Week Four – Thoughts And Fears

Sunday March 6, 2016. The First Sunday of the month. There were three inserts in the Sunday paper.

So did I cave and go buy this weeks Sunday newspaper? Yes I did. And was I happy with the coupons? No I was not. This is another week that the coupons sucked. I have really got to start looking for a preview before I buy them from now on out.

I feel like I am wasting money or just providing my friends with free coupons because there are none I want so I get none in return. Sure there was good coupons for shampoo but I have more than enough, about the only ones I will use will be for the no more tangle spray for my hair but I am going to have it cut so I really wont need that anymore.

I swear I am coming to the conclusion that it is time for me to stop buying inserts/ Sunday papers for a long time.

Some say that it takes three weeks, twenty one days to break an addiction, I am guessing that I am getting used to not shopping with coupons so the addiction is fading.

For the most part I am just buying fresh produce and cheap at Aldi`s grocery store and Meats for Tony at the new pic n Save they are cheap! ( was piggly wiggly) and there are no coupons for those items, except the butterball ground turkey.

From me growing and canning more food I am coming to realize that I can manage again without coupons and shopping. But I will add that I needed help and coupons was sent to me buy God when I asked him for help, I didnt just need food I needed everything at the time, when I began to use coupons for everything. I do have a small stockpile of goods that I am using daily.

I think its time for a new chapter in my life and that is going back to my roots and grow my own and make my own. So I need to close this chapter with coupons, or maybe set it aside and let it rest for a while, till the stockpile is used up.

Minimalism, talk the talk so walk the walk.

What do you think?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry