.44 Duncan Hines Brownie Mix and Free Frosting

For the past few weeks I have not made any nice deals on food that I can mention as being wonderful deals. The coupons have been low in value, but still free money to apply to buying foods you use.

Until Today….

Publix my favorite grocery shopping store had a couple awesome buy one get one free sales for things I will need in the near future and for a couple stockpile additions.

Usually I make my own onion rings and French fries but this is Alexia frozen products [a good brand] and I buy fresh potatoes and spinach for the most part and not canned but today I added these to the stockpile because there will be days when I have to eat but do not have time to cook, as far as canned good I keep those in case of an emergency.

Here is the deal, what coupons I used and how much I paid:

4 – Duncan Hines Brownie Mix $2.89 each on sale buy one get one free – Used $1.00 off each store coupon = .44 1/2 each

2 – Duncan Hines frosting $1.99 each on sale buy one get one free – Used $1.50 mft coupon off one frosting when you buy two brownie or cake mix- FREE and MADE .50 on each.

9 – Cans of Delmonte vegetables $1.43 each on sale buy one get one free – Used $1.00 off three store coupon = .38 each

2 – Pillsbury frosting $1.79 each on sale $1.00 each AND 1- Pillsbury cake mix $1.59 – Used store coupon buy two frostings and get one cake mix free = $2.00 for all three!

2- Alexia frozen products $3.53 each on sale buy one get one free – Used .75 mft. coupon off each = $2.03 for both!

Grand Total before coupons and sale was : $40.64
I paid : $8.24
A savings of $32.40


NOTE: All the brownie mix, cake mix and frostings will be for Christmas for the elderly as gifts. I do not eat this because I am diabetic.

I went by Walmart for some dental floss and picked up three 12 packs of Diet Pepsi $4.95 on sale $3.33 each and I used $1.00 mft. coupon off each. $2.33 is awesome for a 12 pack!


Also, I have been saving in other places for things that I do need right now but comes with no coupons.

BIG savings : I have been super busy with the business and Tony hired on this guy that was in dire need of work but he was like a vampire and sucking the life out of me with this ” daily pay”. Since I fired all the old employees last year and took my business back over I usually do not let anyone hire unless its through me, so once again I took this situation over and I did this, I told this guy ” I need this done here, How much for the job?”, then I took him to another job site and I said “I need this done here, how much for that job?”. I forced him to make me a flat price, so that he would not poke around for weeks for a daily pay and the work still not finished. I am saving a vast amount of money by doing things this way.

Now that is how I like to use coupons and my head to save as much money as possible!

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry