Adventures of a Landlady – New Tenants

March was the month of evictions and people just moving so that meant I had to redo all the houses for new tenants. Adventures of a landlady began and you would not believe the people I met and new tenants just about all happened at once, that is how things come sometimes.

One moved and another tenant took that bigger house. One got evicted and moved, one got evicted with a court order. When all was said and done I had four houses to redo because I have let the one tenant make the switch.

But one tenant is doing the painting so that was one I did not have to paint. At one time I was mowing so many lawns, and these are huge lots, that as soon as I finished I had to begin the process again.

Today I got the last house leased. We did the lease signing today and I have to say that the gossip tenant has to be wrong because this lady seems like she is NOT on drugs. She was dressed nice and is wearing jewelry. I can say that I have never seen a dope head wear nice clothing or even own jewelry, they would not spend money on those things, just drugs. Time will tell. When I left the neighborhood at dark she has not moved in, yet.

To help another tenant out, since some of the others stole the screens, I had someone to help put screen over the windows, plus a light fixture was messed up, thanks to the last tenant for changing the fixture without permission, the wires now have to be fixed by an electrician.

Well I don`t tell people what to do and I don`t care if they drink beer/ whiskey that is legal and they pay rent, I do mind for illegal drugs, it was around four pm when we got there to fix this stuff and the lady was already drunk, she was a happy drunk but people who drink seem to say the same thing over and over when they are at that point. I dealt with it but I do not like that part of this life.

My old lady: I am selling her the house she is in and she is over half way owning it, she was pleasant as usual, her great granddaughter was playing in the driveway with the rocks and dry dirt, she seen me and waves as she ran for the porch, I said ” go ahead and play, I wont run you over” and this little tiny girl said ” okay! do you got any candy?” I said ” no baby but I will bring you some next time, okay?” she smiles and said ” okay” and went back to toting gravel to the porch.

I will have to write myself a note in the receipt book ” TAKE CANDY!”

Now that is my adventure as a landlady for the day.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry