Adventures of a Landlady – Fix This And That

I have to say that after a week of doing repairs to one house and then another can wear a person down and this is where you have you have to choose your words thoughtfully and carefully.

After getting the truck fixed on Friday, and I laid the the flooring in large bathroom at the empty rental house, I used Monday to get the tags for the truck so I could use it and get the curtains up in this rental house and I wanted to get that lawn mowed but I had forgotten my work shoes. So I did not get much accomplished but something is better than nothing.

I received a call from one tenant about the toilet keeps running so I told her Tuesday morning I would be there.

Tuesday – I had made sure I had all my working materials loaded on the truck along with the broken down riding lawn mower so that my uncle could take a look at it. As I was removing things from the front into the bed of the truck the door slammed on my right hand, making it feel as though it was broken but I sucked it up and went to work anyways. I mowed the grass with a push mower for two hours, using for the most part my left hand and arm. I asked Tony to paint the cabinet knobs and then take the mower to my uncles house, but then came up the ” I don`t want you to work on my rentals and I evicted you from my house guy” and was talking to Tony, after all he has known him his entire life. I seen the guy was trying to sell me some flooring, through Tony, I was mowing and shaking my head “NO” I am not into buying possible stolen materials.

I had a few interruptions while mowing, one tenant, the one that asked if I was stalking them, stopped and said a few words and I asked if he knew anyone who wanted to rent a house, he said no because if he sends them and they don`t pay he felt it would be his fault. There was this woman walking and she said ” how much?” I replied with the amount and deposit. She then asked ” will you drop the deposit?” I was floored that anyone would ask that but said ” Nope can`t do that” nicely. Everyone left and I went back to mowing.

It was not ten minutes and this walking woman came back and asked to see the house. I said ” sure” as I walked toward the back door, I asked ” where do you work?” and she replied ” I don`t but I get alimony” and I stopped. I told her that I could not rent to her because that is not considered an income and I explained child support or alimony can stop at anytime regardless if its court ordered, the person can just stop paying. I sent her back to walking and me back to mowing.

I had noticed this one man that I have known for thirty years going to the new mans house and I was disappointed because this guy is an addict. I noted this in my head to talk with him about this man and I know his situation.

I walked up the mountain to my uncles, with intentions of hurrying to get signed in at the clinic. My mentally challenged lady was chasing me down the road yelling my name over and over as I was going to sit down,breathless and exhausted. She began to tell me about the fight that she and her sister had, this had been going on for years, I said nicely ” I am sick and I don`t want to hear it.” Did she care? Naaa. I said it again, still nothing so I simply had to roll up the window. My uncle seen her and he told Tony to go on and take me to the doctor leave the mower there, they did have the mower fixed, and then my uncle told my tenant, and his neighbor, to go home. Some may think this was mean but when the mentally retarded push, you have to stand up to them or they won`t stop. I did call back late that night and tell her that I did not want to get into her family business and that I had to hurry to get my hand looked at.

I ended up going to the night clinic for a nagging pain in my side and my hand. I had forgotten the tenant with the running toilet! I called her and told her how I hurt myself and made the appointment for noon the next day.

Wednesday – Not in a good mood, nor was Tony, and having a swollen hand I still had to go to work as a landlady. I got a call and had to show the house.

First I showed the house and the lady thought it was to big for her daughter but said Friday she would let her look when she gets in town, if she wanted inside they would call me.

Next was the lady on the hill, The toilet was a little loose so Tony tightened the bolts, they were not tight enough since the new flooring was laid for that house back in March, And since there was pipe repairs we figured the problem was because of dirt or rust particles passing through the pipes and that will ruin a toilet valve so off to Lowe`s to buy another.

When I seen the tenants outside that I wanted to talk to about the man that is an addict I stopped, they had used him to mow the grass, I let them know I know him and what he is but not telling them who to have at the house. The water facet for the washer was leaking. Add a water facet for that house to the to buy list.

At Lowe`s I also bought a carpet for the empty rental house, I knew covering those older tiles would make the house look better.

Back to the neighborhood.

First was drop the carpet off at the empty.

Next was repair the toilet. 10 minute and gone.

The leaking washing machine facet. The guy at Lowe`s said its not bad and told Tony how to turn the brass fixture so its tight and it wont leak at the top, that they work loose after years of use. A 2 minute fix.

All the grass.

I still cut the lawn for the mentally retarded sisters so Tony and Uncle got the mower jumped off and I mowed that yard, stopping ever so often because the belt was slipping off for them to put it back on. Got that yard done.

I drove the mower to my old home place and cut the front yard before the belt came off again. I finished the front with the push mower and left the back and side for another day because it began to sprinkle rain.

I drove the riding mower to the empty rental house in the rain because there is a bank I can use to drive it onto the truck. As I was lining it up a lady pulled in the driveway to look at the house, so I turned the lawnmower over to Tony to finish loading.

I showed the house and asked all my questions, she said Maybe she would take it if its still open on the first, but she did like it and that it looks 100% better than it did when she was inside before I bought it.

I helped lay the carpet out and then Tony sat down and cut off the extra with a utility knife, I had measured it so there was little waste, but he said a door had to be taken down before it could be finished, he left one edge folded over. I asked him to nail down a threshold, as he was doing that I pulled the carpet back, pushed the door all the way “open” and slowly fed the carpet under that door, now the door opens and closes over the carpet. 🙂 Before we left around eight pm, he looked back and said ” how did you get that carpet under the door?” I told him with a smile.

Since I worked two days with an injured hand, using my left as a dominate, I am taking Thursday off form working as a landlady.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry