.39 Avocados and .33 Grapefruits

The weekly produce picks at Aldi are an awesome priced this week! So far this is the best week in a long time for fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. March 2nd. to the 8th. 2016

We`ll start with the produce picks of the week that I seen yesterday while shopping for fresh goodness:

Avocados – Thirty nine cents each.

Grapefruits – Thirty three cents each.

Roma tomatoes – ninety nine cents per sixteen ounce bag, usually five to six per bag.

Strawberries – one dollar and twenty nine cents per sixteen ounce package.

Navel oranges – one dollar and seventy nine cents per four pound bag.

Mandarins – two dollars and thirty nine cents per three pound bag.

Organic baby Carrots – one dollar and nineteen cents per sixteen ounces.

Organic Spring mix – one dollar and forty nine cents per five ounce bag.

Now to the meat pick of the week :

Fresh USDA choice corned beef points – two dollars and ninety nine cents per pound.

Family pack of chicken drumsticks – forty nine cents per pound, usual size packs are four and one half pounds which equals around two dollars and twenty five cents a family package.

Lets see what else is a good deal this week :

Ground turkey – One dollar and eighty nine cents per sixteen ounce roll.

Fresh chicken thighs – ninety nine cents per pound.

Fresh chicken breast – two dollars and forty nine per pound.

Fresh chicken chicken leg quarters – eighty nine cents per pound.

That is what I see as pretty good deals this week at Aldi grocery store.

Since I don`t like to eat red meat this week is a perfect shopping and stocking week for me on chicken. I am not picky about the cut of chicken either, I can make a meal from any cut.

One of my favorites meals is Drumsticks baked in the oven, lightly salted and drizzled with black peppers, a few minutes before they are ready to take out of the oven, pour one half cup of fresh squeezed orange juice over the drumsticks and let this warm into the chicken.

With a side salad of spring mix, sliced baby carrots, diced roma tomatoes and chopped avocados, with a strawberry, vinegar and basil puree dressing.

You can feed a family of four for under ten dollars! thats just two dollars and fifty cents per fresh meal, nothing frozen.

How do you shop and save?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry