Week Two – Thoughts And Fears

Here we go, another Sunday passed and I did not go get the Sunday newspapers, means no new coupons.

I did do a preview and I was just not interested in any of them, not even one coupon. The printer is out of ink so I cannot look to print.

Is this another week of cold turkey and no coupon shopping? Only buying fresh fruits!

Not exactly…..

I do look at all the sales ads each week for the grocery stores that I shop and many weeks I don`t see anything I want or need to stock, but this week is a week I can actually use something that is on sale at a buy one get one free deal AND apply a coupon for that double savings AND I have coupons that are still good for another week!

What was the big need to stock up on while on sale? Dog food and Toilet paper, I will always till the day I die have to use toilet paper and lets face it the dogs are the kids and no one would starve a kid, now would ya?!

So the deal on the dog food is Purina Dog chow at $5.69 each on sale buy one get one free, per four and one half pounds.I bought four bags and I used one $1.00 manufacturer coupon for each, making the deal $1.85 each. So I paid around $7.38 for all four bags and that`s eighteen pounds.

The toilet paper was quilted Northern $4.99 each on sale buy one get one free.I bought four packages of nine double rolls and I used one .55 manufacturer coupon for each,making the deal $1.95 each. So I paid around $7.78 for four nine packs or thirty six rolls of toilet paper, that averages out to around.22 per roll.

Total before sale and coupons was $44.82

I paid : $15.16
Taxes : $2.14
Total : $17.30

Not to bad, better than full price and it was something that I was nearly out of 🙂

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry