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October 2015 – Girls Gift Blog

Month: October 2015

7 Must Have Christmas Gifts for Busy Moms and Working Women

7 Must Have Christmas Gifts for Busy Moms and Working WomenChristmas gifts for busy moms and working women can sometimes be tough to pick up. After all, she is your super mom who is taking care of the family and managing her office work both with great zest and determination.

With holiday season fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking what you would like to gift for your busy mom this Christmas. As you already now, today’s moms have a hectic schedule and a tough life handling so many responsibilities. So the best thing would be to gift her something:

  • Which makes her life easy
  • Which saves her time
  • Which eases her work

Here are my top recommendations when it comes to picking up the right christmas gift for mom who works:

Unique Christmas Gifts for Busy Moms and Working Women
Kindle E Reader is one of the Best Gifts You Can Gift Your Busy Working Mom

Kindle, 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display

One of the must have Christmas gift for your busy at home mom or working mom could be the “Kindle Touchsreen Display Reader”. This ensures that she can always read her favorite books on the go even if she doesn’t have time for that.  Just sitting in the car or on the porch, she can read whatever she likes.

  • Comes with a built in wifi
  • Very light weight
  • Can read even in bright sunlight with ease
  • Makes reading interesting and comfortable.
  • The ability to add margin notes is yet another feature which makes it wonderful all the more.

This can be your mom’s next best friend even if she is waiting for the kids to pick up at the bus stop or if the kids are playing in the park.

Check out all details at Amazon

Must Have Christmas Gifts for Busy Moms and Working Women
You Cannot Ignore the Importance of Portable Vehicle GPS for Your Mom

Portable Navigation for Cars with Lifetime Maps and Traffic

One thing which every mom including the kids dread is getting lost on the way. This is but natural if you are going on a not so known route or if she is alone heading for a client meet and she doesn’t exactly know the address.

A portable navigation for cars can make her life so easy and so tension free. I think this is one gift which you really need to gift your mom this Christmas, since it makes the entire family stay happy. You won’t be anxious with the questions like-

What if mom forgets the way?

What if mom reaches the wrong destination?

Garmin nüvi 2597LMT 5-Inch Bluetooth Portable Vehicle GPS with Lifetime Maps and Traffic is easy to use and comes with touch screen interface.

The garmin real voice guides you by recognizing the landmarks. You are even told about various shops, restaurants,  hospitals which might come on the route.

With this amazing Bluetooth portable gps system your mom will certainly take the most appropriate route now.

Check out complete list of features at Amazon

Popular Christmas Gifts for Busy Moms and Working Women
A Bracelet with USB is a wonderful gift for your mom this holiday season

Bracelet with USB and Charging Data Cable

A wonderful addition to the list of accessories which mom on the go would love to get as a gift for the holidays.

OKRAY Flat Bracelet Micro USB 2.0 Sync and Charging Data Cable  is amazing since it will help the busy mom to save some extra time and make life a bit easier too. You will love the multiple colors it offers and they will exceedingly well.

  • Good from quality point of wise
  • Quite inexpensive
  • Can be used for charging phones and tablets, kindle devices
  • With this, your mom will never be anxious regarding her dwindling phone battery!!

Check out details at Amazon

Useful Christmas Gifts for Busy Moms and Working Women
Wall Mounted File Organizer is a must have for Busy Moms Working at Home and Office alike

Hanging Wall Mounted File Organizer

There is nothing as confusing and perplexing as searching for the lost files, especially if you have an urgent meeting with the client.

In fact this wonderful hanging wall mounted file organizer can be the right Christmas gifts for your working mom. It helps to keep the desk space tidy as all the files can be well arranged on the side wall.

  • Comes with 6 cascading pockets
  • Easy to take out or keep the files inside.
  • Each of the compartments have removable folders.
  • These come with labels and color coding to help you get organized all the more.
  • Very apt for home offices where there is lack of space.

This file organizer can be the perfect Christmas gift for teachers too. The busy moms can keep all the bills, checks and other daily to do list in these and remain organized.

Available at Amazon to Buy

Awesome Christmas Gift for Busy Moms and Working Women
A travel kit cosmetic bag can be the much needed Christmas Gift for Your Mom

Travel Kit Organizer Cosmetic Bag

One of the major issues faced by working women is that they might need to travel often. So, they need a travel kit organizer which can help them keep all their toiletries as well as cosmetics in order and at one place.

This beautiful and trendy looking travel kit organizer from Magictodoor is apt Christmas Gift for Working Women.

  • Comes with 2 side zippered compartments and lots of pockets.
  • Can fit in the bathroom easily
  • Has enough space inside to keep all the accessories with ease.
  • The side pockets are perfect for keeping all your makeup brushes in order
  • Helps to make travel less chaotic and tension free.

She can take this travel kit almost anywhere with ease be it the gym or pool or any event too.

A must have gift for the moms who loves to travel.

Get it now at Amazon

Time Saving Christmas Gift for Busy Moms and Working Women
An Electronic Kettle Can Be Such a Time Save for your busy working mom

Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle for the Busy Moms

So she loves tea but she doesn’t have time. Let your mom turn into a superwoman with this wonderful electric kettle which makes making and drinking tea so much fun and easy for her.

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

  • Comes with a stay cool ‘non slip’ handle.
  • The stainless steel inside ensures that the water is pure and right which often is not the case with those having plastic inside.
  • It helps to keep the water warm for around 30 minutes.
  • The authoritative beep is yet another wonderful feature which can be heard when the water heats up.
  • It is adequate for making any kind of tea and coffee.

Get all the Details At Amazon

Christmas Gift for Busy Moms and Working Women
Multi Functional Cooking Pot is a Great Christmas Gift for Busy Moms

Instant Cooking Pot Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

When I looked at this multi functional instant pot, I knew it- I have to include it in the list of Christmas gifts for busy moms. You know why?

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker, 6Qt/1000W, Stainless Steel Cooking Pot and Exterior has some functions which you may have never ever seen before in any other instant pot. It is 7 in 1 multi functional cooker:

  • Pressure cooker
  • Slow cooker
  • Rice cooker
  • Yoghurt maker
  • Steamer
  • Warmer
  • Sauté/browning

With so many functionalities available, a busy mom would have never asked for anything more.

You can imagine how much time saver it can be for a working mom who has to maintain a balance with her household work including cooking and office work.

It comes with a control panel which makes it easy to use.

If your mom wishes to make healthy recipes in a quick span of time, this one is the right gift for your mom

Check all the features at amazon

These are some of the great and good christmas gifts for busy moms and working women. In fact, these are a must have for your mom as these can make her life so easy and relaxing too. The spare time can be spent gardening or walking outdoors which in turn is good for her health. (Click to Tweet the Gifts List)

9 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Mom Who Likes to Cook

Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for mom who likes to cook can at times be tricky and not that easy as it seems.

If you are just like me who has hundreds of thoughts running in her mind whenever I plan to pick up a gift, then I hope in this post you will be able to find some unique Christmas gifts for mom who loves cooking.

If your mom is passionate about cooking, then definitely let her culinary skills never go waste and gift her something which she can relate to and feel proud of.

As a daughter or son you might be aware of what she needs the most in her kitchen. So this is one easy tip which can come handy to you- just observe her in the kitchen and find out what is missing in the kitchen store.

Best Christmas Gifts for Moms Who Like to Cook

Make sure her Christmas gift is something-

  • Which makes her happy
  • Makes her cooking easy
  • Saves time and effort
  • It’s something which is missing in her kitchen
  • She has been thinking of buying herself for a long time but hasn’t done so.


Christmas Gifts for Mom Who Likes to Cook
A Wonderful Cake Stand with Dome for the Mom Who Loves Cooking

Domed Cake Stand

A gorgeous domed cake stand can be the perfect gift for your mom this Christmas especially if she loves to make cakes, pastries, cookies. It looks so beautiful that it makes a wonderful centerpiece too.

The elevated dome add more of elegance to this stand. It has an antique silver finish and the crystal accents which are hanging around just make it look so amazing.

Imagine how much proud your mom will feel as she serves the guests on this domed cake stand. Certainly a perfect Christmas gift for those who love to bake!

You can gift it to your mom on Christmas or even on her wedding anniversary or mother’s day too.


chevron pattern family reciper binder as christmas gift
A Beautiful Recipe Binder as Christmas Gift for Your Mom

Holiday Tip: You can even include a beautiful chevron pattern Cooking Binder in the gift set i.e With the Domed Cake Stand. It looks beautiful and colorful and the best thing is that it can hold all your mom’s favorite cakes and pastries recipes all at one place. It can be personalized too, so you can add your mom’s name here in this binder. Check details at Zazzle.



Christmas Gift for Your Mom Who Loves Cooking
A wonderful tote bag as Christmas Gift for Your Mom Who Loves Cooking

Cooking Tote Bag for Mom With Cook Books

This is yet another wonderful Christmas Gift Idea for Mom who loves cooking. A cooking tote bag looks trendy and fashionable. Your mom can even take it outdoors and to the parties too.

If she loves to bake food then its all the more lovely !! In order to add more weightage to this gift, since cooking bag alone would not look a complete gift, how about adding some Cooking Books in the Bag?

Wonderful isn’t?  I must say this idea is superb!! When I think about it myself I feel a big Wow…YES I WANT THIS.

I have picked up this “Tote bag with table cloth pattern and cartoon art” from Zazzle which offers you a wide variety of tote bags and each can be personalized.

This specific tote bag features a table cloth pattern along with a lady chef who is wearing a chef hat and holding fork and knife in her hands. Get it at Zazzle

This gift is exclusive for those moms who love to read about different recipes as well as loves to cook them too. You can simply put these two amazing and best selling cookbooks in this tote bag.

The first one beyond doubt is “The Joy of Cooking” which is undoubtedly a must have for everyone who loves to cook and learn the various art and techniques of cooking.

It has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars at Amazon and so you know this book is most recommended by everyone. Get at Amazon

The other book is “How to Cook Everything which is perfect gift for both the beginners and expert cooks alike. It makes cooking fun and easy and will come handy to you.

Certainly, this book will become your mom’s best friend in the kitchen. You will be surprised to know that this one has as many as 2,000 recipes to make!! Get at Amazon

Holiday Tip: The best way is to gift these cook books to your mom by placing these in the tote bags. You can even include a ‘gift note‘ inside the tote bag. Just add in the note how much she means to you and how you always want to see her happy.

Wonderful Christmas Gift for Mom Who Loves to Cook
Wonderful Christmas Gift for Mom Who Loves to Cook

Canister Set for the Everyday Food

 If you think your mom needs another pair of canister set then surely Christmas is the right time to gift her one new one!! Acrylic Canister Set with Spoons and Locking System make life so easy for the mommy chef.

Being transparent in color so she can always see what is there in each of the canisters. The other benefit is that each of these come with a spoon too and thus she does not have to run here and there to search for the spoon.

With the effective locking system provided, you always know that these air tight and hence food can be preserved for a long period of time.

If your mom has been using those old canister sets for long, now is the time to say good bye to them, let her get these easy to use canister sets which keeps food fresh and healthy too.

You can use these for storing anything you wish to- be it pasta, cookies, snacks, flour, lentils, dog food or spices. These come in a set of 4 pieces and sizes include; 22oz, 26 oz., 51 oz. and 65 oz.

Holiday Tip: You can also add kitchen dishtowels to complete the set or else include the Chalkboard Labels Stickers which will help your mom to add the labels on each of these jars.

meatball maker christmas gift for moms who like to cook
Meatball Maker is an Amazing Christmas Gift for All Food Lovers

Chicago Metallic MeatBall Maker with Meatball Cookbook

The meatball maker is the right Christmas Gift for Moms who love to cook Meatballs. It is really a worth admiring gift and your mother will definitely love it.

The plus point about this meatball maker is that it can be used not just for meatballs rather for various other foods too like stuffed mushrooms, spaghetti, ribs, chicken, lasagna and many more recipes.

It is perfect for anyone who is cautious about eating excessive oil. In this meatball maker, the extra oil just goes down in the baker.

So all you get is fresh, nutritious and healthy baked food. Since it is non stick, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it too. It takes very little time to clean it.

Perfect for Big Christmas Parties!!


Holiday Tip: Along with the meatball maker, it is almost perfect to gift your mom this Christmas the amazing “Meatball Cookbook Bible” which has more than 500 recipes ranging from Italian meatballs, Swedish Meatballs to Gourmet Meatballs and more. The Complete Meatball Cookbook too has some excellent classic meatball recipes


Best Christmas Gift for Chef Moms
Best Christmas Gift for Your Chef Mom

Spice Rack and Door Bag Holder

A spice rack is another popular Christmas gifts for chefs and moms who loves cooking. It is certainly one of the best things a mom can think about having in her kitchen.

It helps keep all  her spices well organized and in place. So, she doesn’t have to run here and there to search for these.

YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack 30-Bottle Spice Organizer falls in this line only. It is one of the most wonderful spice organizer and has a capacity to hold 30 spice bottles. Wow..amazing isn’t?

I am very much confident that this spice rack will win over your mom’s heart and she would be tempted to ask you- from where have you thought and bought this amazing gift!!

With regard to this spice rack organizer, let me tell you that you have the option to choose it in 4 sizes-

  • 12 bottles
  • 18 bottles
  • 24 bottles
  • 30 bottles

The key feature of this spice rack includes:

  • Flip Down Drawers helps to take out your favorite spice with ease.
  • Saves valuable space on the kitchen counter.
  • Makes kitchen look clean and well organizer
  • It does not require any kind of installation or assembly- so just buy it and use it!!
  • It comes with removable Labels which makes it even more easy to find out what spices are included in which compartment.
  • The rack is quite heavy and sturdy and so don’t fear that it will break down.
  • Note: You cannot keep square containers in this rack.
  • Perfect for a Small Kitchen Too as it makes kitchen clutter free.

This is Definitely a worth having gift for your mom for Christmas.

Amazing Kitchen Gifts for Christmas
Amazing Kitchen Gifts for Christmas


Holiday Tip: You can even include with this spice rack, a wonderful Over the Cabinet Door Bag Holder which helps to keep all the grocery plastic bags in order. It is able to hold as many as 60 plastic bags and comes with a durable silver coated metal frame.

Beyond doubt, these are the 5 awesome christmas gifts for mom who loves to cook. If you have any more ideas or gifts to share, please do leave them in the comment box below. I would love to know more of these.

7 Best Christmas Gifts for Mom From College Student Under $30

Christmas gifts for mom from college student under $30 can sometimes appears quite tough to think about. With gifts ranging from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars, as a college student you might feel a bit stressed out as to what Special Gift You Should Give to Your Mom this Christmas!!

Of course, college students or teenagers are always tight on budget, but this should not let you worry about or rather you should get the wrong idea of Breaking Your Bank !!

No, its just not needed.

Thankfully there are lots and believe me lots of Christmas gifts which are cheap or rather inexpensive and come under 30 dollars or even lower than that. Hey did you know that you can even get Christmas Gifts for Your Mom Under $10 too!!

christmas gifts for mom from college student under 30 dollars

So here is my favorite Top 7 List of Christmas Gifts Which you would love to gift to your beloved mom- who is your love, your inspiration, your solace. In short YOUR EVERYTHING.

I am pretty sure , she would be so much surprised to see these when you gift it to her, just see the smile on her face and the joy in her heart, she might have no words to thank you rather PURE WISHES for you and your bright future.

christmas gifts for mom from teenage daughter

Mom Picture Frame in Bronze with One Opening

If you wish to share a memory with your mom you will love this beautiful picture frame in bronze. This is for those special moments which will brighten her day and remind her of the treasured  memories. “I heart you” is written at the base of the picture frame.

What I like about this frame is that it is not your regular kind of picture frames which you keep seeing, it’s really different since the word ‘O’ in Mom has the frame where you can add the picture of your mom and yours together.

Here are some details you might want to know:

  • The bronze is of superior quality and hence it won’t rust even after years.
  • The picture frame measures 3.5”W X4.5” H.
  • You can even choose other names too like dad, papa, nana.

Make sure you use a picture where you two are in the centre since it is oval shaped so the picture might need a bit of cropping too.

Handy Tip: You should be ready with one more picture in hand when you are adding it to the frame, in case one doesn’t fit properly so you can always add the second one!!

What makes this picture frame elegant is that it has a matte finish instead of shiny finish. In fact it can be the perfect Christmas gift for your 50 year old mom too!

Available Now at  Amazon

best gifts for mom this christmas

Wristlet Wallet Purse with Vegan Leather

This one is a wallet to watch out for, it speaks of style, elegance and utility. Certainly not to be missed this holiday season.

This one is going to be the perfect travel wallet– it can hold all the basic accessories like the credit cards, keys, tissues and smart phone with ease.

I have added the image above of ‘coral color wristlet wallet’ since it is one of my favorite colors, however there are many more colors to choose from like red, navy blue, tan, black, gold, turquoise blue and more. So you can always find the wristlet color which is close to your mother’s heart.

Grab this now at Amazon

 christmas gifts for mom from teenage daughter

Willow Tree Close To Me -Christmas Gift for Mom from Teenage Daughter

This adorable and close to heart figurine itself says it all. When I first saw this figurine, I knew- I had to include it in my list of Christmas gifts for mom.

Willow Tree figurine sculptures are created by artist Susan Lordi. These are meant to express the feelings and emotions of events happening around us. It could be the symbol of love, care, sympathy or gratitude.

The beauty of these figurines lies in the fact that none of these figurines have facial features but still they are able to express themselves. The best example is this ‘Willow Tree Close to Me’ figurine.

The expressions and sentiments associated with this figurine are so strong- representing the love between a mother and her daughter, I am sure it is going to make your mother cry in happiness.

No matter where ever you live, but this figurine will always remind your mother of the true and strong bond of love that you share with your mother.

Must Have this Figurine at Amazon

christmas gifts for mom who doesn't want anything

Sterling Silver “A Mother Holds Her Child’s Hand” Heart Pendant Necklace, 18″:

Jewelry is said to be a woman’s best friend. If your mother too is passionate about jewelry then I suggest you can gift her this beautiful and touching heart pendant which has the words stamped ‘A mother holds her child’s hand for a short while and their hearts forever’.

This elegant heart pendant certainly celebrates the special bond of love which is shared between a mother and her child.

It is available in :

  • Sterling silver
  • Rose Gold
  • Yellow Gold

You can choose any and each of these are within 30 dollars only. This is going to be yet another emotional Christmas gift for mom from a teenage student.

In fact, it is not just a Christmas gift for your mom, rather you can even gift it on Mother’s Day or Baby Shower too!!

Available to Buy At Amazon

last minute gifts for mom christmas

Personalised Best Mom Ever Mug for Your Mom

Personalised gifts are always appreciated by everyone. The good thing is that you can add the name or even images of your loved ones on these and thus make it look truly unique and personal.

So, if you are running short of ideas with regard to the Affordable Christmas gifts for mom  then I suggest go ahead with this ‘Best Mom Ever’ Travel Mug or Ringer Mug.

This is available at Zazzle which is a print on demand website and so you are given the option of ‘customisation’.

Thus, in this mug you can change the images with your own. What you need to know is that two images are small in size and one image probably of your family is going to be the large one on this mug.

So all you need to do is to upload your own images and replace the ones given here. Also, you can get the same image and text ‘Best Mom Ever’ written on different mug styles like:

  • Travel Mug
  • Stein Mug
  • Ringer Mug
  • Classic Mug
  • Frosted Glass Mug
  • Morphing Mug
  • Two Tone Mug

Definitely a wonderful and useful christmas gift for mom who wants nothing and then best thing is it is reasonably priced as well.

Check this out at Zazzle Now

memorable christmas gifts for momChristmas Ornaments for Mom as Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Of course, how can ornaments be missed from the list of gifts for moms!! Christmas Ornaments always make a great gift and so I thought my list would be incomplete without these.

Usually, one is used to find ornaments with the words written ‘Home is Where Your Mom Is’. However, as I looked further I saw these beautiful words written on one of the ornaments- ‘Mom Heart of the Home’. The very first moment, I felt how true!!

Yes, it’s very much true, mom is the heart of the home. So, this Christmas ornament for mom is so special since it thanks Mom for being always there for your help, support and motivation.

If you loved these words , but wish to gift something different instead of the ornament, then you would be happy to know that the same design is available on 5 more products too. You can check all of these here at Zazzle.



christmas gifts for mom on a budgetEarthGlo Scented Soy Jar Candles Perfect For Fall And Christmas in Set of Two

If you are looking for unique Christmas gifts for mom under $20, then I must tell you would love this amazing set of scented candles which are just perfect for the Christmas season.

Let the holiday season brighten up your mom’s mood and bring home a feeling of festivity with these two scents. The Two Candles are:

  • Fall Spice
  • Cranberry Harvest

Both of these being 100% natural and include extracts of pumpkin fruit, clove bud, nutmeg seed and more. You can read the entire list of ingredients here at amazon.

These will bring for longer hours than other paraffin wax candles and they come in easy to wash jars too. The customers have given rave reviews about this scented candles gift set too claiming that they are the right holiday gift !!

Available to Buy on Amazon

So these are the 7 Best Christmas Gifts for Mom from College Student under $30. Of course the list is endless but i thought to pick up the best ones only. As a student these gifts would be very much affordable and priceless too!!


5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old

Christmas gifts for mom 50 years old can be a tough choice for some of you. You might be thinking what she will love and what will suit her age too.  After all she is your mother and you will leave no stone unturned to gift her best Christmas gift this season.

5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old

Most of the times, it is a widely held perception that since the mother is a bit old so she won’t be need anything fanciful or unique. Just because she is around 50 doesn’t mean she can’t have a holiday gift!!

The holidays are one of the most fanciful times of the year and here are my top recommendations for the Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 years old or in fact older that too.

Note: Some of the gifts mentioned in the post are worth having as Christmas Gifts for your Moms who are 60 years or 80 years old too!!

5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old

Pedometer as a Christmas Gift for Your Mom 50 Years or 60 Years

One of the best and useful gift which you can gift your mom this Christmas is a Pedometer. As a daughter myself, I know how these moms are lazy about their own selves- they care more for us and our health and in turn just ignore their health.

So, without even asking her you should gift her a Pocket Pedometer. One of the best is Omron HJ-720ITFFP Pocket Pedometer with Advanced Omron Health Management Software. It is easy to carry it in a pocket or a purse so the next time she goes for a walk how much steps she has really covered.

  • Gives you information regarding:
  •  Steps covered
  • The calories burned
  • Distance covered

The coolest feature of this device is that it gives you the complete information for the past seven days and you can even download the history on your PC.

Get all the Details of this Pedometer at Amazon.

5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old

Cardigan can be One of the Best Christmas Gifts for Your 50 Years Old Mom

Cardigans are one of the fabulous accessories which look wonderful on anything she prefers to wear. So you just hang on with this one as the Christmas Gift for Your Mom.  The beauty of a cardigan is that it never goes out of style or fashion so she can wear it even later on as well.

There’s a Forever Women’s Aztec Diamond Print Knitted Waterfall Cardigan at Amazon which really looks adorable. The Aztec pattern adds beauty to this cardigan which has a tribal look to it. Its available in various other prints too like Aztec Navy, Aztec Stone, Zigzag pattern.

Get Now at Amazon

5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old

Smartphone Wristlet Wallet is a Cool Christmas Gift for Your Mom

This is going to be yet another coolest Christmas gift for your mom who is 60 years old or more. Vera Bradley Your Turn Smartphone Wristlet Wallet is of immense value since this wristlet wallet is capable of holding your smartphone, credit cards, cash and other essential belongings with ease.

So, it is an easy to carry wristlet which your mother would love to carry. It comes with a lock closure and there are around 4 compartments so she doesn’t have to bother with the things getting mixed or missed at all.

What I love about this wristlet is the design and style. It is not at all a dull looking wristlet, rather the patterns and designs are so full of energy and life. There are floral patterns, paisley, motifs, stripes pattern and a lot more to choose from. Really a must have.

Order it Now at Amazon

5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old


AeroGarden is an Amazing Holiday Gift for Your Mom 

Aerogarden is certainly one of the most exciting and surprising Christmas gifts for your mom. She may have never seen this before nor would she have expected it from you.

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Extra LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit can be the right choice for your mom if she loves gardening. It is an indoor soil free garden with which you can grow fresh fruits, vegetables as well as herbs too.

Being soil free, she can always feel happy that she is growing green salads or cherries indoors without having to worry about the floor getting dirty. You can even grow flowers if you want.

So now she can have all the fresh fruits and vegetables right at her home and that too so quickly and easily. This aerogarden is powered by LED Lightning which provides lights to the plants.

Let her enjoy her free time growing fresh herbs and fruits with this amazing Aerogarden which definitely is going to be a wonderful holiday gift for your mom.

Get More Details at Amazon

5 Top Rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 Years Old

Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp is the Most Useful Christmas Gift for Your Mom

Let your mother relax in purified air and get that perfect soothing ambience in her own room with this Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp which comes with a Neem Wood Base. It is made from the natural salt crystals found in the Mighty Himalayas.

When lit, this salt lamp is known to give a warm and soft amber glow to the room. This is a must have if your mother has any kind of dust or pollen grain allergies as this Himalayan salt lamp helps to clear the air of pollen grains, smoke or any other air pollutants.  If your mother suffers from asthma then it is a highly recommended gift too.

Available at Amazon

These are the 5 top rated Christmas Gifts for Mom 50 years old, though of course one can include a lot more into the wishlist.

The basic essence behind any of these gifts remain the same- to see your mother smile and feel happy that you have thought about her- her needs and desires.

5 Best Christmas Gifts for First Time Pregnant Moms

Christmas gifts for first time pregnant moms needs to be chosen with some thoughts and care. After all she is expecting for the first time and everything appears so different. She has lots of questions running in her mind and of course wondering what to wear, what to eat, how to stay fit and healthy.

christmas gifts for first time pregnant moms

Gifts for time pregnant moms should be a blend of everything which she might be in need of for the next nine months. In fact, I don’t think it is wise enough to gift her anything which is related with baby right now.

I mean, it’s her last Christmas as “Her” so why not make her enjoy the holiday season like that only. With regard to gifting her anything related to baby, we can have that kept for the later- may be when she has a baby shower.

Beyond doubt, It’s not just she but in fact everyone who wants to rejoice in this hour of bliss. Being pregnant for the first time is such a moment of joy and happiness. In fact each day looks like a miracle as you see your bump getting bigger and bigger. I remember when I was pregnant for the first time, how I used to feel my baby inside the womb as if he was moving here and there. Oh…those moments are so cherishable!!

So here are the Great Christmas Gifts for First Time Moms who would love to receive these gifts:

christmas gifts for first time pregnant moms

Personalized Christmas Pregnancy T shirts: It might come as a surprise to her if you think about gifting her a personalized Christmas pregnancy Tshirt. Women’s American Apparel Fine Jersey T-Shirt can be the right choice for her. As you know American Apparel is a brand name and almost every woman loves to have it in her wardrobe so why not have it even during pregnancy?

In fact this is one of the most creative ways to announce pregnancy at Christmas time.

What I basically like about these Christmas Pregnancy tshirts available at Zazzle is that this same design ‘Pregnant- YES/NO can be made available on a lot more Tshirt styles as well and not just the Jersey Tshirt alone. So, you can pick up from a Basic Tshirt, Tank Top, V Neck Tshirt and more.

christmas gifts for first time pregnant moms

This Is My Last One Maternity T Shirt Funny Pregnancy Shirt Pregnant Tee:  This one is a funny pregnancy Tee for First Time Pregnant Moms which is super soft and comfortable to wear. Wonderful gift for your pregnant wife. Available at Amazon

christmas gifts for first time pregnant moms


Personalized Christmas Pregnancy Ornaments:  Certainly, one of the most adorable and great Christmas gifts for pregnant moms can be the Ornaments- celebrating their pregnancy.

There is no better way to let the world know that you are pregnant with the first child. So this beautiful Christmas ornament with polka dots can be the right gift for pregnant woman. It has a lady with a bump and on top of that its written ‘Mommy to Be’. Below you can add the year too.

christmas gifts for first time pregnant moms

I even loved this beautiful ‘Mommy to Be Keepsake Ornament’ which also looks cute. It features a stick figure pregnant mom who has all the smiles and happiness on her face.

christmas gifts for first time pregnant moms

 Maternity Dress:

Most of the time it is felt that pregnancy is all about big and bulky clothes, you just have to wear something BROAD all the time. However, that is not the case. There are lots of designers who are designing fashionable and trendy dresses for the pregnant women. So, I think a trendy maternity dress can be the right Christmas Gift for her.

Patty Women’s Mama Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Ruched Stretch can be one of the right maternity dress for the Christmas Party. PattyBotuik is a renowned name in the fashion world and their clothes are known for fashion and style. That’s why I picked up this beautiful Patty Women’s Mama Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Ruched Stretch Maternity Dress. The first look says it all!! It is trendy, chic and hot. In fact, it can be the perfect party dress for the initial months of pregnancy when the bump is not that big.

In fact it is going to be the right gift to have if you are looking for holiday gift on a budget. It is not expensive and the material too is super soft and comfortable to wear.

christmas gifts for first time pregnant moms

Another dress to consider for the holiday gifts is the Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Comfortable Maxi Tube DressMaxi Tube Dress.  It looks flattering and so awesome. With elastic bodice and elastic waist it is very easy and apt to wear during pregnancy.

So now you can just enjoy the party without having to think about your bump. It is made of soft jersey material and in fact you will actually look slim in this one- its designed that way. With lots of beautiful colors available you can pick up the favorite color of your choice.

Available at Amazon

christmas gifts for first time pregnant moms

Pregnancy Books are always a favorite for the First Time Moms. So if you can’t settle with any gift, I recommend you go with this. Anyone who is experiencing pregnancy for the first time is super confused and nervous.

Yes, I have been through those times and I know how tough it is to decide what to eat and what not to eat, what to wear, how to walk etc etc. And with hundreds of advices pouring in it sometimes can be a tough choice to know what you should EXACTLY FOLLOW.

christmas gifts for first time pregnant moms

Pregnancy and Child Birth books can therefore be the right guide and gift for the pregnant women. Get the Best Seller at Amazon

christmas gifts for first time pregnant moms

Pregnancy Journal & Organizer: Yet another interesting and great Christmas gift for expecting moms is the Pregnancy Journal. It is in fact a much needed gift which is seldom thought about.

As first time mom, it’s essential to keep a detail of each and every important event happening in your life. So a journal can be the right place where you can note down all those essential events or things to remember along with the date of appointment with the doctor etc.

christmas gifts for first time pregnant moms

You can pick any of the two journals I have mentioned here. The first one is ‘Keep Calm and Focus on Pregnancy’. This one is just perfect to note down all your personal events and keep a track of all your important notes and announcements. The other one is ‘Stork carrying the Baby’.  It looks pretty with ‘Mommy to Be’ written at the back.

These are some of the best Christmas Gifts for First Time Pregnant Moms which will make her holiday season worth remembering and cherishable.

5 Most Romantic Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

Picking up the most romantic Christmas gifts for your wife can sometimes look like a BIG or TOUGH TASK

Will she like it?

Will she really be happy on receiving this gift?

Will she understand my love and feelings towards her?

Oh….my god..so many questions can run sometimes in the mind of a husband who really wants to make her wife happy and feel good on Christmas.

Definitely beyond doubt, it is not just Valentine’s Day when your wife deserves a romantic gift from you, rather you owe it to her even during Christmas.

Most romantic christmas gifts for your wife

So, in this post, I have shortlisted some very romantic, sensual and amazing romantic Christmas gifts for your wife and I am pretty sure she will fall in love with you over and over again.Most Romantic Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

Women’s Luxury Bamboo Nightgown (Tropical Romance):

Women love love love lingerie- all the more if it is gifted to them by their husbands. So, I am damn sure if you pick up a romantic lingerie for your pretty wife she will be all the more surprised.

What is unique about this nightgown is that it is eco-friendly– so you know it is perfect for all skin types and will not cause any kind of skin irritation or allergy.

I personally love the pleated drape which enhances the look of this sensuous nightgown.

It is available in so many romantic colors like Capribreeze, Amethyst, Canyon Clay, Lime and more.

Most of the customers at amazon have loved this product owing to its colors and quality. It is soft and comfortable, though a few have complained that it does not fit them well.

Get Details at Amazon

Most Romantic Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

Heart Shape Crystal Diamante Aluminum Alloy USB Flash Drive Memory Stick With A Chain:

Can you imagine gifting your beloved a beautiful necklace which has a flask drive memory stick as well?

Yes, that’s what this amazing heart shape necklace is all about. It looks so pretty to see and wear and the best part is if you open it, it has a flash stick too. (See the Image Above).

This one is a perfect Christmas Gift for Geeky Wife or if she is a working woman!

Made up of crystal aluminum and alloy it has a beautiful heart shape, so it looks very pretty to wear too.

The necklace with flash drive looks elegant and exquisite too. It is an 8 GB drive and is good enough to hold your photos, worksheets, graphics and lots more.

Get More Details at Amazon

You can even think about gifting her a personalized flash drive where you can add her photo or name too!! Its available at Zazzle and all you need to do is to customize it.

most romantic christmas gifts for your wife

Set of Aromatherapy Essential Oils:

Now you guys will agree when I say that women do need to sit back and relax, they need piece of mind, they need rest and above all a good health too.

So, one of the best Christmas gifts for your wife could be a set of aromatherapy essential oils to let her get charged again. If she loves everything natural then this set is for her.

Each essential oil included in this set has its own unique properties and functions on the body and soul, so definitely you can’t miss this one. The set includes:

  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Lemon Grass Oil
  • Orange Oil
  • Peppermint Oil

Remember these oils are good from the point of view of skin care too since these most of these especially tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil are very used in making your own skin care products.

Some of these oils will certainly work in stimulating her as well both psychologically and physically.

Grab This Set At Amazon

most romantic christmas gifts for wife

Anne Klein Women’s AK/1470 Watch and Bracelet Set:

A watch can certainly be a woman’s best friend. Let her flaunt some attitude and walk in style when she wears this watch and bracelet set by Anne Klein.

If you have been a fan of Anne Klein then you certainly know that the brand itself stands for its uniqueness, exquisite styles and elegance. So, you know if this is from such a reputed brand, it’s going to be wonderful too!!

Yes, what I really love about this amazing gift set is that it comes with a watch and 3 bracelets which are very different from each other. The rose gold color is so feminine and so beautiful to look at.

Beyond doubt, it’s one of those romantic colored watch with bracelets, which you will love to gift to your wife.

  • The numbers in the watch are marked by rose gold bars.
  • Your wife can wear the three bracelets either alone or together with the watch as well.
  • One bracelet is just a simple chain in rose gold while the other two are ornamented.

What’s best about this watch and bracelet is that it looks very versatile and thus suits for any occasion.

It is certainly one of the most romantic Christmas gifts for your wife.

 Grab this one at Amazon

NOTE: If you want to have the pure gold tone watch and bracelet set that too is available at amazon from Anne Klein. However this one has only two bracelets instead of three.


Most Romantic Christmas Gifts for Your Wife


ACEVOG Vintage 1950’s Floral Spring Garden Party Picnic Dress Party Cocktail Dress:

A cocktail dress can never go out of fashion or style. So if you thinking about a unique yet romantic gift for your beloved then I suggest you go ahead with a cocktail dress. These look super sweet!!

These cocktail dresses are meant not just for summer fun alone, rather surprise her with one this Christmas and in order to complete the look you can add:

Just let her wear this floral cocktail  and take her out for a party or romantic dinner together. She will certainly love to wear the dress of your choice.

What is amazing about this dress is that it is so feminine and chic. The beautiful vintage floral pattern looks lovely and in tune with the idea of beauty and love.

It is 100% cotton and there are a lot of colors and floral patterns to choose from. What I like the most is that there are so many styles like sleeveless, full sleeves, polka dots, braided patterns which are available.

Check out at Amazon

So these are the top 5 Most Romantic Christmas Gifts for Your Wife, she will definitely love these since you are buying it for her with so much of love and affection.

“After all its love and trust which counts between a husband and wife”

5 Best Warm and Cozy Christmas Gifts for Her

Holiday Season is one of the best times to pick up warm and cozy Christmas gifts for her.

After all you need to enjoy the winters too in a festive mood. So, if you are still thinking as to what gifts you should buy for her- be she your wife, mother or daughter then gifting them a sweater, scarf, gloves or any other winter gift is a wonderful idea.

Be she your toddler girl or your girlfriend these gifts are just the perfect Christmas presents for her.

Just read on this post to know some of the adorable warm Christmas gifts you would love to gift to her.

5 Best Warm and Cozy Christmas Gifts for Her

Choosing the warm and cozy Christmas gifts for her can sometimes appear so complex.

If you are running short of ideas or you are looking for some unique and different gift, then check these out:

warm and cozy christmas gifts for her

Tom’s Ware Women Slim fit Zip-up Hoodie Jacket

Its one of the most stylish and zip up hoodie you might have ever came across. It looks damn hot with as many as 9 shades to choose from. So you can pick up the one which suits your girl the best.

What I liked about this hoodie is that it can go with almost anything you wear. It keeps you warm and comfortable and so you can wear with ease.

However make sure you read the company’s guidelines with regard to the fit and size you choose. It will make a wonderful gift since she can wear it on any occasion.

Check It Out at Amazon

warm and cozy christmas gifts for her

PattyBoutik Women’s Cowl Neck Tunic Knit Top

A must have top for all those who are big fan of PattyBoutik. Certainly you wouldn’t be let down.

Just gift this amazing cowl neck tunic knit top to your girl and she will simply be blown away. It looks amazingly beautiful and sexy.

So, this is going to be the right Christmas gift for your girlfriend. This top is made of stretchable material and hence it feels great on the skin. It is a must have this Christmas season.

Check details at Amazon

Beanie Hat Can Be One of the Best Christmas Gifts for Her

Trendy Warm Chunky Soft Stretch Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie Skully HAT20A:

Oh I just loved the look of this beanie hat, its too adorable. I wonder how can any girl can’t fall in love with this beautiful hat !! Just look at this, so soft-so comfortable. And the best this is that it is available in lots and lots of colors to pick up from- you just name it and perhaps the color is available:

  • Red
  • Hot Pink
  • Navy
  • Burgundy
  • Taupe
  • Copper
  • Grey black
  • Teal

Well, the list is quite big so I added just a few of the color choices to give you an idea about it.

Yet another highlighting feature of this beanie hat is that it is also available in pair of two as a gift set. One for him and one for her. Isn’t that amazing?

It is quite stretchable and warm enough to save your head from the cold wave.

You can wear it and go for outdoor sports too like skiing or snowboarding.

Definitely worth having, RECOMMENDED FOR HER

Buy Now at Amazon

Warm and Cozy Christmas Gifts for Her

Eforcase Women Lady Girl Knitted Crochet Long Soft gloves 

If you are looking for warm and cozy Christmas gifts for her, then I suggest you to have a look at this sweet long soft gloves which are just perfect for any woman you wish to gift on Christmas.

If she is a writer- these gloves will certainly be an asset to her, since these can make her writing easier during the morning when it’s too cold to write.

These are quite good enough for those girls too who might suffer from soreness or swelling of wrists during winter month.  These long gloves will keep your wrist warm enough and hence you can work with ease.

Also these are perfect Christmas gift for those girls who love to go for a morning or evening walk during winters too!!! Just wear these and go for your walk or jog without having to worry about the wind moving inside your sleeves.

These are available in 6 colors to choose from. Worth having this holiday season.

Check out reviews at Amazon


Infinity Scarf as Christmas Gifts for her

Women’s Pashmina Blend Chunky Ribbed Knit Winter Infinity Circle Scarf Cowl:

Winter month doesn’t mean that girls should forget about style or fashion and just cover themselves up with tons of warm clothes.

In fact winter is one of the best times to look in style and flaunt your attitude. So, if your girl wants to look really stunning inspite of the cold winds blowing outside, gift her this super soft scarf cowl– which speaks of fashion and warmth together.

She will certainly love it since this infinity scarf is very lightweight and comfortable and looks trendy too!!

The best thing is that she can wear it in different ways, since there are lots of options when it comes to how you want to put it.

It is breathable and insulated.

Yet again, there are lots of color options available here too and so you can gift her  the scarf of her favorite color. In case you are unsure about which color to gift, then I suggest you go either with black or crochet white.

Checkout Details at Amazon

So these are 5 best warm and cozy christmas gifts for her, certainly each one is special and I am pretty sure she too will love these.

Worth having to see that beautiful smile on her face.

5 Good Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend

Last Minute Christmas gifts for girlfriend

‘Good Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend’ is the ultimate holiday gift guide for those who guys who have been thinking of buying the best christmas present for girlfriend, but failed to do so!!

Yes, its so common. The feeling of ‘What Should I buy for Her?’ OR ‘I will buy tomorrow’ are some of the most common excuses or reasons due to which men fail to buy the Gifts for the Love of their Life!!

When the time comes, it seems sooooo early…and you are not ready. You are simply stuck. You havent decided yet as to what should be the Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend and now the time too is running short!!

Are you too in the same position?

Of course you won’t let her down by not gifting her something just ordinary or something which is just not her style. You would definitely want to see the love in her eyes as she opens your gift. Isn’t?

No worries.

We are here to help you decide upon the Great and Coolest Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend, since its still not too late. I am pretty sure, you will be able to pick up atleast one if not more from this exhaustive Gift List for Your Girlfriend.

So just read on, pick up the one which you are sure she will adore and just buy it for her.

She’s your love, she’s your life, its time to bring smile on her face.

So here we go with the list:

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend

NOVAWO Women’s Fashion Warm Two-Way Infinity or Straight Scarf with Fringe:

A beautiful and stunning scarf with fringe which will certainly steal her heart ! This can be the right Christmas gift for your girlfriend as it stands out and looks unique. It can be worn in numerous styles and thus fits any dress. Quite stretchable too and it is available in as many as 9 colors to choose from. Grab it Now


Yummy Macaraons as Christmas Gift for Girlfriends

Heavenly Macarons:

If your girlfriend loves macarons then their can be nothing as yummy as these to gift it to her on Christmas. Just let her sweet tooth feel happy and she will thank you for it. If she loves to make these at home then you can gift her this amazing book “Les Petits Macarons: Colorful French Confections to Make at Home” which will help her create these yummy candy coated dreams at home, or else why not just go ahead and gift her these Leilalove Macarons which already comes gift wrapped. These are one of the best holiday gifts and you can certainly feel these heavenly cookies melting in her mouth. These are available in four colors and four flavors:

  • Banana cream
  • strawberry cream
  • Chocolate fudge
  • Apple pieFlavors

Available at Amazon


Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend

925 Sterling Silver Small Snowflake Charm French Hook Drop Earrings: Its said jewelry is one of the best friends of a girl. So, I am pretty sure your lady too would be in love with these. How about these pretty pair of snowflakes earrings which look simply marvelous !

These are drop earrings in sterling silver in the shape of a snowflake so they are apt for the holiday gifts. These are quite lightweight and the design too is very neat. Certainly worth having. Get details at Amazon


Cashmere Wrap- Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend

Cashmere Wrap:

A  cashmere wrap can be the right gift for your girlfriend if you loves to travel a lot. Yes, its perfect to be worn for the morning flights when you need that extra bit of warmth.

Full of style and comfort, this is what she needs the most when it comes to holiday gifts. You can gift her this beautiful Pashmina Scarf Shawl Wrap which is available in so many amazing colors to choose from like cream, pink, orange, blue, purple and more.

What makes it worth having is that it is lightweight and super comfortable unlike other shawl wraps which are quite heavyweight.  Your girlfriend can wear it for an evening party, wedding or a morning walk.

It has received some decent reviews on amazon regarding the colors, comfort and warmth. The touch is great and you can feel it being so cozy. Must Have at Amazon


Kindle Voyage as Last Minute Christmas Gift for Girlfriend

Kindle Voyage:

Beyond doubt, she will go nuts over you if you gift her the undisputed king of Kindle E Readers- The Kindle voyage. Its more than a book and is so lightweight and super amazing too.

It will take your reading habits to a next and better level.  With laser quality text, the kindle voyage offers a high resolution display. So, no longer you can be alone be it a park or coffee shop or your walk in the morning.

Your kindle will be with you wherever you go. It can truly become your girlfriend’s  next best friend.

Get Details at Amazon

These are some of the good last minute christmas gift for girlfriend which you can choose from. (Click to Tweet)

Hope you liked these and if you have thought about something different then do share your ideas in the comment box below.

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