This Week At Aldi`s

You know I am a saver and that is why I will shop weekly at Aldi`s grocery store in downtown Oxford, Alabama.

I adore the produce prices and the sale each week, since I am trying my best to stay vegetarian, and one day become vegan, this is an idea shopping store for me. I buy the sale`s each week, unless I am packed with fresh stuff but thats not likely.

This week I will mention the Ham sale because so many people buy and serve ham for their Christmas dinner.

Ham Prices range from . 56 per pound for a shank to $2.99 per pound for a sugar cured boneless ham.

Brand – Appleton farms
Smoked Shank – .56 per pound
Smoked Butt -.74 per pound
Spiral half ham – $1.19 per pound
Spiral cut double glazed ham – $1.59

PLUS! there is a coupon in the weekly sales ad $3.00 off any $25 purchase with a ham.

Now to the weekly produce.

.99 sweet potatoes – three pound bags

.89 celery per stalk

$1.99 russet potatoes per ten pound bag

.99 yellow onions per three pound bag

$2.99 mandarin oranges per three pound bag

.99 each pineapple

And .89 per can of cranberry sauce- whole berry or jellied

I am thinking with those cheap prices that a person could easily make a Christmas dinner extremely cheap. I am guesstimating that I could make a Christmas dinner for around $30 from this weeks sales, sure I would have to add a few spices but most of that is already staples that you have in your cabinets.

A ten pound shank ham $10, mashed potatoes and then some $1.99, Sweet potato pie or casserole.99, got your celery and onions for the stuffing for $1.88, toss in a can of cranberries for .89. This is the place to buy for your holiday meal!

NOTE: I do not get paid to promote Aldi`s, I just think they are awesome.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

.56 Cake Mix – $3.00 Pies -.62 Cool Whip

I know, I know! I should not be buying pies when I know I have everything here to make these pies, BUT….

I am just plain tired.

I glanced at the Publix grocery store`s weekly ad and I should not have because I seen those pies on sale buy one get one free and I know I could knock another dollar off each pie with a coupon.


After a day of running around and giving away more goodies I ran by got my sister and went to Publix at eight O`clock at night.

I seriously do not need to have pie in the house because I am a diabetic and pie is a weakness of mine, especially the pies I bought. They are supposed to be for Christmas dinner and one is going to an elderly friend.

Anyways here are the deals and the coupons I used, The sale ends Tuesday 12-22-15 at closing time.

5 – Marie Callender`s frozen pies at$7.99 each ( three pecan, one key lime and one pumpkin) On sale buy one get one free – Used $1.00 off one manufacturer coupon for each= $3.00 each

1 – Sara Lee Cheesecake $5.99 each on sale buy one get one free – Used .55 off one manufacturer coupon =$2.45 for one

3 – Duncan Hines cake mix $2.49 to $1.79 each on sale buy one get one free – Used $1.00 off three manufacturer coupon = .56 each ( when price is $1.79 and I got one that was $2.49)

1 – Duncan Hines frosting $1.99 each on sale for $1.50 each- Used $1.50 manufacturer coupon off one frosting when you buy three mixes = free

2 – Kraft cheddar cheese 8 ounce blocks $4.29 each on sale buy one get one free – Used $1.00 off two = $1.65 each

3 – Cool whip $1.89 each on sale buy one get one free – Used $1.00 manufacturer coupon off three = .62 each

2 – Quaker oats $2.87 each on sale two for $4.00 – Used $1.00 off two store coupon AND $1.00 off two manufacturer coupon = $1.00 each

The nice cashier gave me an non deserved senior discount of $2.08

Grand total before sale and coupons is $81.70
I paid $27.20
Taxes 3.96

Not Great but not to bad either, and I got all the sweet junk foods I will need to finish up Christmas 2015.

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry

.29 Cucumbers And .49 Avocados

Friday evening I finally made it to Alid`s grocery store for my fresh weekly produce. I had no idea what was on sale but I was looking for oranges and mixed lettuces.

As soon as I seen the sales ad I picked up at the front door I knew this was my week! Everything I adore was on sale and extremely cheap the way I like to shop. I did buy every single item that was on sale in the produce section.

Here is the list and the price :

4- eight ounce packages of button mushrooms – .89 each

3 – Cucumbers – .29 each

1 – sixteen ounce bag of baby carrots .69

1 – three pound bag of navel oranges $1.99

2 pounds of red grapes $2.98

1 – container of mixed lettuces $1.99

3 – red grapefruits .69 each

2 – one pint containers of grape tomatoes .99 each

1 – Mango .89

2 – Avocados .49 each

Grand total : $18.00
sales tax 1.80

That is how I like to spend a $20 bill.

Aldi`s grocery store has other good deals weekly and you can save shopping at this grocery store especially when you do not use coupons.

I think the milk was on sale for $2.47 per gallon and I it much higher even at walmart but I don`t drink milk. The eggs that used to be around .99 each dozen week are not staying around $2.50 a dozen. The blocks of cream cheese is always cheap at .89 to .99 each, you will not find any brand cheaper.

Junk food like chips and dip are also very cheap at Aldi`s . I have ate the chips and they are pretty good.

I have bought the bags of wild salmon before from the frozen department and they are good and I am sure the price was $1.00 less than Walmart.

Now I have to say what I do not like at Aldi`s and that is the bread. No matter what kind its just not tasty and is usually hard aka stale. Now that I am back off bread that is not a problem for me but for those who eat sandwiches I warn you.

I know there are some people who will not buy the fresh foods from Aldi`s or they are sold out of what you want. I can solve that problem for you. Price match! Take the sales ad to Walmart and price match the produce, I do this when they are sold out and I need or want that item badly.

Where do you shop for your produce?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry – Another shopping trip