Shopping At ALDI – Eggs .99 and .99 Grapes

Week February third to February ninth.

This week is another awesome week for produce at Aldi`s grocery store. The fruits and vegetables were so nice and fresh.

Picks of the week are :

Red grapes – .99 a pound – $1.98 per two pound bag.

Pineapples – .99 each

Avocados – .49 each!

Red Potatoes – $1.49 per five pound bag

Red Onions – .99 Per two pound bag

Baby carrots .69 per sixteen ounce bag

Eggs .99 per grade A large carton

Fresh St. Louis style spare ribs $2.49 per pound

Fresh family packs of Chicken breasts $1.49 per pound, average packs five pound packs.

Spring mix $1.49 per five ounce bag

Spinach – $1.49 per eight ounce bag

Italian salad mix -$1.49 per nine ounce bag

Caesar salad kit – $1.49 per ten ounce bag

Sweet butter lettuce – $1.49 per six ounce bag

Garden salad – .69 per twelve ounce bag < DEAL!

Now other deals worth mentioning :

Sweet baby Rays barbecue sauce $1.95 twenty eight ounces

Restaurant style tortilla chips – .99 per thirteen ounce bag

Salsa Con Queso $1.99 fifteen ounce jar

Salsa $1.69 per twenty four ounce jar – Mild or medium

Classic Hummus -$1.99 per ten ounce tub

So what can you do with all this as far as making a meal and snacks?

Main course :

Barbecue the ribs using the sweet baby rays sauce.

Make Kabobs with the chicken and the pineapple and onions.

Side dishes :

Salad with carrots, sliced avocado and onions and sliced red grapes – Dressing mashed avocados with a little mayo and lime.

Honey carrots

Potato salad

Desert :

Egg custard drizzled with pineapple sauce.

Snacks :

Tortilla chips and dip.

With either homemade guacamole , Salsa, Cheese Queso or Hummus.

See when I look at Adli`s sales ad I see meals waiting to be made and I am sure you do too!

Even with the list above I could make many, many meals out of all of that and the thing about it its eats cheap!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

.50 Peanut Butter And $1.50 Pink Salmon

I know I made this resolution to cut back on shopping and I have cut back on stockpiling, I am not stocking anymore canned good BUT I am still stocking foods we eat on a regular basis. I feel it would be foolish to buy one for $3.00 when I can get twelve for $11.00 and not have to buy this item for almost a year.

I researched the new Publix`s ad on Monday and I made a little list because I really don`t need a lot. There are a few items that I am almost out of, or was completely out already. So when the new sale begins on Wednesday I am ready.

I also found a good deal at CVS, if you don`t have a CVS just price match at Walmart and you can still get this amazing deal.

First at Publix, I was allowed to do two transactions:

Transaction number one :

Four- Peter pan simply ground peanut butter $2.99 each – On sale buy one get one free – Used .50 manufacturer coupon for each that doubled to $1.00 = Paid .50 each

5% discount – .30

Total before coupons and sale was $12.31
I paid $1.68
Tax .37

Transaction number two:

Eight – Peter pan peanut butter $2.99 each – On sale buy one get one free – Used .40 manufacturer coupon for each that doubled to .80 = Paid .70 each

Three Mazola Canola oil $3.79 each – On sale buy one get one free – Used .55 manufacturer coupon for each = $1.35 each

Total before coupons and sale was $37.69
I paid $9.60
Tax 1.45

Now the entire total for twelve Peter pan peanut butters and three Mazola cooking oils was $50.00 and after I used the sales and coupons I paid $13.10 A savings of $36.90!

Now to the CVS drug store shopping trip Using their sale and savings card.

Bumble bee pink salmon $3.69 each on sale for $1.50 each. No coupons used.

Seven cans of bumble pink salmon = Total before sale $25.83

I paid $10.50
Tax 1.55

Grand total before sale and coupons = $75.83
Grand total of spending for the day is = $24.65
Grand total of amount saved = $51.18

Now I have eight months stock on peanut butter and probably six months or more stock of cooking oil. With seven cans of salmon I can make fourteen meals. Not to bad for under $25.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

The salmon was mighty tasty too 🙂

Free Zantac and Free Doritos

Now I did not swear off shopping but I did say I am cutting back, I have.

It is rare that I go shopping on a Saturday but when I do I make it worth my while. And what store does that for me? Publix grocery store, that is which one!

I chose Publix grocery store today because they accept competitor coupons from Dollar general store, the $5.00 off $30.00 store coupon. Be sure to check with your store because around here only the Oxford location takes these from Dollar General.

Now to the deals. I did two transactions because I had Tony with me.

Transaction number one:

Two 30 count boxes of Zantac acid reducer $10.39 each – Used Buy one get one free of equal value up to nine dollars = two for $11.78

One 12 pack of Cottonelle toilet paper – $9.29 each on sale for $5.99 each – Used .75 manufacturer coupon off one = $5.24 each

One 40 count package of Totinos pizza rolls $4.11 each on sale buy one get one free – Used $1.00 manufacturer coupon off one = $1.11 each

Used one $5.00 off $30 competitor coupon from Dollar general store.

Grand total before sale and coupons was – $36.56
I paid – $15.46

Transaction number two:

Three 12 packs of diet Pepsi – $5.29 each On sale buy two get one free = three for $10.58

Two 40 count packages of Totinos pizza rolls $4.11 each on sale buy one get one free – Used $1.00 manufacturer coupon off one = $1.11 each

Four Armor sandwich makers $3.79 each on sale $3.00 each – Used $1.00 manufacturer coupon off one AND $1.00 off one publix store coupon = $1.00 each

One 10 ounce bag of Dorito`s chips $4.29 each – Used one publix store coupon Buy two 12 packs of Pepsi and get a bag of Dorito`s free = Free

Used one $5.00 off $30 competitor coupon from Dollar general store.

Grand total before sale and coupons was – $46.13
I paid – $14.29

Now lets tally up how much I spent total and how much I saved.

Grand total for both transactions before coupons and sale was – $82.78

I paid – $29.75

Saved – $53.03, That is not to bad of a savings for things to snack on because I don`t feel like cooking 🙂 even got the stomach ache pills ….. And the toilet paper. LOL.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Aldi / Publix -This week at the Grocery Store

Here I am, back with the weekly deals from the sales ads. I will start with Adli`s from page sale .

“Produce picks of the week”

Organic Spring mix – USDA labeled $1.69 Five ounce package

Roma Tomatoes – .99 per sixteen ounce package

Organic Baby carrots – USDA labeled $1.19 per sixteen ounce package

Multi-colored sweet bell peppers $1.99 three per pack/ sixteen ounce package

Avocados – .49 each

Mango`s .69 each

Blueberries $2.49 per pint

“Weekly fresh meat offers”

73% lean ground beef $1.99 per pound – ten pound roll average price $9.95

Fresh pork sirloin roast $1.99 per pound

Other items worth mentioning:

Caesar salad kit – ten ounce $1.49

Spring Mix – five ounces $1.49

Spinach – eight ounces $1.49

Italian salad blend – nine ounces $1.49

Sweet butter lettuce – six ounces $1.49

Garden salad – twelve ounces .69

Thats a drop in price and I personally think the Garden salad mix is the best deal, for one its twelve ounces and it has a mixture of lettuce , carrots and red cabbage.


Publix – weekly buy one get one free deals – the best

Not everyone eats alike so I will just focus on a few of the best “buy one get one free” deals that should have a coupon available to spend on each item, making it free or dirt cheap. Some Publix stores doubles coupons , some don`t. Stock up prices.

Cheerios – 10.9 to 14.1 ounce boxes – $3.79 buy one get one free – coupon – .50 Mft. coupon – Making two boxes $2.79 or if your store doubles $1.79 for two boxes, thats less than one dollar each!

Hellman`s mayonnaise – 30 ounce jar -$5.79 buy one get one free – $1.00 MFT. coupon = two jars for $3.79 , thats less than two dollars per jar!

Pillsbury Toasters strudels or Scramblers – four to six count -$2.55 buy one get one free – .50 Mft. coupon or .50/2 Mft. coupon =$1.55 or $2.05 but if your store doubles and you have the .50 off each = . 55 for two boxes , the .50 of two = $1.55 , either way this is a good deal making each box around $1.00 or under. I luck up and usually get to stock up paying only .55 for two boxes!

For two boxes of cereal, two jars of mayo and two boxes of breakfast pastry I will pay $6.13!

That is what I see as high lights of the weekly sale ad.

Do you shop and stock up?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Free Medication

If you live in the United States then you know about the government enforced health care system. Regardless of income you MUST have health insurance.


When I went to apply at the last minute I was told that most of my income would be taken for health Insurance and I was thinking ” How do I pay for my home? how do I get to work if I have to let the government forced car insurance go? and last was how do I live?”

I did not buy that insurance because I could not afford it.

Then I read on one of the blogging sites that someone was exempt from this enforced insurance, I read carefully and then I called back.

Once again they tried to force me into paying for insurance and I simply asked ” if I am paying most of my income for this insurance then how will I live, meaning pay for a house, car to get to work and food?” The lady on the other end said ” Hold, please.”

This lady came back with a number for me, an exemption number so that I will not be changed $350 or more on my yearly taxes for NOT paying for this insurance.

So how do I get medical treatment? And My medications?

I go to the local clinic! And I pay $20 per visit because its based on your income level, not what you own. No it is NOT the health department, its the county medical clinic.

Last year I switched doctors because I was getting what I needed help with, diabetes, And I am so glad I did. When this new doctor found out I am one of the people who cannot pay for the expensive insurance and I am not poor enough to get it free but I am trying to make it without any outside help, he helps me.

First time seeing this new doctor he got me a free mammogram and he is sending me to a specialist free , to ” make sure” something he hears is not really anything.

Yesterday was my three month check up and once again He found ways to help me. First they offered me a free tetanus shot and I took it because its been well over 20 years since my last one and then he told me that if I did not object to changing pharmacies he can get me free diabetes medication, Till I improve and then he wants me off it. Since I do have fluid behind one of my ears he gave me antibiotics, which are supposed to be free but was not, although they were just $8.95.

OH! The pharmacy that offers free medication is Publix pharmacy, they GIVE people medication for high blood pressure, diabetes and some antibiotics. I do not know the whole list of free meds but I know those aliments are on the list.

That is what I call a good doctor!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry