Christmas gifts for mom 50 years old can be a tough choice for some of you. You might be thinking what she will love and what will suit her age too.  After all she is your mother and you will leave no stone unturned to gift her best Christmas gift this season.

5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old

Most of the times, it is a widely held perception that since the mother is a bit old so she won’t be need anything fanciful or unique. Just because she is around 50 doesn’t mean she can’t have a holiday gift!!

The holidays are one of the most fanciful times of the year and here are my top recommendations for the Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 years old or in fact older that too.

Note: Some of the gifts mentioned in the post are worth having as Christmas Gifts for your Moms who are 60 years or 80 years old too!!

5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old

Pedometer as a Christmas Gift for Your Mom 50 Years or 60 Years

One of the best and useful gift which you can gift your mom this Christmas is a Pedometer. As a daughter myself, I know how these moms are lazy about their own selves- they care more for us and our health and in turn just ignore their health.

So, without even asking her you should gift her a Pocket Pedometer. One of the best is Omron HJ-720ITFFP Pocket Pedometer with Advanced Omron Health Management Software. It is easy to carry it in a pocket or a purse so the next time she goes for a walk how much steps she has really covered.

  • Gives you information regarding:
  •  Steps covered
  • The calories burned
  • Distance covered

The coolest feature of this device is that it gives you the complete information for the past seven days and you can even download the history on your PC.

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5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old

Cardigan can be One of the Best Christmas Gifts for Your 50 Years Old Mom

Cardigans are one of the fabulous accessories which look wonderful on anything she prefers to wear. So you just hang on with this one as the Christmas Gift for Your Mom.  The beauty of a cardigan is that it never goes out of style or fashion so she can wear it even later on as well.

There’s a Forever Women’s Aztec Diamond Print Knitted Waterfall Cardigan at Amazon which really looks adorable. The Aztec pattern adds beauty to this cardigan which has a tribal look to it. Its available in various other prints too like Aztec Navy, Aztec Stone, Zigzag pattern.

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5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old

Smartphone Wristlet Wallet is a Cool Christmas Gift for Your Mom

This is going to be yet another coolest Christmas gift for your mom who is 60 years old or more. Vera Bradley Your Turn Smartphone Wristlet Wallet is of immense value since this wristlet wallet is capable of holding your smartphone, credit cards, cash and other essential belongings with ease.

So, it is an easy to carry wristlet which your mother would love to carry. It comes with a lock closure and there are around 4 compartments so she doesn’t have to bother with the things getting mixed or missed at all.

What I love about this wristlet is the design and style. It is not at all a dull looking wristlet, rather the patterns and designs are so full of energy and life. There are floral patterns, paisley, motifs, stripes pattern and a lot more to choose from. Really a must have.

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5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old


AeroGarden is an Amazing Holiday Gift for Your Mom 

Aerogarden is certainly one of the most exciting and surprising Christmas gifts for your mom. She may have never seen this before nor would she have expected it from you.

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Extra LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit can be the right choice for your mom if she loves gardening. It is an indoor soil free garden with which you can grow fresh fruits, vegetables as well as herbs too.

Being soil free, she can always feel happy that she is growing green salads or cherries indoors without having to worry about the floor getting dirty. You can even grow flowers if you want.

So now she can have all the fresh fruits and vegetables right at her home and that too so quickly and easily. This aerogarden is powered by LED Lightning which provides lights to the plants.

Let her enjoy her free time growing fresh herbs and fruits with this amazing Aerogarden which definitely is going to be a wonderful holiday gift for your mom.

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5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old

Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp is the Most Useful Christmas Gift for Your Mom

Let your mother relax in purified air and get that perfect soothing ambience in her own room with this Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp which comes with a Neem Wood Base. It is made from the natural salt crystals found in the Mighty Himalayas.

When lit, this salt lamp is known to give a warm and soft amber glow to the room. This is a must have if your mother has any kind of dust or pollen grain allergies as this Himalayan salt lamp helps to clear the air of pollen grains, smoke or any other air pollutants.  If your mother suffers from asthma then it is a highly recommended gift too.

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These are the 5 top rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 years old, though of course one can include a lot more into the wishlist.

The basic essence behind any of these gifts remain the same- to see your mother smile and feel happy that you have thought about her- her needs and desires.

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