Buying Meat On A Budget

Around once a month I restock red meat for Tony and Chicken or turkey for me, but I am trying my best to go back meatless so I did not buy any type of meats for me.

Last week was the week, he was out of just about all meat, except venison, so we went meat shopping at the old Piggly wiggly, now known as pic n sav located in the heart of Anniston, Alabama.

The first thing that caught my eye was hot dogs by John Morrell were on sale for .39 per package of eight so I bought five packages for $1.95 because these freeze well and last for a very long time. I will get four meals per package making each serving of meat only .10 (20 hot dogs = 10 meals)

Next was ground beef, I got the smaller packages cheaper by the pound, I bought two for $5.98 ( one was $2.98 and the other $3.00 )and that made 12 patties for burgers making each burger around .50 each. That is six meals.

Tony loves his cubed steak so he got a large package for $5.71 for six pieces and this will be the most expensive meals of meat making each meal $2.00 because he has two steak sandwiches as a meal. Three meals.

The pot roast was on sale at the price of $6.54, another pricey meat purchase because six meals will be made from this one roast costing around $1.10 per serving of meat.

NOW to the best deal of all:

A boneless center cut pork loin on sale for $9.51 but I sliced at home and made 20 thin sliced boneless chops. Making 13 meals and each costing around .73 each meat meal.

Now lets see how much I spent on how many meals of meat:

Total $29.69

With thirty eight meals – Price per meat meal based on total price of all = . 78 per meal.

So there you have it thirty eight meals for under $30.00, that is how you make ends meet when you have little money to spend.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry