Stretching Your Budget – March 21,2016

At a couple grocery store`s I was known as coupon queen not because I used coupons for everything but I always followed the rules and I was never nasty if a coupon did not work, I would simply take that item off, plus I ALWAYS had all my coupons ready and in order with my list and I knew what I would pay.

Some people do not understand how to use coupons at an extreme level and that is okay, any savings is money in your pocket.

But ….. with using coupons ,I know most everything in the food department is the boxed and packaged foods that are not really good for us and since I am walking away from that type of food I can help in other ways. What I call old fashion shopping as I did when I was a kid after mom passed away.

Cook the food your self. If you can follow the directions on a box to prepare what`s inside, you can cook anything, just follow directions also known as a recipe 🙂

This week Tony was out of meat, I can take it or leave it and I am choosing to leave it more these days but I am not a meat snob, people should eat what they want, Anyways here is the way I bought meat and how I make meals.

Bought :

Chicken breast

Shoulder steak

Ground beef

Pork roast

Pork chops

I paid, with tax included $27.73 now lets see how many meals I can get out of that amount of protein.

Chicken breast – four meals, making fried chicken, can feed more if I make soup or pot pies.

Shoulder steak – three meals, possible four meals, depends on how I cook it.

Ground beef – eight meals as just burgers, possible to make more meals depending on how I use it.

Pork roast – Five meals as b-b-q sandwiches, possible more meals if I make a pork dish and feed many.

Pork Chops – Six meals making fried pork chops/ b-b-q chops.

With a quick total of meals = twenty six meals or more. Making each meal with meat around one dollar.

Twenty six meals means nearly a month of dinners with meat for under $28.00.

Note: I only cook meat for dinner and I often have meatless days and I use beans or eggs as a protein.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry