.39 Avocados and .33 Grapefruits

The weekly produce picks at Aldi are an awesome priced this week! So far this is the best week in a long time for fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. March 2nd. to the 8th. 2016

We`ll start with the produce picks of the week that I seen yesterday while shopping for fresh goodness:

Avocados – Thirty nine cents each.

Grapefruits – Thirty three cents each.

Roma tomatoes – ninety nine cents per sixteen ounce bag, usually five to six per bag.

Strawberries – one dollar and twenty nine cents per sixteen ounce package.

Navel oranges – one dollar and seventy nine cents per four pound bag.

Mandarins – two dollars and thirty nine cents per three pound bag.

Organic baby Carrots – one dollar and nineteen cents per sixteen ounces.

Organic Spring mix – one dollar and forty nine cents per five ounce bag.

Now to the meat pick of the week :

Fresh USDA choice corned beef points – two dollars and ninety nine cents per pound.

Family pack of chicken drumsticks – forty nine cents per pound, usual size packs are four and one half pounds which equals around two dollars and twenty five cents a family package.

Lets see what else is a good deal this week :

Ground turkey – One dollar and eighty nine cents per sixteen ounce roll.

Fresh chicken thighs – ninety nine cents per pound.

Fresh chicken breast – two dollars and forty nine per pound.

Fresh chicken chicken leg quarters – eighty nine cents per pound.

That is what I see as pretty good deals this week at Aldi grocery store.

Since I don`t like to eat red meat this week is a perfect shopping and stocking week for me on chicken. I am not picky about the cut of chicken either, I can make a meal from any cut.

One of my favorites meals is Drumsticks baked in the oven, lightly salted and drizzled with black peppers, a few minutes before they are ready to take out of the oven, pour one half cup of fresh squeezed orange juice over the drumsticks and let this warm into the chicken.

With a side salad of spring mix, sliced baby carrots, diced roma tomatoes and chopped avocados, with a strawberry, vinegar and basil puree dressing.

You can feed a family of four for under ten dollars! thats just two dollars and fifty cents per fresh meal, nothing frozen.

How do you shop and save?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Save More Money 2- Clothing And More

Besides the obvious and that is using coupons for certain stores, there is a time to buy clothes and get them so cheap you will not believe they sold them at that price.

Right now all stores are preparing for the new spring shipment of clothes. This means ALL winter clothing will be dirt cheap, they want it gone so look out for those five dollar racks, three dollar racks and one dollar racks of clearance.

Some stores like Old Navy have specific areas for there clearance but stores like Walmart and K-mart put them in the isles and at the back of the new clothes that just came in. So look carefully and you`ll find those deals.

Now, why buy this clearance when Spring and Summer is near? When Winter comes back around you can look like a million bucks for just a couple bucks 🙂

The same goes for Summer, around the end of July and beginning of August, watch out for the clearance because school clothes are about to hit those shelfs.

Don`t forget about shoes and boots!

There is something else that people should know. When to buy a T.V. and get the best deal.

That would be right now! Yes! right after the super bowl all the t.v.`s hit the clearance section, right up front on the floor. And there is one other time that the older goes and the new comes in and that is around September. Why? the store`s are about to jack the prices for th early bird Christmas shoppers and they will lower the price back to normal for black Friday. I am not kidding.

Cars? You bet there is a good time and a bad time to buy.

The best time to buy a car is at the end of the year, The dealers want them out for the new cars coming in soon.

When is the worst time? Right now. February and March when everyone gets their income taxes back. The new and used car prices jump, waiting for you to spend your refund with them. Some dealers are even matching your refund amount, meaning they will take off whatever you spend with them on certain cars or as a down payment.

Now do you have any secrets as to when to save on products you would like to share?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Week Three – Thoughts And Fears

Sunday February 28, 2016. The last Sunday of the month. Means P&G insert and a couple more.

So did I cave and go buy this weeks Sunday newspaper? Yes I did. And was I happy with the coupons? No I was not.

I am seeing a trend in crappy coupons and there could well be a motive behind this. So many people have learned to use coupons to an extreme level and the manufacturer could be tired of “giving” products away by the truck loads.

Canned good coupons have been the worst, especially the store coupons .50 off six cans! or better yet I seen one that was .25 off three products.

This week I seen a product that I will stock when its back on sale, this comes on sale around once a month so I will restock for a year, if possible. I also found another coupon in this weeks inserts that I can double and get this for free. Two more that I do not need to stock for myself but I will try to get as many as I can so that I can donate to the nursing home, cause we got someone there and they always need these items.

Just because I bought the Sunday newspaper does not mean that I will shop this week using coupons. Some times I have to hold on to them till the last minute before the product is on sale, I prefer buy one get one free sales and using coupons with those, or stacking a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon and getting the items free or for pennies.

Can I go cold turkey and stop shopping? I am sure I can if I have to but God has blessed me with coupons and the skills to provide for myself and others. I am learning how to do things better in a more organized way, how many of what I use per month so that I can stock for 6 months to 1 year. How long to keep something in the freezer before I need to eat this or give it to a needy hungry family.

So I have not stopped but slowed way, way down.

How about you, did you get the coupons this week?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Week Two – Thoughts And Fears

Here we go, another Sunday passed and I did not go get the Sunday newspapers, means no new coupons.

I did do a preview and I was just not interested in any of them, not even one coupon. The printer is out of ink so I cannot look to print.

Is this another week of cold turkey and no coupon shopping? Only buying fresh fruits!

Not exactly…..

I do look at all the sales ads each week for the grocery stores that I shop and many weeks I don`t see anything I want or need to stock, but this week is a week I can actually use something that is on sale at a buy one get one free deal AND apply a coupon for that double savings AND I have coupons that are still good for another week!

What was the big need to stock up on while on sale? Dog food and Toilet paper, I will always till the day I die have to use toilet paper and lets face it the dogs are the kids and no one would starve a kid, now would ya?!

So the deal on the dog food is Purina Dog chow at $5.69 each on sale buy one get one free, per four and one half pounds.I bought four bags and I used one $1.00 manufacturer coupon for each, making the deal $1.85 each. So I paid around $7.38 for all four bags and that`s eighteen pounds.

The toilet paper was quilted Northern $4.99 each on sale buy one get one free.I bought four packages of nine double rolls and I used one .55 manufacturer coupon for each,making the deal $1.95 each. So I paid around $7.78 for four nine packs or thirty six rolls of toilet paper, that averages out to around.22 per roll.

Total before sale and coupons was $44.82

I paid : $15.16
Taxes : $2.14
Total : $17.30

Not to bad, better than full price and it was something that I was nearly out of 🙂

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Save More Money – How to use bulk

As I mentioned in the post before – Save More money – Five ideas on food , there are many ways to use the food you buy.
Save More money – Five ideas on food

Last week I got four pounds of carrots on sale for one dollar and eighteen cents. You maybe thinking “that is a lot of carrots to use before they go bad” and you are right. So how did I use those carrots?

First use was for a Garden salad, I Julienned a couple and tossed them with the lettuce, Tomatoes and cucumbers. Italian was the salad dressing for the night.

Next I made seven meals of soup. I cleaned and peeled the carrots, next I sliced them into circles and added them to the soup, cooked them a little bit then I pressured canner them.


One of my favorite slaws is the Carrot slaw. Carrots hand grated with crisp red delicious apples and sweet raisins, covered in a light mayo and a drizzle of sweetener of choice.


And tonight Honeyed carrots. Cleaned a peeled, cut into circles and cooked slowly with honey and butter, a dash of salt.

But I still have carrots and then I thought a minute and it was on, Another carrot slaw. Carrot slaw is not just for lunch or dinner, carrot slaw is breakfast for me 🙂


The same applies for the ten pound bag of chicken, you don`t have to use it all in one week and be burned out, you can space out the meals of chicken through out the month.

Lets say Chicken once a week.

Week one have chicken and rice.

Week two have B-B-Q chciken.

Week three Chicken noodle soup

Week four Chicken pot Pie.

Or if you don`t like one of those as a main course how about good old southern fried chicken?

Remove the bone and lace the chicken onto a A metal or wooden stick , marinade in Teriyaki sauce, make chicken on a stick!

How about Another Chinese dish? sweet and sour chicken with rice.

Chicken tacos?!

Chicken and dressing? (stuffing)

Chicken salad?

The possibilities are near endless, just think about all the different meals you can cook and the meat will be the cheapest ingredient, instead of the most expensive.

Before you say No to buying in bulk think about how much money you will save and how many meals you can make with just spending a few pennies per serving.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

Save More Money – Five Ideas On Food

There are little things that people can do that will save money on their grocery bills, With or without using coupons.

1. Shop weekly instead of monthly. This was a hard thing for me to learn how to do since I get most of my monthly money the first week of each month. I must give credit to learning how to use coupons to this new way of shopping.

When you shop once a month you are missing the dirt cheap sales all through the month. You get one sale and that is it and the foods that is on sale may not be what you and your family eats the most.

Be sure to check out your favorite store to shop online, they usually have the new sale ad posted. Make a list and know what you are going to spend and stick to your list! that way you will not over spend and have to put things back.

2. Buy some foods in bulk. If you can buy a ten pound package of Chicken legs for just pennies per pound, this is where you can really save money and feed your family.

All you have to do is remove the chicken from the original packaging and separate the chicken into meals. Freeze in freezer bags. depending on the size of your family, you may have bought enough chicken to last a month of once a week chicken meals.

100_5982 (2)

But don`t stop there, if you remove the chicken and the skin from the bones do not discard the bones and skin. Put the bones and skin into a large pot and cover with water, bring to boil then reduce the heat and let this boil softly for a couple hours. The result is fresh made chicken broth you can use for many meal to come or if you boil the chicken and have broth left over save this broth also. I store mine in the freezer in Old plastic mayo jars till I get enough to pressure can in the canner.


3. Rice and noodles. These are other items that store well and last for months and months. you can just about always find both or one or the other on sale and if you apply a manufacturer coupon you may just get them free. I tend to take them out of the packaging and store them in air tight glass containers or large plastic containers with well fitted lids.


4. Produce. This is another reason to shop weekly. You can afford to buy fresh produce by choosing the weekly sale. While bananas may be just .59 per pound, some weeks they are just.25 per pound. Most produce can be frozen for later use, especially fruit. Bananas can be frozen, after being peeled and placed into a freezer bag, and used for smoothies, made into ice cream or dipped into chocolate and ate frozen.

5. Bread. We have bread store`s here in Alabama. They carry fresh bread and bread that will expire soon, both are sold at a cheaper price, and they have a super sale table where its even cheaper than the already cheaper prices. This is when to buy in bulk and freeze. I just stack it in the freezer and when I need bread lay it out on the counter and let it thaw. Since there is just two of us and I really am not allowed to eat bread I will pull out only enough per meal so not to waste.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

Wheres The Meat?!

Okay the old saying was ” Where`s the Beef?” and it was yelled by this old lady. I don`t recall which fast food chain this commercial was for though.

Yesterday Tony wanted to go shopping so I drove him to pic n save, used to be Piggly Wiggly.

He wanted meat and I let him pick what he wants to eat, I just cook it whether or not I eat any of it.

He bought in bulk and I package it when I get home into meal size freezer bags.

One eight pack of pork chops and I made three meals from that package.

One package of beef shoulder steaks, I made two meals.

One small package of Hamburger meat, maybe three meals.

One package of chicken wings, this will make two meals.

One package of hot dogs, will make two meals.

Now this is what I picked out:

Ten pound bag of chicken thighs and one pound package of ground turkey.


With the turkey burger I made soup and canned that, plus I got two patties for burgers later. So I made eight meals for the pack of turkey that was $2.40 and I use a .55 manufacturer coupon making it $1.85

The ten pounds of chicken I made four meal size freezer bags and I ground up enough for eight chicken burgers and froze those in meal size freezer bags. Plus I am making chicken stock with the bones and skins and the left over pieces of chicken that was left on the bones. The Chicken was on sale for .44 per pound = $4.40 that averages out to be .55 per meal, not counting the broth and the bones will be a treat for the dogs.

Okay, that is 28 meals not counting the chicken broth. So what was the price of the meats?

$27.11 (tax not included) so that amounts to just under $1.00 per meal. That is not to bad. Plus he gets his meat every day. Me? I don`t care if I eat meat or not, I love my veggies and fruits.

How do you shop for meat? Or do you?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

.59 Carrots and .99 onions

That is right! it is the weekly sale at Aldi`s grocery store and more, I got the unadvertised prices too and they are also awesome.

February 17 – 23 – Produce picks of the week:

Navel oranges – one dollar and ninety nine cents for four pound bags!

Gala apples- one dollar and ninety nine cents for three pound bags!

Baking potatoes – one dollar and forty nine cents for five pound bags!

Carrots – fifty nine cents for two pound bags!

Sweet onions- ninety nine for two pound bags!

Organic bananas – sixty nine per pound but in two pound bags so you`ll pay one dollar and thirty eight cents!

Organic Arugula – one dollar and sixty nine cents per five ounce bags!

Blackberries – ninety nine cents per eight ounce package!

Now for other deals :

The regular bananas are just forty four cents per pound, in bags and weight varies.

Iceburg lettuce was an awesome low of eight nine cents per head.

Spinach – one dollar and forty nine cents for eight ounce bag!

Italian salad – one dollar and forty nine cents for nine ounce bag!

Sweet butter lettuce – one dollar and forty nine cents for six ounce bag!

How about meat?

Chicken thighs – ONLY forty nine cents per pound! Average package size is around four and a half pounds.

Ground beef – ONLY one dollar and eighty nine cents per pound! Sold in five pound lacks for nine dollars and forty five cents.

And if your not into the red meat be sure to check out the frozen section of seafood.

Shrimp prices range from four dollars and forty nine cents to six dollars and forty nine cents.

Salmon fillets just six ninety nine for thirty two ounces!

Tilapia fillets are just two ninety nine per sixteen ounces!

So what said you cannot eat good and for so, so cheap?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Note: I make no money from Aldi grocery store for sharing the deals, I just think everyone should eat good for less.

Stockpile Sunday

February 14,2016

2016 Resolution number one – Stop shopping and use stockpile.

I did not stockpile shop last week at all. I bought twenty dollars worth fresh produce at Aldi`s and that was it.

I would like to say that there is a thing that most know as shopping addiction. I am not really addicted to shopping but I am addicted to shopping with coupons and getting things free or dirt cheap.

Over the years I have built a nice but small stockpile of just about anything a person can use to run a household. From body and hair products to cleaners and can goods.

I am down to four cans of tomatoes, I have not bought any canned tomatoes in three years. I am not sure of I will stock as many as I did before but most were free or no more than fifteen cents a can, all name brands too. Maybe I will grow and can my own this year.

I am sure I would have a three to four month supply of food if I did not leave this house or buy anything.

My problem is, I want to stop shopping altogether, with or without coupons and live on what I can grow and can myself.

Now this presents another problem, Sunday newspaper. I am used to buying several each week just for the coupons. I know I have to have dog food and toilet paper so do I go pay full price or buy those newspapers for the coupons and the opportunity to get it half price or less and stock it? But be tempted to buy more because I can get it for pennies with coupons.

The battle is one. On one shoulder sits the little red devil and on the other sits the little white angel. Who or what do I pick?

Will this stockpile Sunday cease to exist?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Shopping At ALDI – Eggs .99 and .99 Grapes

Week February third to February ninth.

This week is another awesome week for produce at Aldi`s grocery store. The fruits and vegetables were so nice and fresh.

Picks of the week are :

Red grapes – .99 a pound – $1.98 per two pound bag.

Pineapples – .99 each

Avocados – .49 each!

Red Potatoes – $1.49 per five pound bag

Red Onions – .99 Per two pound bag

Baby carrots .69 per sixteen ounce bag

Eggs .99 per grade A large carton

Fresh St. Louis style spare ribs $2.49 per pound

Fresh family packs of Chicken breasts $1.49 per pound, average packs five pound packs.

Spring mix $1.49 per five ounce bag

Spinach – $1.49 per eight ounce bag

Italian salad mix -$1.49 per nine ounce bag

Caesar salad kit – $1.49 per ten ounce bag

Sweet butter lettuce – $1.49 per six ounce bag

Garden salad – .69 per twelve ounce bag < DEAL!

Now other deals worth mentioning :

Sweet baby Rays barbecue sauce $1.95 twenty eight ounces

Restaurant style tortilla chips – .99 per thirteen ounce bag

Salsa Con Queso $1.99 fifteen ounce jar

Salsa $1.69 per twenty four ounce jar – Mild or medium

Classic Hummus -$1.99 per ten ounce tub

So what can you do with all this as far as making a meal and snacks?

Main course :

Barbecue the ribs using the sweet baby rays sauce.

Make Kabobs with the chicken and the pineapple and onions.

Side dishes :

Salad with carrots, sliced avocado and onions and sliced red grapes – Dressing mashed avocados with a little mayo and lime.

Honey carrots

Potato salad

Desert :

Egg custard drizzled with pineapple sauce.

Snacks :

Tortilla chips and dip.

With either homemade guacamole , Salsa, Cheese Queso or Hummus.

See when I look at Adli`s sales ad I see meals waiting to be made and I am sure you do too!

Even with the list above I could make many, many meals out of all of that and the thing about it its eats cheap!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry