17 creepy cool halloween gifts for girlfriendGetting a Halloween gift for girlfriend is quite a tricky thing. You are wondering as to what could I give to my girlfriend on Halloween which she really likes.

Often we end up giving her something which is not related with Halloween and that spoils the fun. It is the best when you give her a Halloween themed gift. 

So, here are some of the best gifts for girlfriend which you can gift her on Halloween. These are creepy,cool and spooky gifts which definitely she will like.


1. Skull Designed Scarf:

Girls love scarfs and for Halloween what is a better gift then this scarf which has skull design all around.

Made on a black background this infinity loop scarf has red skulls pattern.

It is a lightweight scarf and fabric too is good.

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2. Halloween bracelet:

A bracelet is a girl’s best friend, girls just love it.

So, if you can’t think of any gift for girlfriend on Halloween then you can have this pretty spooky Halloween bracelet for her.

It sparkles with rhinestones and glass beads making it truly lovable.

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3. Bat costume:

If you and your girlfriend are planning to go to a Halloween party, then how about this Cozy Bat Costume for her.

She will look really creepy in this and would love it. This would definitely make her look flattering!

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4. Skeleton leggings:

When it comes to picking up the best Halloween gifts for your girlfriend, nothing matches these perfect skeleton leggings.

She will be in awe of these as she wears them on halloween.

These just look so creepy on a black background with white skeleton design.

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If you love Zombies, then you can even go for a Zombie Legging which shows a boyfriend and a girlfriend standing together.

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5. Black Floral Lace Crop top:

This crop top would make a great Halloween costume gift idea for your girlfriend and she would love to wear it for the Halloween party or cosplay show.

Let her look simply awesome as she wear this top.

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6. Black Floral Lace Gloves:

These gorgeous black lace gloves in floral pattern will make a great Halloween costume idea for girlfriend.

These look stunning and she will fall in love with these for sure.

These are nice to wear in the halloween party.

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7. Gothic Halloween Necklace:

This gothic necklace in black color looks perfect for the Halloween party.

It is quite unique and handmade.

She is definitely going to get so many compliments on this one.

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8. Vampiress Costume:

How about gifting your girlfriend a Gothic vampires costume this Halloween as a gift.

This will make a good Halloween horror night gift for her. It also includes a satin gown in red color.

A great way to make her feel special this Halloween.

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9. Creepy Xray Pumps:

There is nothing as scary as skulls and if you are having an X Ray designed Heels to wear, you are going to make a mark in the party.

This heels in black have white skulls on them, so certainly they make look like a witch pumps.

Get these for your girlfriend and make her get a feel of the witch in the feet.

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10. Feline Mask:

If your girlfriend already has bought her Halloween costume and shoes for the Halloween night party, then certainly gifting her a Feline Mask is a creepy idea.

She will love to get this as a surprise Halloween gift.

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11. Finger Claw Nail set:

This finger claw ring set is just so cool and creepy. This will make a great Halloween gift for her.

These claws look perfect for a catwoman costume.

So if your girlfriend is dressing up like a catwoman this Halloween, get these for her.

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12. Halloween Love Pillow:

Your girlfriend would have never thought that she can be get a Witch Pillow as Halloween Gift.

This one is real creepy with the word LOVE written on it. It has the image of skull with bones, skeleton and a spider web.

Definitely worth gifting this Halloween.

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13. Witch Coffee Mug:

This one is a cute Halloween mug which has the image of a witch sitting along with her pumpkin.

She has a broomstick too. This mug looks rather cute and your girlfriend is going to love it too.

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14. Cosmetic bag:

When it comes to girls, a cosmetic bag is always a welcome gift.

Even if it is Halloween, you can have a bag with bats pattern on it.

This one is on orange background with black bats. This cosmetic bag is quite apt for the halloween.

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15. Halloween Watch:

How about gifting your girlfriend a Halloween watch?

Yes, its true, you can do that too and believe me she can never have an idea that such a watch exists too!

This one looks just perfect Halloween watch and comes in so many choices.

Choose either Rhinestone white enamel or the Golden Wrap Around. This is going to be the style statement for her.

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16. Halloween Nail Art:

One of the best way to surprise your girlfriend is to gift her these Halloween Nail Art Set.

She will be amazed to get these creepy mummy fingernail art set. These will go well with her halloween costume too.

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