A Day For Shopping Plus

First thing I did was look up a phone number so I could get the address to write a retarded man that is in jail. Then I found out his trial is tomorrow, I hope the people over him does him right and gets him on a mental place and not prison, all he did was walk around naked. I wrote him a letter letting him know we care and love him. I will write another tonight and mail tomorrow.

Then I started my day but in no rush.

I went and bought gas for my push mower to get more cut around my home.

I needed envelops for other mail so I went to Dollar General and I also got two packs of marigold seed.

Next I went to the post office and mailed off all the letters.

I had to turn in the towing fees to my insurance company so I dropped by the office for that because they make a copy to mail in so I will get a check.

I wanted to talk to the manager at Publix about how the baggers pull the cart away before you can get your purse and that is how I think my keys got gone. but he was out and I did not want to talk to the assistant manager. I bought toilet paper and crackers.

I stopped to buy shoes but I did not see any I liked, Tony bought another rod and reel, like he needs more!

Last stop was for Diet Pepsi at another dollar general, the first was out, three twelve packs for nine dollars is the deal this week.

Since this coming weekend is race weekend at Talladega Race track and everyone was stocking at every store I stopped at, its going to be a madhouse here around Thursday evening.

I did not make it to mowing any grass because I got called away to work for a few hours late this evening.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Buying Meat On A Budget

Around once a month I restock red meat for Tony and Chicken or turkey for me, but I am trying my best to go back meatless so I did not buy any type of meats for me.

Last week was the week, he was out of just about all meat, except venison, so we went meat shopping at the old Piggly wiggly, now known as pic n sav located in the heart of Anniston, Alabama.

The first thing that caught my eye was hot dogs by John Morrell were on sale for .39 per package of eight so I bought five packages for $1.95 because these freeze well and last for a very long time. I will get four meals per package making each serving of meat only .10 (20 hot dogs = 10 meals)

Next was ground beef, I got the smaller packages cheaper by the pound, I bought two for $5.98 ( one was $2.98 and the other $3.00 )and that made 12 patties for burgers making each burger around .50 each. That is six meals.

Tony loves his cubed steak so he got a large package for $5.71 for six pieces and this will be the most expensive meals of meat making each meal $2.00 because he has two steak sandwiches as a meal. Three meals.

The pot roast was on sale at the price of $6.54, another pricey meat purchase because six meals will be made from this one roast costing around $1.10 per serving of meat.

NOW to the best deal of all:

A boneless center cut pork loin on sale for $9.51 but I sliced at home and made 20 thin sliced boneless chops. Making 13 meals and each costing around .73 each meat meal.

Now lets see how much I spent on how many meals of meat:

Total $29.69

With thirty eight meals – Price per meat meal based on total price of all = . 78 per meal.

So there you have it thirty eight meals for under $30.00, that is how you make ends meet when you have little money to spend.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Never Pay FULL Price!

For those of you who do not know me I am an extreme coupon using woman that will get everything , if possible, cheaper or free.

Since I have a nice stockpile I have cut the amount of shopping down from 100% to only, hmm, I would say 25% or less some weeks. And I made a resolution to use up this stockpile and not buy anything that I already have a stock of, no matter the price. Well okay if its free I will get it, but I have cut the amount of coupon clipping down also, so no coupons equals no shopping.

I was out of coffee! All I had left was hazelnut and that is not a flavor I like to wake up to so I did my research and my favorite coupon shopping store had coffee buy one get one free and no less than my favorite! Gevalia. I did not have coupons for this brand but I was lucky and a couple of friends send me two and that was all I needed. The price was $8.39 making each $4.20/ $4.19 and I used a $1.50 manufacture coupon for each, I got both for $5.39. And they had Tombstone Pizza buy one get one free at $5.27 and I had one $1.00 off two manufacture coupon that I printed making both just $4.27.

So my total was before sale and coupons $28.67
But I paid $9.66
Plus tax 1.37
equals = $11.03

I cant believe I bought pizza! I have been so good with eating fresh foods and no junk food. I guess my body needed it 🙂

All that I bought from Aldi`s this week was apples, oranges, bananas and strawberries and I did not spend much cause that store is awesome for its weekly sale, tomorrow starts a new sales week and I will try to get one of those ads and share the savings so you`ll know if you need to shop before you drive all the way to the grocery store 🙂

What deals have you gotten recently?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry