A Day For Shopping Plus

First thing I did was look up a phone number so I could get the address to write a retarded man that is in jail. Then I found out his trial is tomorrow, I hope the people over him does him right and gets him on a mental place and not prison, all he did was walk around naked. I wrote him a letter letting him know we care and love him. I will write another tonight and mail tomorrow.

Then I started my day but in no rush.

I went and bought gas for my push mower to get more cut around my home.

I needed envelops for other mail so I went to Dollar General and I also got two packs of marigold seed.

Next I went to the post office and mailed off all the letters.

I had to turn in the towing fees to my insurance company so I dropped by the office for that because they make a copy to mail in so I will get a check.

I wanted to talk to the manager at Publix about how the baggers pull the cart away before you can get your purse and that is how I think my keys got gone. but he was out and I did not want to talk to the assistant manager. I bought toilet paper and crackers.

I stopped to buy shoes but I did not see any I liked, Tony bought another rod and reel, like he needs more!

Last stop was for Diet Pepsi at another dollar general, the first was out, three twelve packs for nine dollars is the deal this week.

Since this coming weekend is race weekend at Talladega Race track and everyone was stocking at every store I stopped at, its going to be a madhouse here around Thursday evening.

I did not make it to mowing any grass because I got called away to work for a few hours late this evening.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry