Save More Money – Five Ideas On Food

There are little things that people can do that will save money on their grocery bills, With or without using coupons.

1. Shop weekly instead of monthly. This was a hard thing for me to learn how to do since I get most of my monthly money the first week of each month. I must give credit to learning how to use coupons to this new way of shopping.

When you shop once a month you are missing the dirt cheap sales all through the month. You get one sale and that is it and the foods that is on sale may not be what you and your family eats the most.

Be sure to check out your favorite store to shop online, they usually have the new sale ad posted. Make a list and know what you are going to spend and stick to your list! that way you will not over spend and have to put things back.

2. Buy some foods in bulk. If you can buy a ten pound package of Chicken legs for just pennies per pound, this is where you can really save money and feed your family.

All you have to do is remove the chicken from the original packaging and separate the chicken into meals. Freeze in freezer bags. depending on the size of your family, you may have bought enough chicken to last a month of once a week chicken meals.

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But don`t stop there, if you remove the chicken and the skin from the bones do not discard the bones and skin. Put the bones and skin into a large pot and cover with water, bring to boil then reduce the heat and let this boil softly for a couple hours. The result is fresh made chicken broth you can use for many meal to come or if you boil the chicken and have broth left over save this broth also. I store mine in the freezer in Old plastic mayo jars till I get enough to pressure can in the canner.


3. Rice and noodles. These are other items that store well and last for months and months. you can just about always find both or one or the other on sale and if you apply a manufacturer coupon you may just get them free. I tend to take them out of the packaging and store them in air tight glass containers or large plastic containers with well fitted lids.


4. Produce. This is another reason to shop weekly. You can afford to buy fresh produce by choosing the weekly sale. While bananas may be just .59 per pound, some weeks they are just.25 per pound. Most produce can be frozen for later use, especially fruit. Bananas can be frozen, after being peeled and placed into a freezer bag, and used for smoothies, made into ice cream or dipped into chocolate and ate frozen.

5. Bread. We have bread store`s here in Alabama. They carry fresh bread and bread that will expire soon, both are sold at a cheaper price, and they have a super sale table where its even cheaper than the already cheaper prices. This is when to buy in bulk and freeze. I just stack it in the freezer and when I need bread lay it out on the counter and let it thaw. Since there is just two of us and I really am not allowed to eat bread I will pull out only enough per meal so not to waste.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

.02 Herbal Essence Hair Mousse and $1.25 Kraft Cheese

Yes! you did read that right, I paid two cent per can of herbal essence hair mousse. A total of .16 for all eight cans and I bought two blocks of Kraft cheese and two packages of shreds for $1.25 each.
   There is this deal at Target that will end on Saturday September 19,2015 and I did it today without any problems at all.
   Here is the deals and what coupons to use :
   Buy Eight Herbal essence Hair mousse $2.99 to $3.39 .For me it was,
    Five for $2.99 Each and  three at $3.39 each a total of $25.16
     Use one Target store coupon $5.00 off $20 beauty coupon found in their weekly sales ad. Now the total is $20.16.
   Use four Buy one get one free Herbal essence hair product up to $4.99 .  AND they scan for full price of $4.99 so now the Total for ALL eight cans is .16 .
   Kraft cheese shreds 8 ounces and Kraft block cheese 8 ounces is on sale five for $10.00 or two dollars each.
  Buy Four and use four .75 manufacturer coupons that I printed on line at coupons .com. I pay $1.25 each . My total is $5.00
  Tony just had to have this plastic cup and it was .75.
  The grand total before coupons was $39.52
  Now my total with using coupons is $5.91 add taxes ( added before coupons)$2.89 = $8.80
  Total savings of $30.72
  That is still not to shabby for eight hair products and four packs of cheese. I did let my sister get a hair mousse, she made the remarks ” When I need more I will call you “. Now meaning she would do the deal at Target but shop at my house for free, I reckon that is what big sisters are for.
  When we were waiting on my sister to come out of Pet smart Tony said ” using those coupons like you do is what saves money to buy stuff we do not have coupons for, And thats a good thing . “
  I do love me some coupons!
  By Andria Perry
  Photos By Andria Perry- note one can of mousse is missing from picture. Sister took it.

.24 Toaster Strudels And free Olives

 I know I have spoiled myself with NEVER paying full price. I clip those coupons and look for the sales each week. No it does not take my whole day. I work and I have a homestead to take care of Plus two dogs.
   My store of choice is Publix and for fresh produce I do not grow yet I go to Aldi`s .
  A couple weeks ago Publix had Toaster strudels ( $2.48 each box ) on sale buy one get one free making them $1.24 each and you know that was the same week that a Manufacturer coupon came out for .50 off one came out. My publix doubles coupons so that .50 turned into $1.00 making them .24 each box. BUT when I got there they were sold out! They gave me a rain check and I used it today. I got seven boxes for $1.68 …. thats right, I practically stole them.
  Next I had printed the Lindsay olive coupon $4.99 , you know those fancy kind. They are $4.59 so that coupon gave me FREE olives and .40 to spend 🙂
   Its Bisquick time! ( $3.83 each )It is on sale buy one get one free $1.91 each this week and I had that printed  Manufacturer coupon from coupons . com for .50 that doubled to $1.00 . Under $1.00 ! Bam !
  And the Minute rice is not on sale but I get lazy and I can microwave this so I got three packs at $1.99 and used .50 Manufacturer coupon that doubled to $1.00 making each just .99!
  Then I blew my cheap deal away when I bought a head of cauliflower for $3.99.
  But my total before coupons and sale was $44.96 and all I paid was $9.67 ( no sales tax added ). Now that is how I like to shop and stock with coupons. Next year I will grow my own cauliflower that is for sure.
  I have not sat down with the coupons to match up with the deals of the week as of yet. But I know Diet Pepsi is on sale at CVS drug store three for nine dollars and thats the cheapest so far this week.
  Do you use coupons? Do you get free foods all the time?
By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry