance.

Some stores like Old Navy have specific areas for there clearance but stores like Walmart and K-mart put them in the isles and at the back of the new clothes that just came in. So look carefully and you`ll find those deals.

Now, why buy this clearance when Spring and Summer is near? When Winter comes back around you can look like a million bucks for just a couple bucks 🙂

The same goes for Summer, around the end of July and beginning of August, watch out for the clearance because school clothes are about to hit those shelfs.

Don`t forget about shoes and boots!

There is something else that people should know. When to buy a T.V. and get the best deal.

That would be right now! Yes! right after the super bowl all the t.v.`s hit the clearance section, right up front on the floor. And there is one other time that the older goes and the new comes in and that is around September. Why? the store`s are about to jack the prices for th early bird Christmas shoppers and they will lower the price back to normal for black Friday. I am not kidding.

Cars? You bet there is a good time and a bad time to buy.

The best time to buy a car is at the end of the year, The dealers want them out for the new cars coming in soon.

When is the worst time? Right now. February and March when everyone gets their income taxes back. The new and used car prices jump, waiting for you to spend your refund with them. Some dealers are even matching your refund amount, meaning they will take off whatever you spend with them on certain cars or as a down payment.

Now do you have any secrets as to when to save on products you would like to share?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry