Save More Money – How to use bulk

As I mentioned in the post before – Save More money – Five ideas on food , there are many ways to use the food you buy.
Save More money – Five ideas on food

Last week I got four pounds of carrots on sale for one dollar and eighteen cents. You maybe thinking “that is a lot of carrots to use before they go bad” and you are right. So how did I use those carrots?

First use was for a Garden salad, I Julienned a couple and tossed them with the lettuce, Tomatoes and cucumbers. Italian was the salad dressing for the night.

Next I made seven meals of soup. I cleaned and peeled the carrots, next I sliced them into circles and added them to the soup, cooked them a little bit then I pressured canner them.


One of my favorite slaws is the Carrot slaw. Carrots hand grated with crisp red delicious apples and sweet raisins, covered in a light mayo and a drizzle of sweetener of choice.


And tonight Honeyed carrots. Cleaned a peeled, cut into circles and cooked slowly with honey and butter, a dash of salt.

But I still have carrots and then I thought a minute and it was on, Another carrot slaw. Carrot slaw is not just for lunch or dinner, carrot slaw is breakfast for me 🙂


The same applies for the ten pound bag of chicken, you don`t have to use it all in one week and be burned out, you can space out the meals of chicken through out the month.

Lets say Chicken once a week.

Week one have chicken and rice.

Week two have B-B-Q chciken.

Week three Chicken noodle soup

Week four Chicken pot Pie.

Or if you don`t like one of those as a main course how about good old southern fried chicken?

Remove the bone and lace the chicken onto a A metal or wooden stick , marinade in Teriyaki sauce, make chicken on a stick!

How about Another Chinese dish? sweet and sour chicken with rice.

Chicken tacos?!

Chicken and dressing? (stuffing)

Chicken salad?

The possibilities are near endless, just think about all the different meals you can cook and the meat will be the cheapest ingredient, instead of the most expensive.

Before you say No to buying in bulk think about how much money you will save and how many meals you can make with just spending a few pennies per serving.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry