20 Sentimental Thoughtful Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriend, GirlfriendSo you are in love and your boyfriend/girlfriend is living far and far away from you?

You love her/him truly and wonder as to how to express your love towards your partners so that he doesn’t feel bad.

Long Distance should never act as a barrier between you and your love especially with this Amazing Long Distance Love Kit

Let me tell you how:

You need to buy some useful, thoughtful and cool gifts for your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend so that she knows that this distance is just a matter of time. Your hearts are very much close to each other.

The gifts you choose should spark romance and speak of your love.

But are the long distance relationship gifts hard to find online?

No…not at all.

Infact, I have done all the hard work for you right here in this post only.

 So what next do you have to do?

Just go through this amazing list of Surprising, Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Boyfriend/Girlfriend who lives far away and pick up the one which you think your partner will love the most.

PLEASE NOTE: Any of these gifts can be given to your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion.


Great Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationship-Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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Couples Vintage Map Art Print

1. Couple Art Print:

This is one of those beautiful gifts for your partner which will evoke so many emotions their heart.

An art print which features two people madly in love.

The beauty lies in the images which have been created using real maps.

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2. Long Distance Couple Coffee Mug:

There is nothing as good as gifting your partner a coffee mug which speaks of your love towards him inspite of the long distance.

This coffee mug set is just apt for the occasion.  Keep one with yourself and send the other to your partner.

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3. Worth the Wait Pillowcases:

These pillowcases make a thoughtful gift for long distance relationship.

Both the pillows have ‘Worth the Wait’ written on it. These are supersoft and comfortable pillows, plus the fabric too is of good quality.

Infact, there is another pillowcase which too makes a great gift.

This is the “I Love You Pillowcase” from Boldloft. It looks adorable and worth having too.

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love journal

You can also grab this amazing “I Love Us” Printable Book for Your Long Distance Boyfriend. This is a complete DIY Printable Book which will help you tell your own unique love story. This is a must have for sure. Grab it Now

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Glass Kind Notes

4. Long Distance Classic Kind Notes:

If you are looking for a sentimental gift for long distance relationship, then I must say these Kind Notes are for you.

These notes are the perfect reason to bring a smile on the face of your partner who might need a little encouragement or a feeling of love.

Each note has a little quote on it which is written in a handwritten font. Let your partner open it and remember you whenever they feel like.

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Me Without You Book


5. Me Without You Book:

This is indeed one of those cute little gift for long distance boyfriend or girlfriend !!

The beauty of the book lies in the cute color illustrations which explain so beautifully how one of you is incomplete without the other.

It has lots and lots of illustrations which make it sweet and adorable.

In fact, it is a funny way to tell your partner how much you miss him.

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6. Couple Pendant Necklace:

Pendant necklace never goes out of fashion, so if everything fails for you, go ahead and get this beautiful high quality necklace in titanium steel.

What is worth looking at in this necklace is the words- the inner silver ring has the word ‘eternal love’ written on it, while the outer bigger ring has ‘the world looks wonderful when I am with you’.

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monthly love letters

This is an Amazing and Surprising Love Letter Kit for Long Distance Boyfriend. Nothing could be better than this. It even includes enveloped and letter prompts to help you send it to your boyfriend who is away from you. There is nothing as Romantic as this “Love Letter Kit for Valentine’s Day” Grab it Now

Romantic, Perfect Gifts for Your Long Distance Boyfriend

Often, one of the most common questions which one is confronted with is: What is the best gift for long distance boyfriend? Which gift to give him speaks of love and affection?

So, here we have compiled the list of some romantic and perfect gifts for your long distance boyfriend.

Check these out and get the one which you think he will love the most. (NOTE: Just read on to find out the best gifts for long distance girlfriend, at the bottom of this post)


7. I miss you card:

I miss you card is indeed one of the most touching and sentimental gifts for long distance boyfriend.

Just show him how much you are missing him by sending him this pretty card.

It features two little hearts which are apart but still joined together.

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8. Long Distance Love Postcard:

This might look like a simple love postcard, but if you look at it closely, you will feel it is one of the most thoughtful gifts for your long distance boyfriend.

It shows a globe and on either side of the globe one stick figure is standing. Both are holding half of the heart in their hands.

The caption reads “half of my heart is half a world away”.

Just grab this for your boyfriend and he will love it so much for sure.

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9. I Heart Phonecalls Tshirt:

When one of the partners is far away, one thing which is the closest to our heart is her phone call.

So, get this t-shirt for your boyfriend who will love this.

I heart phone calls t-shirt explains perfectly how much you are waiting for the calls and hear her beautiful voice.

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10.  Personalized Break Apart Heart Keyring:

This beautiful break apart heart keyring can be your perfect sentimental long distance gift for your boyfriend.

It features a heart which is broken into two halves. So you can keep one with yourself and give the other one to your boyfriend.

This makes a romantic Valentine’s Day gift as well.

You can add both of your names as well as images to it and get it personalized. Definitely worth the money.

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11. Personalized Photo Key Ring:

A personalized photo key ring can make a wonderful gift for your boyfriend who lives far away.

All you need to do is add your image on the key ring or else go with both you and your boyfriends image together and add it on the key ring.

You can even print a love message on the other side of the key ring.

It makes a great gift since he will always keep it by his side.

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Personalized Ticket Album

12. Personalized Ticket Album:

A personalized ticket album makes a great surprise gift for long distance boyfriend.

He will be in for a surprise as you send him a ticket album which contains tickets from all the places you have visited together.

This in fact will be a beautiful reminder of the time you have spent together. You can get it personalised as well.

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13. World Travel Tracker Scratch Map:

Just let him know so many adventurous and romantic places are waiting to be explored when both of them come together in future.

If both of you are a travel freak and would love to explore the world together then this scratch map is just the perfect gift ever.

It is a meaningful gift for your long distance boyfriend who would certainly love this.

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Cute Ideas for when you're apart

Indeed the “Best Ever Long Distance Relationship Kit” You Need. This kit has almost everything you want to make your spouse feel special even if he is far away from you. I bet, this is the ultimate kit for those who are celebrating this Valentine’ Day but can’t be together. Grab It Now

Cute, Best Gifts for Long Distance Girlfriend

If you are looking for some cute and best gifts for long distance girlfriend, then you can always pick from these gifts. I am pretty sure your girlfriend will love these.


14. My Heart is in…Tshirt:

A personalized Tshirt which has ‘My Heart is in…’ written over it makes a wonderful and cute gift for long distance girlfriend.

What makes it good is that you can just customise the tshirt and add your own city or country name to it.

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15. Boyfriend’s Arm Pillow:

If loneliness is making your girlfriend sad and unhappy then get this Boyfriend’s Arm Pillow which will help her get a better sleep.

This arm pillow will never make her feel alone !!

The arm pillow will just make her feel that you are very much near to her and always in her dreams too.

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16. Love Photo Magnet:

One of the most memorable gift for your girlfriend could be a love photo magnet which she can always have stick on her refrigerator.

So whenever she feels lonely or misses you dearly, she can have a look at the photo magnet which reminds her of you.

You can get it customised by adding your image to it.

It already has the word ‘love’ written on it which speaks of your true feelings for her.

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17. Vintage Watch Word Map:

This vintage watch with a world map is the perfect gift for your girlfriend who lives long distance.

Just let him know that every moment of yours you think about him only!!

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18. Personalized Heart Token:

A heart pocket token is indeed one of the most surprising gifts ever for your girlfriend.

You can personalise it with your message and an ending sentiment.

It looks too cute and adorable and infact will be the right Valentine’s Day Gift or any other romantic day gift for your beloved who is miles apart from you.

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19. Personalized Heart Keyring:

This makes one of the sweetest gifts for your girlfriend who is far away from you.

What makes this hear keyring special is that you can add a special message for your sweetheart, so wherever she goes your message always remain close to her.

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20. Selfie Stick:

Make it easy for her to send your latest pics anytime she wants with this great selfie stickc.

This is a great gift especially if you are looking for some inexpensive gifts for your long distance girlfriend.

Get her a selfie stick and just each and every moment of hers captured beautifully just for you.

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