.99 Red Potatoes And .49 Bay Carrots

ALDI is the place, but you already knew that! Yesterday the new weekly sales ad came out. March sixteenth to March twenty second.

The closer Easter gets the more I am seeing sales for having a nice Easter dinner.

First I will do the Produce picks of the week:

Baby carrots – forty nine cents per sixteen ounce bag

Yellow onions – seventy nine cents per three pound bag

Cabbage – seventy nine cents per head

Red Potatoes – ninety nine cents per five pound bag.

Black berries – ninety nine cents per six ounce package

Mandarins – two dollars and thirty nine cents per three pound bag

Meat picks of the week :

Smoked ham- butt portion- ninety nine cents per pound

Smoked ham- shank portion- seventy nine cents per pound

Spiral sliced ham – Half ham- one dollars and forty nine cents per pound.

Spiral sliced ham – Double glazed brown sugar- one dollars and seventy nine cents per pound.

Butterball turkey – One dollar and nineteen cents per pound.

Boneless leg of lamb roast – Six dollars and forty nine cents per pound

Chicken thighs – forty nine cents per pound – Family pack around five pound packages

Spareribs – two dollars and forty nine cents per pound

Frozen veggies :

Green beans – one dollars and forty nine cents per sixteen ounce package.

Broccoli florets – ninety nine cents per twelve ounce package.

And that is the specials this week at Aldi`s grocery store.

It depends on which way you like to go for Easter dinner. I would love to have a cook out and have the spareribs and chicken cooked out on the grill with a little bbq sauce, steamed green beans with butter and spices, maybe a few red potatoes. Lets not forget the bbq onions these are SO GOOD!

A couple pounds of ribs = $5.00

A couple pounds of chicken = $1.00

Green beans – $1.49

A couple pounds of Potatoes – .40

Two onions – .25

Just a little over $8.00 for a nice meal for two 🙂

What about you can you make a nice meal on the cheap from Aldi`s?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Shopping At ALDI – Eggs .99 and .99 Grapes

Week February third to February ninth.

This week is another awesome week for produce at Aldi`s grocery store. The fruits and vegetables were so nice and fresh.

Picks of the week are :

Red grapes – .99 a pound – $1.98 per two pound bag.

Pineapples – .99 each

Avocados – .49 each!

Red Potatoes – $1.49 per five pound bag

Red Onions – .99 Per two pound bag

Baby carrots .69 per sixteen ounce bag

Eggs .99 per grade A large carton

Fresh St. Louis style spare ribs $2.49 per pound

Fresh family packs of Chicken breasts $1.49 per pound, average packs five pound packs.

Spring mix $1.49 per five ounce bag

Spinach – $1.49 per eight ounce bag

Italian salad mix -$1.49 per nine ounce bag

Caesar salad kit – $1.49 per ten ounce bag

Sweet butter lettuce – $1.49 per six ounce bag

Garden salad – .69 per twelve ounce bag < DEAL!

Now other deals worth mentioning :

Sweet baby Rays barbecue sauce $1.95 twenty eight ounces

Restaurant style tortilla chips – .99 per thirteen ounce bag

Salsa Con Queso $1.99 fifteen ounce jar

Salsa $1.69 per twenty four ounce jar – Mild or medium

Classic Hummus -$1.99 per ten ounce tub

So what can you do with all this as far as making a meal and snacks?

Main course :

Barbecue the ribs using the sweet baby rays sauce.

Make Kabobs with the chicken and the pineapple and onions.

Side dishes :

Salad with carrots, sliced avocado and onions and sliced red grapes – Dressing mashed avocados with a little mayo and lime.

Honey carrots

Potato salad

Desert :

Egg custard drizzled with pineapple sauce.

Snacks :

Tortilla chips and dip.

With either homemade guacamole , Salsa, Cheese Queso or Hummus.

See when I look at Adli`s sales ad I see meals waiting to be made and I am sure you do too!

Even with the list above I could make many, many meals out of all of that and the thing about it its eats cheap!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry