Week Five – Thoughts And Fears

March 15,2016

How am I doing on this journey to stop shopping and use up the stockpile?

Did I go buy newspapers this past Sunday? No I did not. I did not even look at the preview to see how many inserts where coming out nor did I hunt up the preview of what coupons would be in the inserts.

I have to say that I do feel the hurt of breaking this coupon addiction. After all its something I did for many years and it never hurt anyone, instead its always helped. Maybe God sent all those coupons to get me through this rough time, it was coming and sent me coupons to stock up so I would have. Or maybe I am just full of crap and stocked everything like there was going to be the end coming or something 🙂 Maybe attack of the zombies.

One thing that I have not been able to do and that is stopping the Monday morning look at the new Publix ad that will be out on Wednesday. I do write down the ” stuff” I would buy with coupons and the cost. But for the most part all I want to buy is Dog food and toilet paper for a stock up price. But that urge is still there.

I have about used up all the meat that was in the freezer, except the deer. I am making a good dent in using the frozen vegetables that I put away from the garden or that I bought with coupons. I have even used up some of the died potato flakes and the Libby`s can goods. I am actually out of canned Tomatoes :/ now those I do, did use a lot. I may find some to stock because it`ll be months before I get to can fresh tomatoes, if its God`s will for that to happen.

I still buy the once a week fresh produce, but its only what is on sale, if its cheap enough I will freeze or can some of the fruits or vegetables for later but mostly I spend around $10 a week.

Something that makes me want to stop, is that with coupons I cannot hardly ever get free stuff anymore and that was my rush. I could walk into a grocery store get a cart full of food and hair and body, vitamins, cleaners etc., $200 worth and pay the taxes or sometimes nothing at all and at times the store would owe me 🙂 I am sure those days are gone. Oh well I am trying to quit anyways, for a while till I use up this stuff.

Do you have an addiction that helps but you want to break?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry