Mother's Day Gifts for a New MomFinding the best mother’s day gift for a new mom sometimes appears complex.

Should you give a gift which she herself can use or should it be for the coming baby.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for a New Mom

Basically you should try to make her feel happy and try to gift her something which she would love to keep or use during the pregnancy period or else keep for her baby. 

Well, if you are thinking what are those gifts for the new mom which can be given on mother’s day, then don’t worry as I have covered almost every possible gift you can think about.

You can pick up any of these gifts for the new mom. Please note: These gifts can make a great gift even for other occasions too like Christmas or Baby Shower.


1. Gift her a charm bracelet:

A charm bracelet for mother’s day makes the classic gift for her.

After all it’s HER DAY.

So why not gift her something which she will love to treasure for years to come.

This charm bracelet looks beautiful in purple tone. 

It has an elegant and subtle look which makes it a must have



2. Lighten her workload by gifting her a beanie bag:

A beanie bag can help her sit back and relax.

As a new mom you know how hectic her schedule is- looking after the new born baby as well as the house too.

So, a beanie bag can be a great mother’s day gift for new mom. It can be her next best to relax and may be take a few minutes of nap too.

In fact, its big enough to for two people to sit comfortably. It is available in some good colors like red, sand dune, blue and espresso.


3. Personalized Photo necklace can be a great mother’s day gift for new moms:

A photo necklace which features your baby’s first photo is one of those emotional gifts which she will love the most.

In this beautiful necklace you can add the image of the newborn baby as well as add the name too.

A sweet polka dots background gives it an adorable look too.


4. Pamper her by presenting a spa gift basket:

None can deny the hard work which every new mom has to do.

Believe me, the worst thing to be seen is on the skin.

As you don’t get time for your hair care or skin care, it becomes somewhat dull or lifeless.

So, as a surprise to rejuvenate her senses and pamper her, a spa gift basket can make one of the best mother’s day gift for the first time mom.

This Art of Appreciation Lavender Gift Basket has almost everything she can think about- lotion, gel, bath sponge, pouf, candles, soaps- for that perfect spa day.


5. Boppy pillow for Breastfeeding:

Boppy Pillows remains one of the most popular. pillows used by millions of moms for breast feeding.

It helps to give support to the baby while breastfeeding.

Apart from this, it gives relief to the new mom’s arms and back too while she feeds the baby.

In fact, later on you can even use the boppy pillow for various other activities too like helping the little one to sit back or let the baby get good sleep too by adjusting the pillow, it can also be used for propping and tummy time.


6. Scrapbook Album for the New Mom:

Becoming a mother is such a joyful event of one’s life and yes we love to click almost each and every act of our little one.

Personally, I keep waiting for my son to do something funny or unique and I just click a pic.

So, if you are like me who must have having hundreds of your baby images in your mobile phones, the best thing to do is to make a scrapbook album from these photos of the baby.

So, a scrapbook album can be one of the most creative mother’s day presents for the first time moms.

In fact, she can put her creativity to the best and add all the images of the new born baby in different styles and looks. You can add the images as well as write the text too with each of the image.

7. Personalized iPhone Case with Baby Photo Collage:

She has lots of pictures of her child in her phone but it is always the best if she has an image on the phone too.

A personalized iPhone case can be the best geeky gift for her on mother’s day.

This one has a collage of images on the cover. You can add as many as 18 images on this.

So, just capture each and every moment of the little one, get it compiled as a collage on iPhone Case on Zazzle and treasure it for ever.

If however, you prefer to add just one big image instead of many then you can get the other one.

8. Family Photo Throw pillow:

This is yet another sentimental gifts to gift to the new mom on mother’s day.

With your family now being complete, you can always gift her a ‘family photo throw pillow’ where she can add the images of not just her baby, but also the entire family.

I picked up this beautiful throw pillows, since in the middle of this you can even add your family’s name too.

Here, you can add as many 6 family photos. However, if you wish to add more images to the pillow and want to keep it as a keepsake, then I suggest you should get this ‘burlap monogram throw pillow’ where you can add 12 images.

Note: Both of these pillows are easy to personalized with your images and names and available at Zazzle.

9. Digital picture frame for sharing those special moments:

This is one of those good mother’s day gift for the first time moms, that she will thank you a hundred times.

A digital picture frame lets you capture the photo, caption it and send it to your loved ones via email or Android App or iPhone.

So, the moment your little one does something adorable, click the image and send it to her grandparents or your friends within no time.

All you need is a wifi connection to put your pictures on it from your PC, camera or mobile phone. The picture quality too is great.


10. Fitness Tracker Wristband for New Moms-

This is important for any new mom who wants to stay fit and come back in shape again after delivery.

It will measure her daily steps, distance covered and calories burned.

It includes an alarm clock as well as a sedentary reminder which keeps reminding you to take exercises.

It is quite simple to use and being a wristband you don’t have anything extra to keep. Just wear it and you are ready.

This wrist band will be quite beneficial for the new moms and go a long way in helping them come back to their figure post delivery.

Great Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

Continuing with the list, here are some of the Great Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms. These too are useful and unique gifts for her which will be very much loved.

11. Letter’s to my baby keepsake book- This could be yet another emotional gift for the new moms. She can write letters to her newborn baby, and just seal them and post them for future dates, which the baby can read when he grows old. This is basically going to create a great bond of love and affection between the mom and the child. A beautiful mother’s day gift for sure.

12.  Designer Diaper Bag for Trendy Moms: Designer diaper bags for trendy moms: Becoming a mother doesn’t mean she has to carry those big and bulky diaper bags which earlier used to be popular.

Let her stay stylish by gifting her a designer diaper bag, something which makes her look fashionable and trendy too. This one looks great

13. Baby footprint ornament: There is nothing as beautiful as treasuring and preserving the footprints of your newborn.

Just make this ornament in a quick span of time and an unforgettable gift is ready. It dries very quickly and gives a good result with footprints of your little one.

14. I Am a Mom Coffee Mug: I am a Mom What’s Your Super Power makes a good mother’s day gift for new moms.

This is surely going to charge her up all the more as she sips her coffee in the morning. If she is a coffee lover, she will definitely love it.

15. Eye mask for Sleeping: Help the new mama catch some good sleep by gifting her this super soft Eye Mask. Well, I can tell you that once you become a mom, sleep is a thing of the past atleast for the next one year or so.

As a mom, I know how important it is to get that good night sleep. This eye mask is lightweight and comfortable and helps in you relaxing and getting good sleep.

16. Skin Perfecting Serum– Post pregnancy many moms complain about dullness of the skin owing to hectic schedule. They hardly get time for themselves.

So, a skin perfecting serum can do the work for them by giving them a refreshing skin and helping them get rid of dullness. The Olay Regenerist Perfecting Serum helps to even out the skin tone and gives a glowing skin.

17. Mom’s Journal For Daily Tidbits: A mom’s journal where she can express herself daily can be the best mother’s day gift for a new mom.

What she thinks about her new found status, how is she enjoying her motherhood- the changes in her life, what the little one means to her. In fact, it can be anything. You can write for as many as five years almost all the thoughts which comes to your mind while raising up your baby.

18. Relaxing Candles for the First Time Moms: Relaxing candles have been quite popular owing to the positive effect they have on the body and mind.

They add that calming effect on the nerves which soothes you. Its best to get a natural and organic candle made from soy.

19. Inflatable Lounge Chair: An inflatable lounge chair can be a surprising gift for the mother’s day.

She can sit comfortably in this chair; play with the baby or just watch him when the little one is playing or just moving here and there. It is of good quality and saves space too.

20. Essential Oils Gifts Set: Essential Aromatherapy Oils are known to have immense therapeutic properties and are said to be good for your overall health.

So for the first time moms, this makes a right gift who some of the times even suffer from postpartum depression too. So these oils can provide a healing touch to their bodies. A lot of new moms complain of back pain after giving birth, so in that case too, this can be the right gift.

21. Infuser Water Bottle To Keep Her Hydrated: Moms need to remain hydrated too- sometimes they are running behind the baby, at times they are taking him to the park or just for the stroller walk.

So she should never feel water deficient. This infuser water bottle will be her best friend as she moves out of the home with the baby.

Just add your favorite veggies to it, add some water and your favorite infusion water is ready. It can be used to make tea or mixed drinks as well.



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