Confessions Of An Extreme Coupon User

Back many, many years ago a television show named “extreme coupons” blew peoples minds when it aired, by showing how people could eat for free, they walked into a grocery store and did not pay one thousand dollars but around ten dollars or sometimes the grocery store owed them money after using a coupon for every product that they had checked out.

Things were hard at my home, I had moved, took on one business and gave up two and the payday went way down so I had to adjust or spend everything I was making “just” at the grocery store.

I am sure what I always did without before food was hair products and I would use a razor till it hurt to dig the hair off my legs. Cleaning supplies was a huge bottle of dish washing liquid that I used mixed with water to mop the floors, wash clothes and wash dishes, sometimes to wash my hair and body.

After I watched a few episodes of this show I said to myself ” I can do that!” And I did. By no means did I get one thousand dollars worth free but two or three hundred each time I did go grocery shopping, and yes several times I received money too.

Most of the people like myself were always thinking ” how can you use five hundred of any product before the expiration date!” and the answer is you can`t.

With this in mind I would buy what I could use up in a year with the exception of can goods that I stocked more than anything at the time.

But when it came to hair and body I was stocking so much of this because it was always what I NEVER had enough of to last a month. I never paid more than .99 for a ten dollar razor that came with two blades that would last for a good six month is taken care of properly, but again I could get the disposable for free. Bath soap free, shampoo free, conditioner free.

After a couple years of doing this the manufacturer cut back on the amount of the coupon so that no one would get it for free. Next step they took was four coupons per day of any one item.

The show stopped airing because it was just impossible to get anything free anymore, unless you stacked a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon and I still do this practice 🙂

This year I made the resolution to use up the stockpile, especially the food. But the food was always moving and I would restock, or rather maintain the food stock.

How can using coupons break you from liking foods?

I use to love to chew gum but after stockpiling a small tub of gum, all for free, I stopped chewing.

I use to love my protein bars, not anymore. Popcorn? Nope I have no ate any in years and I gave away what I had before it expired.

Soup? Rice? Pasta? Blah! Blah! Blah! I only eat my homemade now and I have lost my taste for rice and most pasta.

As for the freezer section I have just about gave up all meatless burgers. I will only eat one brand now.

I still have enough hair care to last me several years as well as deodorant ( this will harden over time!) razors, body wash and bath soap, tooth paste and tooth brushes, mouth wash, shave creme and body lotion.

NOW what I can never seem to get enough of is toilet paper and dog food. So I cant ever say I will completely give up using coupons but I will show down.

I really wish that TLC would air a show called Extreme coupons before and after to see how much those people have used of those stockpiles 🙂

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry