15 Besvst Valentine's Day Gifts for First Time Pregnant Wife

If you are thinking as to what are some of the best valentine’s day gifts for pregnant wife then certainly this post will be helpful to you.

In fact, let me tell you that you are not alone when it comes to getting very very confused or rather puzzled when it comes to picking up some of the good valentine’s day gifts for your pregnant wife.

Pregnancy Reveal Box

Indeed the Most Beautiful Valentine’s Day Gift for Pregnant Wife Could be this Pregnancy Reveal Box. She will be so much surprised to get this one. Check it Now

You need to gift her something unique and useful which can also make her feel special. After all, she is soon going to be a Mommy and its your duty to make keep her happy and thank her in the best way possible.

Don’t ruin your Valentines day just because she is pregnant. No….there are tons of gifts available which can be given to pregnant wife on the Day of Love. And so here we go with our amazing list:

Super Cool, Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife


1. Cupid Maternity Long Sleeve Tshirt:

This is such a cute and lovable tshirt which your pregnant wife will love to wear on the Valentines day.

It shows a cupid who is raining little red hearts all around the bump. Get it Here







2. Mommy’s little cupcake onesies:

This is one of those adorable onesies which every mom to be would love to get for her baby.

The best thing is that it can get personalized as well and so you can even add the baby name.

You can even change the color of the onesies and choose other colors available. Get it Here





7 Days of Spoiling

How about Spoiling Your Wife a bit before she becomes a Mamma with this Adorable “7 Days of Spoiling Kit”. She will be in for a surprise for sure as to how you could plan a gift like this. Check It Out

valentines day gift for pregnant wife3. Hatched the Big Push:

Since it is Valentines Day you will love to see your pregnant wife happy and smiling.

If she has been under stress due to her pregnancy then this is the right book to gift her.

It is one of those creative and artistic book on Maternity which talks of even the toughest topics in a funny manner.

Definitely will make her joyful and ease her stress. Get It Here


4. Sexy Maternity Maxi Dress:

If your wife is pregnant, it doesn’t mean you can’t gift her a Sexy Dress on Valentine’s Day.

This beautiful and sexy Maxi Dress is just perfect for her to show off her beautiful side along with the baby bump.

The V neck looks so flattering and you can choose from a variety of colors like wine, red, white purple, white pink and lots more. Get It Here









5. Spa Gift Card:

Now, we all know how much the body aches and pain during pregnancy.

Sometimes it’s the foot and other times it is the back. So make this special day a treat for her by gifting her a Spa Gift Card.

Let her pamper herself, get the perfect massage and feel like in heaven. Get It Here


6. Gold Filled Heart Bracelet:

Valentines Jewelry is indeed the most favourite of all women.

Even if your wife is pregnant, it doesn’t mean she cant have that perfect jewelry for herself.

Gift her this beautiful heart bracelet which is 14K gold filled. It becomes wrapped in a gift box and is gift ready.

Get it Here

7. Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolates are indeed one of the most accepted gifts even from Mom to Be. She will drool over these.

These dark chocolates are in fact healthy to eat during maternity as they contain antioxidants and are known to reduce blood pressure and regulate blood sugar.

Get It Here

8. Funny Maternity Tshirt:

This cute maternity tshirt goes very well with Valentines Day. It is pink in color and has ice creams made on it.

The tshirt says ‘It’s not for me, It’s for the baby’.

Get it Here









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Loved Greeting Card


9. Valentines Day Card:

“You are so Very Loved” is your ultimate modern valentines day card which is just the right gift for your wife.

At times, she might suffer from depression and stress and this card will surely brighten her spirits every time she sees this.

Get it Here


10. Personalized Throw Blanket:

Now both of you know, this is the last Valentine which you will be celebrating as couples only, so why not have this cute throw blanket for yourself which is basically a ‘Cuddle Blanket”.

Just love her and cuddle her while sitting on the couch.

Add you names on this blanket and get it personalised.

Get It Here





Cool Valentine Day Present for Pregnant Wife

Here are some cool Valentines Day Presents for Pregnant Wife which too will be loved and appreciated by here. Check these out:



11. Prenatal Yoga Course Online:

Now we all know the benefits of prenatal yoga, so why not gift your dear wife an Online Prenatal Yoga Course?

This could be one of those surprising gifts which might have never thought about.

You can imagine her happiness at this!! The best thing is that she doesn’t have to go out rather do it from home at her own convenience.

Get It Here







12. Customised Pregnancy Journal:

A customised journal is all she needs to take a note of her pregnancy.

Your pregnant wife will love this journal since it is easy to customise and she can keep track of her doctor appointment and other activities.

Get It Here







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Pregnancy Journal

13. Mommy to Be Coffee Mug:

This makes a Cool Valentines Day gift for your beautiful wife. She will love the mug which is just apt for her.

On black background, you have the text written in Rainbow Colors which makes it look so pretty.

In fact, if you are interested in buying for yourself too, then there is the other one which says ‘Daddy to Be’. So you can have both of these as well.

Get It Here

14. Black & White Chevron Monogram Tote Bag:

Being pregnant means she will now be shopping for TWO!

So, there is nothing as good as this monogram tote bag which she will love to take with her while on the move.

It is sleek and beautiful and is big enough to hold all her essential things.

Get it Here

15. We Are Expecting Stick Magnet:

This stick magnet which features a hubby and pregnant wife is indeed one of the best things you would like to see daily.

You will certainly love the way the man is holding her wife whose bump is quite clear.

The smiles on their faces makes this magnet just perfect to have.

Get this as a cute valentines day gift for your pregnant wife and stick it on the fridge. Get It Here


5 Senses gift tags, love notes and more

With she becoming a Mom very soon, its essential that you make this Valentine worth memorable and cherishable for her. So how about pampering her with this ‘Five Senses Gift’ and show her your love for her. How much she matters to you and how she is there in each sense of yours. Grab it Now

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