How Many Canned Foods Is Enough

Still on the grid but working on my own food, I have to think how much food we eat and what foods we eat. Now I have to sit down and make out a plan of how much to can for one year, Right?

Yesterday was the final day for the pears and I dare anyone to bring me any more to can, only a few fresh for the fridge will I accept.

I tried to get a count and I came up with this : I have canned thirty two quarts of lightly sweetened pears, seventeen pints of lightly sweetened pears { a few were cinnamon } and forty half pints of cinnamon pears for a grand total of eighty nine jars of pears!


I know most people would be puking thinking about eating that many pears but I have to say that these will last for many years and there are some years the trees do not produce , I do not know why but that`s the life of trees. I personally do not eat any home canned good over four years old, that is about the same amount of time the canned food sits in the warehouses/ stores that everyone buys in a tin can or a plastic jar/ glass jar.

And no that is not all the foods I have canned this year, I have blackberry seedless jam, Blueberry jam, Squash relish, Pickled okra, Pickled vegetables and salsa ….. It seems I am missing something but that`s all I can recall at the moment.


The dog, Rosco`s dog Harley would not mind me yesterday and wanted to follow Rosco around. See I rescued Rosco and had him a year before I rescued Harley back on February 26th. 2015. The reason I took Harley was because Rosco needed a dog! He was lonesome and had no one to play with while I was away working every day. Rosco will not leave Harley behind when its walking time. I open the gate and Rosco gets happy and bouncy but he runs to Harley and waits for me to put his leash on, then we walk.

Tony had burned some debris and there must have been rabbits near it because the nose went crazy. I cannot turn Harley loose or he will get in the road or the snake infested blackberry patch in the next field over from my property.

He fought me pulling me and dragging me into the bushes , he got tangled and messed up the leash. I had to spank him! I really had to make him stop or be put back in the fence in the back yard, that helped and I made Rosco [ by calling him ] come back and walk with us. After thirty minutes I was exhausted from getting jerked around, I left Harley at the back door while I went to get their dog food and a few bones from dinner for them. Both seemed like they were starving and hogged down the food. I feed them twice a day so I don`t know what was up with that.

100_4990 (2)

Its raining today and both are in the dog house so I am thinking no walk today.


I picked the garden yesterday, well the okra. I got plenty more and I think I will freeze it, I also got a few more tommy toe tomatoes to can up for hot tomatoes for the beans and greens …. OOHHH! good news! Since Tony had another surgery and could not bother the new row of tomatoes, they are NOT all tommy toes. There is maybe four tommy tow plants and the rest are plumping up! Now he is excited and tending to them better 🙂

I am thinking that I want to pick me a mess of those pretty new kale plants, they are bigger than my hand? Itchy fingers pick greens and mine are itchy 🙂


Well that`s a little about the home front and my one day to stay at home and not leave the yard at all.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

3 thoughts on “How Many Canned Foods Is Enough”

  1. I love reading about everything you are canning. One day I wish to do that. As I know it is healthier and cheaper than buying from the stores.

    You can always sell your extra foods you can. The thing I would suggest is, if the people bring your canning jars back. they get a discount. Less you have to buy. Thats what I did when I was selling Apple pie and peach moonshine.

  2. People don’t realize how valuable reusable jars are…until they work with a collector who’s trying to sell them! GBP is trying to sell only the collectible, more ornamental jars from her shelves and has been sitting on $500 all these years. If people find and buy them.

    (By “ornamental” I mean the antique ones that were made with lead and aren’t recommended for reuse in canning…they make lovely vases and terraria.)

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