19 Best Mother's Day Gifts for First Time GrandmaIf you are thinking about picking up the best Mother’s Day gifts for first time grandma, then certainly you would be a bit puzzled and confused.

What should I gift my Mom who has become Grandma for the first time? This is a common question which a lot of moms have to ponder over.

Well if you too are having a hard time in choosing the right gift for First Time Grandma then don’t worry, as I have done the hard work here:

I have picked up some of the best mother’s day gifts which you can gift to the first time grandmas.

It is after all a moment of such happiness and delight and you need to give her something unique and memorable.

In fact, this is one of the best ways to tell her how much you love her and how happy you are as she has been promoted from being a Mom to Grandma.

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Check out some of the best gifts:


Best Mother’s Day Gifts for First Time Grandma

I am pretty sure you will be able to find out some of the best gifts here for the grandmother

Mother’s Day Gifts for First Time Grandma
Promoted to Grandma Tshirt










1. Grandma Tee:

A grandma t shirt is always a loved one. She will love to wear this beautiful tee which mentions her transition from being a mother to Grandma. You can pick up lots more colors for this tshirt like white, blue, black, pink, red. It is made from 100% cotton and thus very comfortable for the grandma to wear.

mothers day gifts for first time grandma














Mothers Day Gifts for First Time Grandma





2. Picture Frame:

A personalized picture frame of the little one is indeed one of the most memorable gift you can give to the grandma. It will be so much close to her heart, as she can always look back at the frame and remember the frame. In fact, it can be a great bond between the two. It has the quote “When a child is born, so is a grandparent”. You can even pick up a ‘wooden birth announcement’ picture frame at Amazon which too looks wonderful.

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3. Baby Prints Photo Frame:

Just like the picture frame, a baby’s hand and foot prints frame is also a nice gift. It can be treasured as a keepsake too!! Those who are promoted to Grandma this Mother’s Day will love to have this. The best thing is that it is easy to use and it can be preserved with ease. It can be wall mounted as well. 


mothers day gifts for first time grandma














Mothers Day Gifts for First Time Grandma

4. Baby Bootie Necklace:

This is one of those cute little gifts which will be much adored. The baby bootie necklace celebrates the birth of the little one and you can even write her name at the bottom of the bootie. You can pick up either the pink or blue necklace. The round sterling silver beads adds more beauty to the it.














5. You Don’t Look Like a Grandmother Book:

Books are always a favorite of the grandmothers or grandpas. So, this funny, witty and warm book all about being a grandmother is going to be a nice Mother’s Day Present for the Grandma.

The book is wonderful read as it celebrates the newly born ‘grandma’ and how she is much different than her daughter. It is funny because it even talks about those grandmas’ who are not yet ready to be called as ‘Grandmother’. She will definitely enjoy reading this book.

mothers day gifts for first time grandma











Mothers Day Gifts for First Time Grandma




6. Baby Acrylic Photo Block:

Generally we are used to gifting photo frames as the Mother’s Day Presents to Mother’s who have recently became the Grandma, but this one is different- it is not a photo frame rather a photo block which makes it so much unique and beautiful.

If you are having the right digital photo of your newborn baby, then it can look too sweet on this Photo Block. It is one of those emotional gifts which the Grandma will love to cherish all her life. In fact, it can be personalized with the name and birth date of the baby as well.

mothers day gifts for first time grandma


Mothers Day Gifts for First Time Grandma




7. Baby Shoes Keychain:

This one is going to be an instant hit! Your mother would love to have this baby shoes keychain which looks so cute. It is embellished with crystals and you can pick up the birthstone color. This keychain is sturdy and of good quality so the Grandma doesn’t have to worry about these getting broken down.














8. Get Promoted to Grandma Throw Pillow:

One of the best things which any grandmother would love to hear is “Only the best moms get promoted to grandma”. So this throw pillow is going to be much appreciated by her which has those beautiful floral swirls as well and this lovely quote too. Make her decorate her living room with this floral throw pillow and let the world know how proud she is feeling now.


mothers day gifts for first time grandma


Mothers Day Gifts for First Time Grandma



9. Baby Information Art Canvas:

This is one of those creative Mother’s day gifts for first time granny! What makes it different is the look and design of this art canvas. It carries all the essential information of the baby boy or girl.

You can pick up either the blue or pink one. It looks so beautiful as you can write almost everything there- the date of birth, weight, name, length. A beautiful quote in between makes this baby art canvas so much worth having.












10. Grandma’s coffee mug:

One of the best ways to remind your Mom that she is now a Grandmother is to give her this amazing coffee mug. So, whenever she sips her coffee she is reminded of her new status. She will love what is written on this coffee mug “I’m a Grandma What’s Your Superpower”. She will feel proud of her Super Status.

Unique Mother Day Gifts For New Grandma


11.Choosing name for Grandmother:

Well, if grandmother is pretty confused as to what the little one will call her then I suggest this book is for her. There are lots of grandma’s or grandpa who want a unique or rather trendy name for themselves. So they can just read this book and pick up a name for themselves. Get it at Amazon


12. Grandmother willow tree:

This is a keepsake which grandma will love to treasure all her life. A willow tree is in fact one of those emotional gifts which is going to have a special place in her heart. A must have for grandma this mother’s day since it is known to even heal, and provide comfort and relief too. Check Price at Amazon

Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts for First Time Grandma

13. FirstTime Grandma Baby Button: A  grandma button is one of the best ways to express yourself. You can get it customised too according to your own needs. Get it now

14. A Grandma Floral Slate: This is a floral slate with a leather strap which you can even hang in the living room. It looks pretty with those beautiful flowers and leaves. Get it now

15. Grandma Charm Bracelet: Your love towards your Mom as she becomes grandma for the first time. This charm bracelet can be personalized and it is simply perfect for her. The brass charm says ‘love, joy, grandma’. Check Price

16. I Love You To The Moon And Back Grandma Necklace: This is just the perfect mother’s day gift for the grandma from toddler. She will adore it so much. It features a moon and a gold tone heart charm. Check Price

17. First Time Grandma Tote Bag: A tote bag for the first time grandma is yet another nice gift for the mother’s day. It is made from natural canvas fabric and features a beautiful butterfly. Get it now

18. Grandparents memory book: A memory book for the grandma is one of the best and most adorable gift which you can gift her. This is indeed a thoughtful gift for her. She would love to write about her own life and journey which she can share with her grandchildren. Get it now

19. Keepsake Collection of Letters: This is indeed an emotional gift for the grandma who would love to write down letters to her grandchildren. She can just add words of wisdom and love which the little one can read once he grows old. You can write about your wishes, hope,special story and lots more. Get it now

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