Should I gift my pregnant wife a mother’s day gift?

This is a common question often asked by curious husbands.

Well, my answer is:

Why Not?

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After all, being a mother is such a prized possession, so why wait for the little one to come out and then only celebrate Mother’s Day!!

When your wife is pregnant she needs extra pampering and care. Above all, she needs your support and love.

In fact, a Mother’s Day gift for Pregnant Wife is an excellent idea- especially if you are able to keep it a secret.

Imagine her happiness when you hand over a gift to her!!

So, if you are a dad to be who is still clueless of what to gift your pregnant wife on Mother’s day, I have compiled a big list for you.

These gift ideas for expecting wife are simply brilliant.

Check out:


1. Beautiful Maternity Maxi Tube Dress:

Seriously, I adore this dress. Just look at the floral pattern which looks great.

This maternity dress is perfect to wear while you go on a vacation with your pregnant wife or simply have a beach party.

In fact, if you are planning a baby shower by the beach side, then make sure you get this one for your pregnant wife as a gift.

This will make a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift for Your Pregnant Wife

Grab it Now





Here are some more pretty Maternity Dresses which I suggest for your to have a look. Any of these dresses will make a good maternity gift:

2. Designer Diaper Bag:

Gone are the days when women used to carry a diaper bag which not only looked boring and dull but also small in size.

A lot of things could not even come inside those bags or without proper zips all things got mixed up inside.

These bags made it tough for moms to take out what exactly was needed.

Now, times have changed and we have designer diaper bags which make a great style statement too.

These are the bags which new moms can take with pride and attitude.

These bags are spacious enough, have different compartments to keep things accordingly.

This Nappy Bag by Maman has almost all the essential features like:
a. Secure zip closure.
b. Front zippered pocket
c. Magnetic front pockets
d. Changing pads
e. Stroller straps- which helps it to get attached with the stroller with ease.

Grab It Now

Here are some more amazing Designer Diaper Bags which you must take a look:



3. Pregnancy Journal as Gift for Pregnant Wife

A pregnancy journal for wife is a great idea.

As you know, women are quite sensitive by nature and they would love to note down each and every moment of their pregnancy journey.

So a journal for pregnant wife is a good mother’s day gift. Check this one here.

The Belly Book is a Nine Month Journal which will help the pregnant women write everything about her pregnancy week by week.

There is ample space to add photos also of your growing belly. 

Check Out More Details Here

If you are looking for a cheap pregnancy journal, then you can check out this Instant Download Pregnancy Journal “From Bump to Bundle of Joy”

This one needs to be printed out which you can do so at your home printer or in any store.

This will help her write down all the beautiful memories of her pregnancy from the time she became pregnant till the baby arrived at home. This is super affordable gift too. Check it Out.


4. Pregnancy Nutrition Guide:

As you know during pregnancy a woman needs extra care when it comes to what she eats.

The food should be nutritious and healthy to support the unborn inside the womb.

This is a good Nutrition Guide for pregnant women which will give your wife a complete idea about the diet she needs to take, foods to avoid and what she should include.

Check it Out


If you are looking for some overall useful books to read during pregnancy, especially if your wife is first time pregnant then go ahead with these ones which are quite popular:



5. Full body Pregnancy Pillow:

A maternity pillow will make a wonderful Mother’s day gift for Pregnant wife.

And let me tell you- she is going to thank you a million times for this full body pregnancy pillow.

This pillow is not just soft and comfortable rather it has been designed in a way that it provides support to pregnant woman’s belly when she sleeps.

And the best part is that later on it can also be used as a nursing pillow too.

Check it Out

Here are Some More Useful Body Pillows for Pregnant Women which makes Useful Mother’s Day gifts for Expecting Wives:


6. Maternity Tshirt for Her:

This is a cute maternity tshirt for pregnant women. “Beauty and the Bump” shirt will indeed make her feel so happy.

You can even get this customised with your wife’s name too.

Check It Out

Here is yet another “Love My Bump” which also looks great as a gift for pregnant wife.





Useful and Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts for Pregnant Wife

If you are short on budget for, then here are some cheap and affordable yet useful gifts for pregnant wife on Mother’s Day. 

These are available for Instant Download and will help immensely in her Pregnancy:

7. Prenatal Yoga Online Course:

One thing which your wife really needs when she is expecting a baby is Yoga Routine.

It will help her a lot in terms of:

  • Reducing pain and aches

  • Building muscle strength

  • Yoga will also help in improving overall body posture

  • Ease in delivery and lots more benefits.

So, a good Prenatal Yoga Course for her can make a Great Mother’s Day Gift for Your Pregnant Wife. Here are some Yoga Courses for Pregnant Women which you can have a look at Udemy

8. A Good Food Subscription Service:

Your wife might have different food cravings while she is pregnant.

At one time she might want pickles or at other time ice cream to eat.

Along with that, with Due Date fast approaching, she may also not feel good to cook food too. If this is the case, you don’t have to feel guilty and ignore her needs.

Rather, all you need to do is to get a Blue Apron subscription which will send your home not just Fresh Food but also a balanced and healthy diet.

You can check out their plans and pick up the one which suits you. Check It Out

Another service which you can check out is Green Chef. It offers organic ingredients which are devoid of all pesticides in its Meal Kit Subscription Service. Check It Out.

9. Prenatal Vitamin Tracker Printable:

As Mother’s Day Gift for First Time Pregnant Wife, a prenatal vitamin tracker will make a useful and affordable gift.

This will help your wife keep a track of her vitamins on a weekly basis. If she keeps a pregnancy planner, then these are good for her. Get Yours Here

10. Weekly Pregnancy Stickers:

These weekly pregnancy stickers are a great mother’s day gift for expecting wife. These includes:

  • Due Date
  • Birth Date
  • Ultrasound
  • Tested Positive
  • Glucose Test
  • Blood Test
  • Doctor Appointment
  • Baby Shower

Get These Pregnancy Planner Stickers Here

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