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15 Father´s Day Gifts Ideas

Ochtrup Shopping Center, Germany

Ochtrup Shopping Center, Germany

May is a month of many holidays here in Germany. Not only that we have Labor Day celebration, we also have Mother´s Day and Father´s Day besides other celebrations in our family like birthday and wedding anniversary.


This year, Father´s Day is earlier than Mother´s Day. In fact, this Thursday is Father´s Day in Germany while Mother´s Day will be this coming Sunday, the 8th of May. Usually, Mother´s Day (2nd Sunday of May) came first but as the lent season came early this year, so it happened that Ascension of Christ came early too. Ascension of Christ aka Christi Himmelfahrt in German, is a Father´s Day celebration as well.


Father´s Day celebration is a bit different compared to Mother´s Day celebration. You can read this in here, on how the Germans celebrate Father´s Day. I will not write here about how it is celebrated but about gift ideas you can give to your father as a thank you gift for all the blessings that he has given to you as his child.


Father´s Day Gift Ideas:

  1. Eau de Toilette
  2. Shaving Foam
  3. Shower Gel
  4. A bottle of his favorite wine
  5. A personalized tea or coffee mug
  6. Personalized T shirt
  7. Wallet bottle opener
  8. Photo frame with family
  9. Book of his interest
  10. Garden tools
  11. Writing gadgets
  12. Painting utensils
  13. Canvas and oil painting colors
  14. A smoking pipe
  15. Wallet


These are some of the ideas that came into my mind while writing this post. Of course you can buy other gifts for your father. You get the idea of what you buy for him by thinking and observing what is he fond of, his hobbies and things he loves to do. I know it is very hard to think of a gift for a man. It does not  have to be a tie gift. Maybe he has already plenty of ties from many years of receiving gifts. He might have already a lot of tie collections that he is not even fond of using them. So think it over.



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Gift Ideas For Kids Communion

Catholic Church in the Philippines

Catholic Church in the Philippines taken by my niece Redred

Did you have your first Holy Communion? What gifts have you got from your relatives and godparents?

Holy  Communion is a traditional catholic sacrament when a child receive his / her first Holy Eucharist  in the form of bread and wine given to him / her by a priest in the church.

Celebrating the First Holy Communion is a celebration for the whole family especially the child who will receive it. Children at the age of 9 and 10 are having their seminars and taught what is this ceremony all about by their respective religious teachers. Parents are  preparing a party for this celebration. Some even save money for this special day. Plans are made, invitation cards are send, the venue and food for the party is organised.

As a guest, one should think of a gift for the child to give. A gift which will remind him of one of the most important celebrations in his/her life.

My hubby and I are invited to the 1st communion of my friends son this coming weekend. As the celebrant is so fond of me, I told my friend that I will be the one who will bake and decorate the cake for the communion party after the church Mass. In fact I will bake 2 cakes for the celebration and those are my gifts for the boy. Of course I will give cash in an envelope for him to buy something he likes.

Here are traditional gifts for the 1st Holy Communion:

  1. A bible
  2. A necklace with cross pendant
  3. Rosary beads
  4. Communion candle
  5. Personalised photo album
  6. Personalised photo frame
  7. Personalised bracelet and earrings for a girl
  8. A keepsake box where he or she can put some of his/her important things.

Modern gifts for the 1st Holy Communion:

  1. Envelope with money
  2. Toys
  3. Video games
  4. Amazon gift cards

My week will be so busy shopping for the ingredients of my Communion cakes. I have to make some fondant cross decorations as well.  Well, there are lots of things to do but I enjoy baking and decorating the cakes. I am looking forward to making them. I still have no idea how they will look like. I will surprise myself!

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15 Valentines Gift Ideas

Tea mug as a gift by Thelma Alberts

Tea mug as a gift

We have just finished celebrating the holidays these few days and some of us are already thinking of the next celebrations to come. I was thinking of the 3 Kings because on that day, one of my best friends has her birthday. Well, not the whole world is celebrating the birthday of my friend. It´s only the family and friends.

What I am talking now is the Valentines Day. Do you celebrate Valentines Day in your country? Do you get something from your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentines Day? Don´t ask me. Valentines Day is not on my calendar. Well, I ignore it every year. That is not in our agenda. It´s not a German tradition. It´s an American tradition, isn´t it?

Anyway, I am thinking about that day because I will be writing about it soon as the deadline for my writing contribution in a magazine is this weekend. What I will write in here are some ideas what to give for a gift this Valentines Day. Well, these are all gift ideas I would like to receive if I would be ask. Maybe these gift ideas are helpful to you.

Valentines Gift Ideas:

  1. Valentines Cards
  2. Red roses—this is a standard gift women receive every year.
  3. Perfume—should be the one your friend, wife or husband like.
  4. Concert ticket for any band.
  5. Valentines chocolate–of  course in red.
  6. Dinner for 2 in a restaurant.
  7. Ticket for the cinema.
  8. A bottle of wine your partner love.
  9. Spa gift voucher.
  10. Edible gifts such as cupcakes in heart form.
  11. Valentines gift basket with body lotion, face scrub, hand lotion, face mask, etc…
  12. After shave for men.
  13. Perfume for men.
  14. Painting colors.
  15. Valentines tea mug.

These are some of the gift ideas I have in mind. You can add more to this list. Which one do you think you will choose? I hope you will receive something for your Valentines Day. Thanks for reading.

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A Gift For My Friend This Christmas

Violet Orchids photo by ©Thelma Alberts

Violet Orchids photo by ©Thelma Alberts

When I  was working today, I  was thinking of what I  could give to one of my best friends. I was thinking of what she really needs for herself. Something  special and a personalised gift. I don’t want to buy something which cost me money but in the end not well appreciated.

My friend is a techy person and she always help me when I have problems with  my laptop.  She also gave me some tips when I  bought  something for my writing gadget.  In fact she was the one who sent me the link of Samsung tablet which was cheaper than somewhere else. I don’t  have to buy her something as she has almost everything including ipad. What she needs is a time for herself. She needs relaxation. Having 2 small kids of 10 and 9 years old, keep her busy and exhausted most of  the time.

What do you think I have thought to give her this Christmas? Yes, I  will give her a beauty treatment. She loved having facial treatment in a salon when she was still working and living in the Philippines. She once told me how she wish to have that treatment  again. God bless I listened to her.

I am going  to make a gift card for a personalised beauty treatment for her. Of course I will be the one who will treat her in the comfort of her home when the kids are at school. I think a back massage and a facial treatment which include a facial scrub, a hydrating mask and a Champissage. Wow! I know she will love this. OPS!!! I can’t  share this post to facebook. I want to surprise her and so fb is a no go for this article.

Maybe you  are wondering why I  make a lot of effort. Well, she is always there when I  need her. She even massaged me when I have back pain from working hard. She’s  a dear friend I treasure very much.

Have you thought something to buy for your best friend? What is it? Thanks  for reading. BTW, this is my first post written from my Samsung Galaxy tablet. I hope it is going fine.

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5 Gift Ideas For A Hobby Baker

Gingerbread House made from a Kit box.

Gingerbread House made from a Kit box.

Christmas countdown is going on! Well, on my part. I love giving selfmade DIY craft and self baked goodies. I am already planning what to make for those whom I want to give this Christmas. People who appreciate my own made sweets and DIY products. I don´t have a lot of time due to my writing hobby and my part time work but for the people I like, I share my time.


Here are the  gift ideas for a  hobby baker:

  1. Gingerbread House Kit
  2. Christmas Cookie Cutters
  3. Gingerbread House Apron
  4. Rose Shaped Baking Form
  5. Cake Decorating Plunger Cutter


Gingerbread House Kit is a DIY kit for making a gingerbread house with a prebaked cookie house. It is sold now in a box in different supermarkets or online shops for building and creating your own Christmas centerpiece decoration. Almost all you need is included in this box.


Christmas Cookie Cutters  are the cutters in form of a star, a snowman, a heart, a Santa Claus, a Christmas tree and a sugar cane which you can use in cutting  the dough of your cookies.


Gingerbread House Apron is an apron designed at Zazzle  from my selfmade gingerbread house. A beautifully designed apron you can wear whenever you are cooking.


Rose Shaped Baking Form is one of the best cake form I have used in baking. It´s made of silicon.  Besides using it in baking, I use this in making chocolate mousse for dessert.


Cake Decorating Plunger Cutter is a fine way of making your own  royal or fondant icing decorations for your cakes, cupcakes or cookies. It´s a kind of mold to form a flower like a rose or hydrangea.


I am looking forward to the goodies I am going to make. Are you doing anything for giving this Christmas? Thanks for reading.

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Dolls, Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls

Doll Collection

Some of the dolls I received

As a woman, did you have dolls when you were a small girl? What kind of doll was it? I can remember that as a girl I only had one doll. I think the head was made of porcelain and the rest parts were made of plastic but with beautiful dress. I don´t know what happened with it. I can remember that I was the only one who had a doll in the family as a small child.


Dolls are the image of human being. Dolls are one of the oldest toys girls have in their lives. They are frequently the wishes of the girls in their young age. Even older women love dolls that they collect them for their pleasure. Dolls for their home decoration. Dolls in every color, size and in every fashion. One of the most bought dolls are Barbie dolls.


A few months ago, I received a few dolls from a relative who wanted to get rid of her doll collections. I got 10 of her doll collections. I wanted to give the dolls to my small nieces in the Philippines. I wanted to send them through Balikbayan boxes but now I have changed my mind due to the news that these Filipino corrugated boxes will be opened by the Bureau of Customs and if some of their workers like what they see, they might get some of my things from my Balikbayan box. That means my things like my dolls might be stolen and it will not reach home to my relatives. That was not like that before. Now I am thinking of selling those dolls and just give the money to my small nieces.


Do you have any doll collections? Were you fond of your dolls when you were a child? I love seeing dolls but I can´t start collecting them as I am downsizing. The photos are what I have got from my relative. Are they not looking good?

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Interesting Coffee or Tea Mugs

Shakespeare Mug

Shakespeare Mug

Are you a coffee or a tea drinker? I am a creamy black tea drinker but I also drink coffee when I have a visitor at home who drinks coffee. I love drinking coffee too when I am in the city alone strolling, finding any idea what to write. I sit then in a bakery cafeteria, drinking a mug of coffee while observing the passers by. The cafeteria is along the side of the city promenade.

Our mugs at home are for drinking teas but I have some collections of tea mugs which I sometimes use for drinking my coffee. My collection of mugs came from different countries where my hubby and I have visited. Though they are collections, I use them every now and then and reminisce the time I was in that country of origin.

Belmullet Mug

Belmullet Mug

Here are my favorite mug collections:

  1. Back Live Coffee Mug—–was a goodbye gift I received from the Despedida (Goodbye) party my German Back Live Café  boss and workmates gave after my last day of work. It was a sad but wonderful party. I know they were sad that I quit my work there for moving to Ireland.
  2. Belmullet Mug—-I have two of these Belmullet mugs. One I have received as a gift from an Irish friend and one I bought in the shop for my hubby. Belmullet was the town we lived in Ireland for a short period of time. Everytime I drink tea with this Belmullet mug, it reminds me of my simple and happy working life in Ireland.
  3. Stratford-Upon-Avon Mug—- I bought this mug in the souvenir shop in Shakespeares Country, when we spent a few hours in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England on our way back home to Germany. I know we would not be back again there and so we decided to visit the birth place of William Shakespeare.

These mugs are very special to me and they are all made of porcelain. Christmas time is fast approaching and a gingerbread house mug is a good gift for a friend or relative. Yesterday I was designing a mug from the torch ginger flower oil painting  of my hubby. I designed it for zazzle. You can see below.

Torch Ginger Mug
Torch Ginger Mug by Thellys_Designs55
Look at more Torch ginger Mugs at zazzle

Thanks for reading and a special thank you to @rapidblue for this writing challenge idea. Have a blessed day to all.

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5 Mousepads Under 13 Dollars

Slieve League, Ireland

Slieve League, Ireland

Have you ever thought of creating your own mousepad because you have not seen the right mousepad that you would like to have?


When I was in Berlin almost 2 months ago, I was strolling to almost all of the tourist spots in the city. I took a lot of photos for my blogs. Taking photos has become my habit since writing online for almost 5 years now. The camera, video camera and now my smartphone are my companions whenever I travel far from home. I have to take my smartphone whenever I go to the city just in case I come across of a beautiful scene to take a shot.


Anyway, going back to Berlin, I was looking for a souvenier to bring back home. I was thinking of something not too expensive. I was thinking of a mousepad of Berlin as my old mousepad is not good anymore. There were  few selections of Berlin mousepads but they were no longer looking good and besides that, the price of 16.99 Euro was too much for me and so I did not buy. I went home without any souvenier at all but I had taken a lot of photos home. I did not know that from those photos I would be designing my own mousepads for Zazzle. I was not a member yet at that time.

Here are some mousepads you might want to buy as a gift for your friend or for  your love one.

  1. Berlin Germany mousepad
  2. Cologne Germany mousepad
  3. Slieve League Ireland  mousepad
  4. Tropical bird mousepad
  5. Irish landscape mousepad

These are all the mousepads I have designed from the photos and from the paintings of my hubby. The tropical bird in that mousepad was the one who visited my garden when I was in my home country Philippines. I don´t know the name of this bird. Maybe one of you know the name. I hope you will like them.

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2 Postage Stamps For Your Collections

Angus in Ireland

Angus in Ireland

Do you collect anything? Stamps, postcards, letters, souveniers, etc…? When I started penpal writing in my elementary grades, I started collecting stamps from different countries in the world. I got those beautiful stamps from the letters posted from Kuwait, Australia, Nigeria, Switzerland, Kenya, Germany, England, Ireland and some parts of America. It was fascinating to collect those stamps besides getting friends with foreign people I only knew through exchanging letters. I love those times when I received letters from my penpals. Though it took too long to recieve them, I was always excited. The world at that time ( in the 70´s) was still huge.


When I arrived in Germany in the early 80´s, I continued my stamps collection. Then I collected postcards, sea shells, stones, Euro coins and then fridge magnets. I still have my collections and I don´t know what I am going to do with them. Now I wonder if I have Mauritius stamps. I have to check my collection, that is if I can find the stamps album. It must be somewhere in one of the boxes that I have.


I am no longer collecting anything as I am downsizing. Instead I design products for collections.

Slieve League, Ireland

Slieve League, Ireland

2 Gift Stamps For Your Collections:


Animal Postage Stamps

For  pet lovers, I created a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog postage stamp for Zazzle. This stamp is approved by the United States Postal Service. My pet Angus is the model of this stamp. The photo of this design was taken by me when Angus and I took a walk at the beach in County Mayo, Ireland a few years ago.

Angus in Ireland Stamp
Angus in Ireland Stamp by Thellys_Designs55
See more Angus in ireland Stamps at


Irish Landscape Stamps

Slieve League is the beautiful cliff in County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. It is said to be the highest cliff in Europe. A breathtaking view for a day in the country. I have been there together with other tourists climbing on top of this cliff.

Slieve League Stamp
Slieve League Stamp by Thellys_Designs55
Shop for Slieve league Stamps online at


How do you like my postage design? Are you collecting stamps? These stamps would be good gifts for your friend who is collecting postage.  I am no longer collecting but I have to buy these stamps to have my very own creative designs on my hand to see.

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10 Gifts For Infants and Toddlers This Christmas

My niece Nessie and Angus

My niece Nessie and Angus

Today is the 6th of October. In 2 months time, it´s Nikolaus Tag (Saint Niklaas Day) in Germany. Do you celebrate Saint Niklaas Day in your country? It is a tradition in Germany on the 6th day of December to give kids  small gifts like  chocolates  and other sweets including nuts and oranges. Parents usually put these gifts in front of the kids door the night of December 5. When the child gets up the next day early in the morning, he / she can see that Nikolaus  was there to bring those small goodies.

On that Nikolaus  Day, there are lots of parades in the city distributing  Nikolaus chocolates to the kids and other passers by, including adults. They are not only in the cities but also at the train stations and inside the running trains distributing yummy chocolate Nikolaus.

Nikolaus  Day is only the start of the Christmas celebration. Most of the parents are already busy buying some gifts for their kids and their loved ones. Have you started planning for that day? Do you have any gift ideas for your toddlers for this coming Christmas? Well if not, I can share you some ideas what to buy for your kids and these gifts should not be expensive. Think of what your kids could use this winter or what he / she would probably need.

Bird Toddler Hoodie
Bird Toddler Hoodie by Thellys_Designs55
Browse more Bird T-Shirts at Zazzle

Gift Ideas for Toddlers:

    1. Pacifiers
    2. Baby bibs
    3. T-shirts
    4. Baby bodysuits
    5. Burp cloth
    6. Baby bloomer or diaper covers
    7. Baby and toddler caps
    8. Kids pullover hoodies
    9. Kids puzzle
    10. Ruffle Dress for girls

These are only some of the gifts you can buy for your kids. What about making a gingerbread house with your children? Have you thought about that? You don´t have to bake the house but instead use Graham Crackers for your gingerbread house making. It would be fun when you let your children help decorate the house with gum candies,  marshmallows, sprinkles and cookies.

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Gingerbread House made of Graham Crackers

Gingerbread House made of Graham Crackers