Wheres The Meat?!

Okay the old saying was ” Where`s the Beef?” and it was yelled by this old lady. I don`t recall which fast food chain this commercial was for though.

Yesterday Tony wanted to go shopping so I drove him to pic n save, used to be Piggly Wiggly.

He wanted meat and I let him pick what he wants to eat, I just cook it whether or not I eat any of it.

He bought in bulk and I package it when I get home into meal size freezer bags.

One eight pack of pork chops and I made three meals from that package.

One package of beef shoulder steaks, I made two meals.

One small package of Hamburger meat, maybe three meals.

One package of chicken wings, this will make two meals.

One package of hot dogs, will make two meals.

Now this is what I picked out:

Ten pound bag of chicken thighs and one pound package of ground turkey.


With the turkey burger I made soup and canned that, plus I got two patties for burgers later. So I made eight meals for the pack of turkey that was $2.40 and I use a .55 manufacturer coupon making it $1.85

The ten pounds of chicken I made four meal size freezer bags and I ground up enough for eight chicken burgers and froze those in meal size freezer bags. Plus I am making chicken stock with the bones and skins and the left over pieces of chicken that was left on the bones. The Chicken was on sale for .44 per pound = $4.40 that averages out to be .55 per meal, not counting the broth and the bones will be a treat for the dogs.

Okay, that is 28 meals not counting the chicken broth. So what was the price of the meats?

$27.11 (tax not included) so that amounts to just under $1.00 per meal. That is not to bad. Plus he gets his meat every day. Me? I don`t care if I eat meat or not, I love my veggies and fruits.

How do you shop for meat? Or do you?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

.59 Carrots and .99 onions

That is right! it is the weekly sale at Aldi`s grocery store and more, I got the unadvertised prices too and they are also awesome.

February 17 – 23 – Produce picks of the week:

Navel oranges – one dollar and ninety nine cents for four pound bags!

Gala apples- one dollar and ninety nine cents for three pound bags!

Baking potatoes – one dollar and forty nine cents for five pound bags!

Carrots – fifty nine cents for two pound bags!

Sweet onions- ninety nine for two pound bags!

Organic bananas – sixty nine per pound but in two pound bags so you`ll pay one dollar and thirty eight cents!

Organic Arugula – one dollar and sixty nine cents per five ounce bags!

Blackberries – ninety nine cents per eight ounce package!

Now for other deals :

The regular bananas are just forty four cents per pound, in bags and weight varies.

Iceburg lettuce was an awesome low of eight nine cents per head.

Spinach – one dollar and forty nine cents for eight ounce bag!

Italian salad – one dollar and forty nine cents for nine ounce bag!

Sweet butter lettuce – one dollar and forty nine cents for six ounce bag!

How about meat?

Chicken thighs – ONLY forty nine cents per pound! Average package size is around four and a half pounds.

Ground beef – ONLY one dollar and eighty nine cents per pound! Sold in five pound lacks for nine dollars and forty five cents.

And if your not into the red meat be sure to check out the frozen section of seafood.

Shrimp prices range from four dollars and forty nine cents to six dollars and forty nine cents.

Salmon fillets just six ninety nine for thirty two ounces!

Tilapia fillets are just two ninety nine per sixteen ounces!

So what said you cannot eat good and for so, so cheap?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Note: I make no money from Aldi grocery store for sharing the deals, I just think everyone should eat good for less.