.77 Domino`s Sugar 4 pounds bags and .67 Tresemme shampoo

Yes you guessed right if you thought ” She has went off to Publix and did more of that extreme coupon stuff. Domino Sugar and Tresemme was the deals of the week with coupons.

I know what people are thinking ” that woman is a diabetic, what in the world is she doing buying sugar?” I do not live in this house alone, they like sweet tea. Plus Christmas will be here before ya know it and that is what I do for Christmas, I bake gifts so sugar is a must.

There were a couple coupons out for the tresemme shamppoos and conditions too so I could not pass up dirt cheap hair products no matter how many I already got, but we wont talk about that 🙂

I also got lucky with cake mix and frosting coupons, I do not make whole cakes for gifts but I make cup cakes so everyone gets different flavors, I have to say, sometimes its cheaper to buy the cake mix and frosting than making the cakes from scratch.

OHHH! I got a turkey! For.59 per pound!

Now here is the deal and the deals are good till next Tuesday night:

Publix brand turkey on sale .59 per pound – $6.37- No coupon.

8 – Domino sugar, 4 pound bags $3.15 each on sale buy one get one free – used .40 manufacturer coupon for each that doubles to .80 = .78 each

3- Tresemme shampoo and conditioner $4.49 each on sale $3.67 – Used $2.00 off one manufacturer coupon AND $1.00 off one store coupon = .67 each

2- Pillsbury cake mix $1.59each on sale for $1.00 – used .35 manufacturer coupon that doubled to .70 AND store coupon $1.00 off one when you buy two frostings = FREE and .70 overage on each box toward frostings

4- Pillsbury frostings $1.79 each = $7.16 for four -used coupon overage from cake mix = $5.76 for all four

Grand total before sale and coupons = $68.57

I paid : 20.33
Tax 3.52

A savings of $44.72

Not my best but hey I got a turkey too! Just eight bags of sugar at full price would have been $25.20 without adding taxes!

Still proud of myself and love me some coupons 🙂


By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry