Adventures of a Landlady – New Tenants

March was the month of evictions and people just moving so that meant I had to redo all the houses for new tenants. Adventures of a landlady began and you would not believe the people I met and new tenants just about all happened at once, that is how things come sometimes.

One moved and another tenant took that bigger house. One got evicted and moved, one got evicted with a court order. When all was said and done I had four houses to redo because I have let the one tenant make the switch.

But one tenant is doing the painting so that was one I did not have to paint. At one time I was mowing so many lawns, and these are huge lots, that as soon as I finished I had to begin the process again.

Today I got the last house leased. We did the lease signing today and I have to say that the gossip tenant has to be wrong because this lady seems like she is NOT on drugs. She was dressed nice and is wearing jewelry. I can say that I have never seen a dope head wear nice clothing or even own jewelry, they would not spend money on those things, just drugs. Time will tell. When I left the neighborhood at dark she has not moved in, yet.

To help another tenant out, since some of the others stole the screens, I had someone to help put screen over the windows, plus a light fixture was messed up, thanks to the last tenant for changing the fixture without permission, the wires now have to be fixed by an electrician.

Well I don`t tell people what to do and I don`t care if they drink beer/ whiskey that is legal and they pay rent, I do mind for illegal drugs, it was around four pm when we got there to fix this stuff and the lady was already drunk, she was a happy drunk but people who drink seem to say the same thing over and over when they are at that point. I dealt with it but I do not like that part of this life.

My old lady: I am selling her the house she is in and she is over half way owning it, she was pleasant as usual, her great granddaughter was playing in the driveway with the rocks and dry dirt, she seen me and waves as she ran for the porch, I said ” go ahead and play, I wont run you over” and this little tiny girl said ” okay! do you got any candy?” I said ” no baby but I will bring you some next time, okay?” she smiles and said ” okay” and went back to toting gravel to the porch.

I will have to write myself a note in the receipt book ” TAKE CANDY!”

Now that is my adventure as a landlady for the day.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Adventures of a Landlady – June

There is something magical about the month of June, I cant put my finger on it but its nice when you say , its June.

I started my day as a landlady by calling one tenant and asking what time to come collect, she told me anytime afternoon.

I already know that two rentals will not be collected today as they are set up for another day.

I then drove to the little old ladies house.

My old ladies :

They are not really old old but one is just over 60 and the other just over 70, they are mentally handicap and the one no longer drives so I take them to town once a month. Things were going well on the way into town to the bank and to pay the light bills. I walk in and help the older of the two withdraw what she wants but I have had to help the younger because she was overdrawing so I hung back with the younger and the older went on to the car. While she was waiting on her teller to process her withdrawal she said ” My she came untied.” As we walked toward the door she looked at me and said ” Bend down and tie my shoe.” WELL! No. I said as I pointed ” There is a sofa right there, tie your own shoe.” She grunted but sat down anyways, she could barely raise her foot up to tie her shoe but did it.

I refused to go to the slop yourself till you pop restaurant, the buffet, so I told them they could go eat and I would pick them back up in an hour. They went for that idea. I had played a CD I have had for years, an oldies CD “the best of the 60`s.” As Miss tie my shoe got out she stopped by my car window and told me to “make her a copy” of that CD. I said ” I don`t copy CD`s, I heard that do as I said tone again!

To me she was being bossy and a little pushy as though I lived to serve her, anyways I had a sandwich and paid a few bills then picked them back up.

Tony asked when we picked them up” How many plates of food did you eat?” to the younger and she said ” one plate.” Then he asked the older and she said “I had two plates full.” Then he asked the older one ” How many did she eat? and he pointed to her sister, she said ” three plates” and that set the conversation on fire! After a few minutes of back and forth yelling in the back seat, I said ” cool it buffet queens!”

I drove them to the Grocery store and when I pulled in they just sat, I said “go buy your food” and she said ” I thought you would come too.” Usually I would but today I did not feel like it. After around thirty minutes Tony was asleep in the car so I went in. They could not find the frozen vegetables and I have no idea how they missed the tea and sweetener. I helped and then I put them in line and went back to th car. See usually I would load the groceries and then reload them in the car. Not today.

When I got them home I always help them tote the food inside the house but today I said ” The eggs are in the backseat” and the older said ” I cant get the eggs!” I replied with good now I don`t have to buy any, she looked at me a second and when that registered she got her eggs and took them inside 🙂 I did take about six bags inside but I made them do more today. Why? Because they were being lazy and putting it all on me.

No I am not mean to these ladies, if I were they would not have rented my house for 16 years.


The new tenant :

I had seen them walking yesterday and he set up a time for me to come today and pick up rent.

When I drove up he was counting money, I asked if I could check out the painting of th rooms and they said yes.

Next was have a seat and stay a while.

Sometimes its a good idea to stay a few minutes and chat and sometimes its not. I felt like I was being picked for information today. Tony loves to talk so that was just right for him, not so much for me.

No I am not paranoid, I have just learned how people can be and I try to keep my life private. I try my best to keep each one of my tenants lives private, I will not talk about them to other tenants or to nosy neighbors.

After Tony and the guy had talked about how interested both were about this one thing, the woman said ” I would love to see that, where do you live?” Without hesitation I lied. Why? Because I can see where this is going, they want to see how I live so she will know how far she can go …… into my pockets. I used to allow the tenants to drop off the rent but I moved to another state, then I hired a lady to collect till she allowed the wrong crowd to get by with stuff I would never as in growing pot in one house, now I pick the rent up at the rental itself.

I asked ” is everything okay?” and I was shown a few things they asked to be fixed. I wrote down the problems and they are easy fixes, something that can be done in an hour.


Next was the water pipe problem house.

I waited for this one to get back home from shopping. I went up and she must have heard me and was at the kitchen door counting money as I walked up. She paid me the rent.

I asked to see the water bill and I went over the dates, how much for each month and the transfer fee. I know about how much the bills run per month so I took off two months normal water usage and transfer fee, then I handed her back $35 because the leak was part of the house just being old. I wrote out her a receipt for a lesser rent.

I asked ” is everything alright?” she said ” yes” and I left.


The other new tenant:

I had talked with his mother earlier and told her I would be by Friday as requested.

But as I was leaving for the day I seen the young lady outside and I asked her what time to come Friday and her husband said ” I can pay you now.” I backed up and drove into the yard. Mrs. Nosy Gossip came outside to be nosy, she walks the dogs as an excuse.

They brought the cash out to the car and I wrote her a receipt and that is when the man said ” Hey are you renting that other house to so and so?” I said ” yes I am, why?” He shook his head and said ” Oh man, she is all about Central city! and I told her dad if she brought that shit over by my house I was kicking his ass!” I told him ” you wont have to worry about that, if I see any of that going on I will evict her.” All the while I was thinking ” how do you know she has been in central city?”

Central city is a small area that is filled dope users and dealers. People don`t go to that place unless they are up to no good, its a very bad area just outside of the Anniston city limits.

My first impression of this lady is exactly as her mother told me and not about dope at all, but I will see I have been fooled before.

This tenant does like to tell me about the other tenants 🙂 But people has to understand, people are people and I cannot govern what they do. As long as they pay rent and do not disturb the neighbors I am good with them. I tell all of them I am zero drug tolerate when they move in.

I asked” is everything okay?” She said ” yes but there were some termites in the laundry room and we sprayed them” I told her I would by spray for the outside of the house, too.”


Now I get one day off as a landlady But it will be used as a caregiver, driving him to the doctor and sitting in the waiting room. Book reading time!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Great American Dream – The Calm Before The Storm

Juggling a few jobs can be overwhelming at times but I manage to push through and things level out.

As far as writing is concerned I did cut back because of the pay level going down. But I am still making a little money by chatting on mylot, I am not ready to jump into Literacy Base till its a proven paying site.


Now to the new business, the plants and produce.

I have to say it once again that it was put on the back burner till I got my main source of income situated, but that does not mean I stopped completely.

I still have many houseplants that I am tending as well as making more with cuttings. The vegetable plants were planted into the field and now are just doing their thing, making food.

I know from experience that a new business, especially with plants, takes time and that year one is the beginning and that I don`t expect to make a fortune as I am building it from seed, or cutting, to a beautiful full grown business.


The rental property is my main source of income. As you know I did another partial clean out of tenants this Spring but it was for the best because it was the beginning of trouble, drugs. Yes they were all taking drugs and not paying rent.

Since March I have repaired and painted three houses. I have leased each one as I finished it. I redone one in March and it rented on April first, well I had a family to move from one of the smaller house to the bigger house. I redone one in April and it rented on May first and the last one I redone in May is waiting on the lady to pay on June first or the third, this was the house the family moved from into the other house.

But one I needed to repaint did rent and I did not do anything to it. However I made a deal with this man to paint and I would take so much off the deposit for each room, so far he has painted three of the six rooms with some taking two coats to cover the mess the last tenant made.

While I was redoing the houses and showing them to potential tenants I was, or hired people, also fixing things that randomly happen to rental houses too.

I am often saying that I want to sell out and I would if I got the right price but in todays life no one even has credit to buy a house and everyone wants me to sell them as owner finances, which I am selling one like that now. The only problem is you don`t see the benefit of the sell as you would with one lump sum. I reckon I will wait and see how things goes this year.

The next few days I will have the calm before the storm, No one needing anything and then I have to collect the rent and sign another lease.


I also take care of someone full time, He has health issues.

When you take care of someone day in and day out you have to learn to have a thick skin because there are times you catch the hell of their sickness, their emotions. He has so many illnesses that one day he feels alright and the next he is down in the bed. When something is happening that does not feel right to him I have to solve the problem. For instance this morning his blood sugar was up and I had to prove to him that is why he is feeling so bad by showing him those high numbers because he refuses to say he is a diabetic, I gave him medication and I am sure he is feeling better now but I dare to ask because I do not want my head snapped off with harsh words.

Just another page in the life of Angie.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Adventures of a Landlady – Talk To The Woman

Being a rental property owner is not the easier job out there, I call my life ‘adventures of a landlady” because I never know what I`ll see or hear and the many types of people that I will meet.

How It Started This Year :

It all began back in February 2016. One lady moved that paid monthly, always on time and was always respectful. They were not the cleanest but I had worst. Reason for moving was they bought their own house.


I had another that had a huge fight busted out my windows and did not pay rent, so I evicted them. They refused to get out on time so I got a court order to make them move, they left.

And one more eviction and that was lack of paying rent and drug activity. I have notice and he asked for three extra days, I gave them and he moved.

Three empty houses means three paydays each month not collected and I had to get the money up for all the repairs.

March 2016 :

I got the one house cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Painted everything. Fixed flooring. Then moved one family from the three bedroom house to this four bedroom house. Now the three bedroom is empty but only needed minor clean up and repairs.

The drug dealing eviction was not so bad as far as being dirty, he really was not a nasty living person but he painted the house weird colors. That would be ten gallons of paint or more. This house is one of the houses that does not rent so fast due to it being older. Let this one wait.

After the sheriff hung the notice these people did not come back home, so her great grandma come to clean it up. I offered my help and she signed the paperwork showing she took their things. I painted this house, put down new flooring in the bathroom and redid the hardwood floors.

Late weekend of April 2016 :

I got a call from a previous tenant and he rented the court ordered eviction house, wait his common law wife did.

As I was showing the three bedroom that I did a switch with the four bedroom house a man walked up with this young man that I have known since he was a little kid and asked for a house but did not have anything but the clothes in his back and on a small income. I take him to the other eviction that I had not painted yet because it had a fridge and furniture left from the last tenant. He rented this house and in lieu of all the deposit he is painting it back white, and yes I am inspecting his work and yes he is using all the paint I am providing. ( I only let out small amounts due to pass experience).


May 2016 :

Now back to the three bedroom house. I listened to all the reasons that people did not want this house with each showing so I began to do these things as improvements.


First I painted the cream color walls to white, the cream made them look dirty.

I painted the cement floor in the storage/ walk in closet a light gray because there was some scratch marks in the old paint.

Then I laid new tiles in the bathroom, because they had not been updated since I owned this house.

Next I bought a carpet for the last bedroom to cover those dated tile, its those nice shining tiles that are in the doctor offices. :/

I hung curtains, I do not know why but seems that when I do it rents.

I had shown this house at least twenty five times but the day I finished painting, I had this man come up that Tony has known all his life and I have known for 30 years and he asks for this house for his daughter that has disabilities and asked would I lower the rent ( with all the new stuff I raised the rent and was getting more interesting people, go figure that one!) I said ” yes” and that was all I heard from him, until yesterday right before an appointment to show the house, with the new higher rent, he said he wanted the house. I had to explain what was going on because he never called me back to confirm that the daughter liked the house and that she wanted it, I would let him know if the couple did not take it because that was being fair to the people that had an appointment, then he would not answer the phone after I showed it to this other couple.

This couple wanted the house but asked till that evening to make sure they could afford it. I told her about the situation, more people to see the house, and could I call her back in two hours, she agreed. I called back and she told me to show the house and if they did NOT take it to call her back that she was not sure if they could make the rent and deposit but did not want me to hold it if I got someone.

May 20,016 – Later that night :

I call this mans house for the last time and I get his wife, Thank God!, we talked for 30 minutes and I told her that her daughter can have the house and I had just wished that her husband had called me back a week ago to let me know all of this. I then told her to have him go take down the for rent signs, since they live a couple blocks over in the same neighborhood. The problem was she, the daughter, cannot move till the first of the month when she gets her disability check, that is all he had to have told me but he hadn`t.

There ya go the Adventures of a landlady, Talk to the woman.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

Adventures of a Landlady – Fix This And That

I have to say that after a week of doing repairs to one house and then another can wear a person down and this is where you have you have to choose your words thoughtfully and carefully.

After getting the truck fixed on Friday, and I laid the the flooring in large bathroom at the empty rental house, I used Monday to get the tags for the truck so I could use it and get the curtains up in this rental house and I wanted to get that lawn mowed but I had forgotten my work shoes. So I did not get much accomplished but something is better than nothing.

I received a call from one tenant about the toilet keeps running so I told her Tuesday morning I would be there.

Tuesday – I had made sure I had all my working materials loaded on the truck along with the broken down riding lawn mower so that my uncle could take a look at it. As I was removing things from the front into the bed of the truck the door slammed on my right hand, making it feel as though it was broken but I sucked it up and went to work anyways. I mowed the grass with a push mower for two hours, using for the most part my left hand and arm. I asked Tony to paint the cabinet knobs and then take the mower to my uncles house, but then came up the ” I don`t want you to work on my rentals and I evicted you from my house guy” and was talking to Tony, after all he has known him his entire life. I seen the guy was trying to sell me some flooring, through Tony, I was mowing and shaking my head “NO” I am not into buying possible stolen materials.

I had a few interruptions while mowing, one tenant, the one that asked if I was stalking them, stopped and said a few words and I asked if he knew anyone who wanted to rent a house, he said no because if he sends them and they don`t pay he felt it would be his fault. There was this woman walking and she said ” how much?” I replied with the amount and deposit. She then asked ” will you drop the deposit?” I was floored that anyone would ask that but said ” Nope can`t do that” nicely. Everyone left and I went back to mowing.

It was not ten minutes and this walking woman came back and asked to see the house. I said ” sure” as I walked toward the back door, I asked ” where do you work?” and she replied ” I don`t but I get alimony” and I stopped. I told her that I could not rent to her because that is not considered an income and I explained child support or alimony can stop at anytime regardless if its court ordered, the person can just stop paying. I sent her back to walking and me back to mowing.

I had noticed this one man that I have known for thirty years going to the new mans house and I was disappointed because this guy is an addict. I noted this in my head to talk with him about this man and I know his situation.

I walked up the mountain to my uncles, with intentions of hurrying to get signed in at the clinic. My mentally challenged lady was chasing me down the road yelling my name over and over as I was going to sit down,breathless and exhausted. She began to tell me about the fight that she and her sister had, this had been going on for years, I said nicely ” I am sick and I don`t want to hear it.” Did she care? Naaa. I said it again, still nothing so I simply had to roll up the window. My uncle seen her and he told Tony to go on and take me to the doctor leave the mower there, they did have the mower fixed, and then my uncle told my tenant, and his neighbor, to go home. Some may think this was mean but when the mentally retarded push, you have to stand up to them or they won`t stop. I did call back late that night and tell her that I did not want to get into her family business and that I had to hurry to get my hand looked at.

I ended up going to the night clinic for a nagging pain in my side and my hand. I had forgotten the tenant with the running toilet! I called her and told her how I hurt myself and made the appointment for noon the next day.

Wednesday – Not in a good mood, nor was Tony, and having a swollen hand I still had to go to work as a landlady. I got a call and had to show the house.

First I showed the house and the lady thought it was to big for her daughter but said Friday she would let her look when she gets in town, if she wanted inside they would call me.

Next was the lady on the hill, The toilet was a little loose so Tony tightened the bolts, they were not tight enough since the new flooring was laid for that house back in March, And since there was pipe repairs we figured the problem was because of dirt or rust particles passing through the pipes and that will ruin a toilet valve so off to Lowe`s to buy another.

When I seen the tenants outside that I wanted to talk to about the man that is an addict I stopped, they had used him to mow the grass, I let them know I know him and what he is but not telling them who to have at the house. The water facet for the washer was leaking. Add a water facet for that house to the to buy list.

At Lowe`s I also bought a carpet for the empty rental house, I knew covering those older tiles would make the house look better.

Back to the neighborhood.

First was drop the carpet off at the empty.

Next was repair the toilet. 10 minute and gone.

The leaking washing machine facet. The guy at Lowe`s said its not bad and told Tony how to turn the brass fixture so its tight and it wont leak at the top, that they work loose after years of use. A 2 minute fix.

All the grass.

I still cut the lawn for the mentally retarded sisters so Tony and Uncle got the mower jumped off and I mowed that yard, stopping ever so often because the belt was slipping off for them to put it back on. Got that yard done.

I drove the mower to my old home place and cut the front yard before the belt came off again. I finished the front with the push mower and left the back and side for another day because it began to sprinkle rain.

I drove the riding mower to the empty rental house in the rain because there is a bank I can use to drive it onto the truck. As I was lining it up a lady pulled in the driveway to look at the house, so I turned the lawnmower over to Tony to finish loading.

I showed the house and asked all my questions, she said Maybe she would take it if its still open on the first, but she did like it and that it looks 100% better than it did when she was inside before I bought it.

I helped lay the carpet out and then Tony sat down and cut off the extra with a utility knife, I had measured it so there was little waste, but he said a door had to be taken down before it could be finished, he left one edge folded over. I asked him to nail down a threshold, as he was doing that I pulled the carpet back, pushed the door all the way “open” and slowly fed the carpet under that door, now the door opens and closes over the carpet. 🙂 Before we left around eight pm, he looked back and said ” how did you get that carpet under the door?” I told him with a smile.

Since I worked two days with an injured hand, using my left as a dominate, I am taking Thursday off form working as a landlady.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

When Tenants Say The Wrong Thing

Friday May 13,2016

I am not sure if it was just because a day had the number thirteen or if these people are for real.

On the way to work I stopped and bought three boxes of those peel and stick tile, do not underestimate their durability I had some last for seven years and I pulled those up to upgrade the look not because they were in bad shape, so I had my materials when I got there.

Tony wanted to go to his cousins house while I worked because they were almost done fixing his truck so I dropped him off and went up the hill to work alone.

100_6537 (2)

After three or four business calls I finally began laying the tiles, since the vinyl flooring was still in good shape but has nail polish spots( AND I had not mopped and since I was replacing and I did not use a drop cloth to paint) I just laid them on top, after all I was just making the bathroom look better and the old vinyl was dated and needed to be calked again.

My sister came over and asked for a ride to the store so I put my shoes on and took her.

One tenant works at this store but I was not going in because I was not needing anything. As I pulled up and my sister not even out of the car this tenant walks over, with a half case of beer in hand and asks ” Are you stalking me?” My instant reaction is ” WHAT?!” and he told me that his wife and him thought I was stalking them. WELL! I said “I own rental houses and thats my job so I am at work!” Then he told me that the new man, they are just as new because both tenants moved in the same month, had moved in a woman and another man. I corrected him by saying ” No just his girlfriend, they called and asked.” I was not expecting this, he said her name and ” I know her, she is an ex-girlfriend and I hope she don`t start anything.”

A few days ago this same tenants better half did make a comment AFTER we were waved to come back when I spoke to her and that was ” You sure are around a lot not to live here.” I thought that sounded weird but she said that as I was driving down the road so I let it go.

I do think its time I pulled this young lady aside and I let her know that I have never or never will be interested in any of my tenants AND that I do have a job and its my rentals and get used to seeing me coming and going to work! Makes me wonder, does seeing me in the neighborhood restrict her natural behavior?


I got back to work and finished the bathroom floor, except for calking and then I decided to paint the small back porch since the new lumber had been installed and those walls painted white, not gray like the rest of the house, paint color undecided on at this moment, but to make it look nice and clean again instead of chipped and peeling paint.


100_6555 (2)

When I finished I went to my sisters house that is by Tony`s cousins house, Tony was gone in the newly repaired truck and I went inside to wash my hands.

After a few minutes I heard Tony yell my name, I opened the door and he asked if I would follow him home due to the tag was expired, I said ” yes.”

The other new guy: Known since May first.

When I came out to get into the car Tony had pulled across the street at that rental house and the NEW woman was leaned on the truck with hand on top holding a beer. First impression? Not good behavior for a first time meeting of the tenants girlfriend.

So I walk over and extend my hand while introducing myself, I am sure the man had told her who I am because they had waved as I left my sisters place earlier. She had asked Tony since she seen him in a truck to move her stuff and Tony does not know how to say no, then she began to say she had this and that for sale and that the T.V. was sold but its so heavy they could not lift it and that is when I had to speak up and say ” Tony cannot lift anything either.” and its the truth he is a sick man and I am his caretaker. I am not sure how this moving her stuff is going to happen when there will be four people and one small two seater truck, I cannot see driving my car and his truck, using my money for gas to do something that is not my place to do, you move you have someone to do it.

This morning I was awaken by the ringing phone and it this same tenant. Wanting me to come pick up his girlfriend and take her to work, oh they will pay me! Tony had answered and he told them “no, I am over 25 miles away.”

What is wrong with people?!? Now you know why I moved away from my rental houses, people expect to much or want to control me. Everyday I feel the words “sell” and move on in the back of my mind.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry – 400 Deyo Street

Great American Dream – Always Upgrading

I have to say that when I am rich I would give the older houses away and I would start over with new upgraded homes with the best in energy saving technology.

I have always looked at a house as just a house and I would have to make it my home and put my personal touch on it to suit my own taste, but it seem as though people are looking for something else now and thats a house ready to move in with curtains over the windows and a shower curtain in the bathroom and more. To me that is some else`s taste in decor, I think it has more to do with lack of money to decorate or just plain old laziness, one or the other.

Yesterday I finished painting this seven room house white again, I got rid of the cream color, yes it was less than a year old, as it was not getting me anywhere as far as lease signing. It was an easy cover up and only took one coat of paint per room so in one and a half days that is all done. If you remember I moved the people who were in this house to a bigger house when it opened up for a new tenant.

I am listening to what people are saying when they view the house, what they ask ” where is?” or ” can I change?” and I am making some of those adjustments, the less costly ones that is.

This house is the one that I am slowly changing, I have added walls and rooms. I tried carpet and the colored cement floors, yes carpet is best, and today I will be laying new bathroom tile. Nothing expensive, just the peel and stick tile, but I will pick a more modern tile, something like stone. By doing a few things to update the bathroom it will make it look so much better. And with each upgrade I can raise the amount of rent I am asking.

I will also be in search of sliding doors, I would love pocket doors but that can`t be done for this house because of the position of the light switches.

As I make my list, I am also making the adjustments to the rent and my mind is saying cha-ching BUT how long will it take to get the money back that I spent by adding all this new stuff. That is just part of the mind of a business owner, incoming and outgoing.

What do you look for in a rental house?

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

Adventures of a Landlady – Forcing Oneself On Another

Friends are many in my business and a friend in need is a friend indeed.

I have had my hands full for several months and I have actually gotten to slow down a little but when one pushes themselves on another it feels like an invasion of my privacy, no matter if that person is called friend.

Last year I gave the benefit of doubt to this man that was fresh out of jail, I had known him most of my life and I know what he is but I thought that everyone can change and needed a second chance. I fed this man and gave him a place to camp out, then he rented a house when he got a job, only to show me I was wrong and he had not changed. Well, he did not leave the neighborhood after I evicted him but moved in with someone else and then took another house near one of my rentals.

He pretty much avoided me because he stole my heaters from the rental house when he moved, but I seen him cutting through the woods and backtracking.

Around the first of the month I was behind on getting the yards mowed so I hired him to mow two because I needed help and I had seen him doing this work for the neighborhood.

I guess he thinks I opened the door for him to ” just do what he wanted” at any of my rental houses.

I have one rental that has been empty for a couple months and that is not normal so I decided to repaint the interior, add a little love here and there, doll the place up!

When I pulled into the driveway I seen a 1 x 4 board nailed in the place that a 1 x 8 board needed to be replaced by the back door, I actually had the board with me in the car. Then I seen a gallon paint lid and brush on the ground with the brush hard with paint but did not see anything painted. I knew who had done this!

My help took the board off and cut the new board and nailed it in while I was inside painting the kitchen. I seen though the window the guy walk up.

I walked outside and said ” did you do that board?” he said “yes and I painted the chimneys white.”

I cannot believe he had been on the roof! I do not like anyone getting on the roofs because they will make them leak.

I told him “Don`t do any work here anymore,” and I turned around and went inside. The help told him that he should not be on any property without the owner or someone else working there, Tony had already told him this before and so had I.

I try my best to be nice to people but seems I am going to have to be mean to get my point across to this man. I did not want the chimneys painted and that board looked horrible being half the size needed.

Today I will paint a few more rooms, I reckon the cream color did make it look dirty since I put white on a couple rooms. I will add curtains too, seems of I make it look a little pretty it`ll rent.

How would you handle this man that wants to do work to your house and you do not want him around?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Great American Dream – Life Dreams

When I woke today I did not expect to be reflecting on work and what I want to be in life, but here I am.

No I did not intend on being a landlady but it was sent to me to be this person and its an up and down mental and physical roller coaster, some days I want to jump off and say good bye and other days I am happy helping people.

No I did not intend to write but I have written books, but I have not published, and I do blog on line. I think, no I am sure, I have not self published because I have not found the time to sit down and do it, the reason I have not published with a company is because I do not have a manager and I can not afford one at the moment.

And the biggest part of my life has been taking care of the sick, whether its full time or part time, this was NEVER my goal in life. Cancer patients for the most part, I get to watch them suffer, giving them words of hope while most of them are past the help of medical treatment and are rotting, some praying for death to come faster. The other part of taking care of people are the mentally impaired, mental illness and mental retardation, I have to boost there self esteem while they put me down and tell me I am ugly and say mean things to me but they are attached to me like a button sewn to my shirt tail and I cannot seem to get away from this part of life.

What is my dream way to live today?

I don`t want to hear a phone, I don`t want to hear what others want me to do for them.

I don`t want a bunch of stuff cluttering up my life.

I want to walk alone for a while, no one to boss me and not one to boss.

I want to grow my food, can my food.

I want to make money doing this to pay my bills.

I want to reduce my bills and use solar everything.

I want a well for my water.

I want an electric car, solar powered would be a dream come true.

Now I just need to figure out how to get to where I want to be and that is not the easy part.

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry

Another Day In The Life

Tuesday May 3, 2016

Check day for the people who receive social security and the city was filled with people paying bills and spending their money.

I had another no show, when I called her and let her know I was there she said “oh sorry we rented another place last night.” I don`t believe that for a minute because she called me after seven pm so maybe a motel room! but its a good thing she was a no show, her cousin said they are not good tenants.

This is the first time I have had a problem renting this house and it maybe because its not freshly painted. I think I will paint and add a couple doors.

As I was headed up the hill I seen the new tenant walking and I stopped told him to get in that I have him a small t.v. and a HD converter box. He was happy to get it and I am not so sure how many channels you get now free but I know you can. I had told him that he could work off some of the deposit by painting the interior and I left half of a five gallon bucket, he already has two rooms painted and a little trim left, he said he probably could get the bathroom before he runs out. It looked good because I checked it out.

Checked out the roof that is leaking at another rental and this is new because it has never leaked in the closed in garage. They bought a dog! An Alaskan husky, its pretty but that was not what I had in mind when she asked of they could get a puppy, I looked at him and said ” build a pen.” I mentioned selling the house but did not say a price, they said “yes, they would buy it.” who knows I may do it.

I got my elderly ladies ( mentally impaired) and took them to the bank, to the power company and to buy groceries . I made this as short and sweet as possible because one of them needed a bath and was smelling so I will have to address that before the next time they want a ride.

I stopped at a gas station that the other tenant works for gas and I offered her the house she lives in.

The house that I am selling now, she put me off till tomorrow to collect, first time ever she has done that!

I reckon that is another day in the life, A landlady.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry – the ugly bathroom