Cool and Useful Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Loves Traveling

You will certainly love these mother’s day gifts for traveling mom if:

Your mom loves to travel a lot

She is on the go most of the time

She loves visiting or exploring new cities

Traveling is her hobby and she really loves it.

If this is true, then perhaps mother’s day is the right time to gift your mom some of the amazing travel gadgets or gifts which will make her travel so easy, relaxing and of course joyful.

Mother’s Day Gifts For Traveling Moms

Check out this vast list of gifts for mom who loves to travel and I am pretty sure you will be able to find out the best one for your Mom too.












1. Passport Holder for Mom Who Loves to Travel

If you are looking for a Personalized Girlish passport holder then go ahead with this Monogram Gold Silver Confetti Passport Holder.

It is easy to customize and you can add your own monogram as well as name on this holder. So definitely everyone knows it belongs to your MOM. It is available at Zazzle.

However, if you are looking for a leather passport holder which is more sturdy by nature, then you can go ahead with the one found at amazon.

This is strong and soft and made from one of the finest leathers and is capable of holding not just your passport but credit cards and currency too. Check Price now.

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gifts for mom who loves to travel

2. Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This is a must have to let your mom combat fatigue and jetlag caused by excessive traveling.

Let her refresh herself on the go.

The best thing about this travel mug is it comes with an autoseal button which prevents leaks. This one is perfect for those who commute frequently.

It will make a great travel gift for Mom this Mother’s Day. Check Price Now


best gift for mom who travels a lot

3. Mini Camera for Instagram Photos:

If your mother is an Instagram Mom you certainly need this Camera for her. She would love to share her travel pics with her friends and family alike.

This camera from Fuji Film is just perfect to carry on travel. It not just takes brighter pictures but maintains clarity too.

 Check Price Now

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4. Lightweight Straw Wallaroo Hats:

These are great sun protection hats to let your mom enjoy in the sunny season without having to worry about the heat.

These are trendy hats and look in tune with fashion too.

So, she can just look glamorous and save herself from the harmful sun’s rays too.

Available in some pretty colors like pink, seafoam, camel color.

The best thing is these can be folded down and flattened as well, so these are quite easy to carry.

 Check Price Now

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5. Hanging Cosmetic Makeup Travel Bag:

For the mom who loves to travel in style and simply can’t do without her makeup, this hanging cosmetic travel bag is the perfect mother’s day gift.

It has ample of space and compartments to keep all things well arranged.

The beautfiul damask pattern in black makes it look so chic and girlish.

It is big and bright and this is what makes it unique and wanted by any travel addict. Check Price Now

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 Best Travel Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day” border=
Travel Notebook Journal














6. Travel Notebook Diary:

Gifting your mother a trael journal or notebook is indeed a wise idea!

This will help her to note down all the important and unique places she has visited, her experiences and her beautiful memories.

She will love to keep this as a keepsake too.

The size is just right, so it won’t take much space in the bag. Available at Amazon

If your mother has a love for vintage, then Vintage Island Stamps Pocket Journal can be the right gift for her. It is available at Zazzle.

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travel gifts for mom

7. Nook with Glowlight E-reader Perfect Travel Gadget for Mom

For moms who love to read on the go, this Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch is just the right gift.

She can never be bored on her long delayed flights as she can always catch up a good book to read.

The good aspect about this e-reader is that it has a very soft light which makes it perfect to read in the dark.

So, she can always read in the plane without having to disturb the fellow passengers.

This is one of those revolutionary concepts which she may have never imagined or experienced before. Check Price Now











8. Trendy Cross body bag for Mom Who Loves Traveling

A slim and sleep cross body bag can be yet another cool mother’s day gift for traveling moms.

This one has bright colors and looks so hip and chic. The adjustable strap makes it easy to carry.

Your mom can keep her essentials in this cross body bag since it has ample storage space too. It is available at amazon.

Yet another good idea could be to gift her an Anti Theft Messenger Crossbody Bag which comes with locking compartments to prevent any theft.

However, if you are thinking of gifting your mom a personalized mother’s day gift, then you can have this yellow and white patterned cross body bag which is easy to personalize as well.

You can always add your mom’s name in the centre and gift it to her. Available at Zazzle

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9. Travel Planner Printables for Moms

Travel involves so much of brain storming and hard work too.

Of course, you have to think about what you the clothes, accessories, first aid and more have to pack- You need to note down the places you are going to visit, the weather there, hotels to book, daily budget, gifts to bring etc.

At times, it becomes too tough to remember each and every minute detail and this issue can easily be solved through Travel Planner Printables.

Travel Planner will make your Mom’s packing so easy and organised that she will certainly thank you many times.

You will get 14 editable pdf files on instant download. Your mom can just fill in the planner with all her essential notes or to do list of things and thus there is no chance of her forgetting anything.

It is Available at Etsy











10. Personalized Luggage Tag:

A beautiful chevron pattern luggage tag is one of the coolest mother’s day gift for Mom who loves traveling.

It looks so chic and trendy with the monogram in the centre and gray chevron.

She will love to have this one and there is no chance she will ever miss her luggage at the airport. It is sturdy and made from acrylic. Check Price Now


11. Pocket Size Travel Bottle for Mom Who Loves Traveling

A pocket size travel bottle can be one of the most useful travel gifts for mom on the go.

She can just keep it in her bag since it is collapsible.

This can be your Mom’s ultimate travel companion so she doesn’t have to worry about hydration or losing energy.

This travel bottle comes in so many amazing colors to choose from like red, grey, orange, moss, opal. Check Price Now

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12. Travel blanket with pockets:

This is going to be yet another great mother’s day gift for mom who loves traveling.

If she is traveling by train or car or waiting at the airport lounge, the best thing your mom wants is to rest and relax.

This travel blanket with pockets is not just soft and comfortable but ultra lightweight too.

The other good feature is that it can also be used as a pillow for your neck and head too. Check Price Now

Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom Who Likes to Travel

Apart from the Top 12 mentioned above, there are lots more gifts which you can give to your mom who likes to travel a lot.

In fact, any of these gifts too would be found useful by her and are cool to have.

These gifts will make her journey so much comfortable, easier and better. In fact, Mother’s Day is the right day to express your love for your Mom. You can also check out the complete “Mother’s Day Printable Packright here to get you started.

Check Out These Cool Traveling Gifts for Mom


Best Mother's Day Gifts for Mom Who Loves Traveling13. Rain coat: An ultra light raincoat can be the right gift for your Mom. 

This will come handy to her especially if she gets stuck in the rain anytime while traveling. It can get folded easily and is transparent. Check it out.

14. Nap anywhere pillow: The J Travel Pillow is one of the best travel pillows and is designed in a way that it fills the gap between the head and shoulders.

So, you can always sleep well even in the sitting position too. Check it out

15. Pashmina Scarf Shawl Travel Wrap: This is one such amazing mother’s day gift for your mom that she can use not just while traveling but even later on as well.

A beautiful Pashmina wrap which can be used as a scarf and shawl too. Available in beautiful colors. Check it Out


Best Gifts for Mom Who Likes to Travel16. Travel Case for Accessories: If your mom is worried with regard to storing her small electronic items like charger, pendrive, memory card, batteries and more, then this Travel Case from Amazon  will be the best ever gift for her.

It has ample storage to let her keep all her accessories at one place and that too safe. Check it Out

17. Travel dress: One of the main priorities which we all have while traveling is to wear something which is light weight, soft and comfortable.

So, why not gift your mom a travel dress which is weightless and a bit loose. Check it Out

18. Sunglasses: Let her keep the sun away and enjoy sightseeing with a great pair of sunglasses.

These are just the perfect gift for her and she will certainly look so gorgeous in these pair of sunglasses. Check it Out

Useful Travel Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

Here are some of the most useful travel gifts for mom which will make a great present for her not just on Mother’s Day but even on her birthday or christmas. These are very much needed when it comes to having a safe and comfortable travel.

Cool Mom Travel Mug19. Travel Soap Sheets: Includes 50 biodegradable sheets which gets dissolved in water. Check Now

20. Travel Towel: It is light weight, dries fast and anti bacterial towel. Can be used as beach towel or bathroom towel. Check Now

21.Comfort Eye Mask: Perfect for tired eyes. This eye mask ensures you get a good night sleep even while traveling.Check Now

22.World travel adapter: So that she doesn’t have to worry about charging her camera or mobile phone. Works in as many as 150 countries. Check Now.

23. Travel yoga mat: So she doesn’t have to miss her daily yoga or workout. It can be easily folded in a bag. Check Now


Looking for the most unique travel gift for mom then go ahead with this DIY Memory Travel Map which will be a beautiful keepsake, a part of cherished memories and something special to her always. Check Out Details Here

travel memories map


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