Autumn is here – goodbye Summer!

Summer is a wonderful time of year and I love so much about it, except the temperatures!  You probably just dumped me in your mental loony bin, but let me explain.

I love to garden and the summer is most conducive to growing the majority of the vegetables.  Tomatoes and squash thrive in the warmest temps, so I endure the heat without too much grumbling for that reason alone.  (Ok, well, my kids love the chance to play outdoors and swim and do a million other things, so there’s that.)

But, I’ll just say it – the temps of summer sometimes make me count the days until the onset of fall (autumn) and even winter.  I LOVE the cooler weather!  And, there is a booby prize – there are vegetables who are happier growing in the fall.  Yup!  I can still plant radishes, green onions, snow peas, lettuce, greens, and beets.  There are several root vegetables whose flavor aren’t optimal until the frosts of fall.  The tree nuts mature and fall to be gathered, too.  It is just a fun time of year.

For people who are familiar with foraging the natural plants that can be found in the backyard, fall brings certain cool weather plants back.  In my area, chickweed prefers cooler temperatures and makes a comeback after exiting when spring is over.  Wild onions return and the cresses (both watercress and land cress – sometimes called “rocket”) begin to grow again.  Certain wild mushrooms that only grow in this damper, cooler time of year make themselves known again.  What a bounty there is to be had in the fall as well!

Oh, tomatoes, how I’ll mourn your absence!  I’ll have to be content to settle for the fakes the supermarkets tag


with your name until next summer. In the meantime, I’ll savor the beet greens and lettuces that flourish so well – until the snows begin to fall…at which time I’ll start longing for summer!

These are some of the baby peas in my little pea patch!
These are some of the baby peas in my little pea patch!