SDYV 11/19/2015 My Votes

Happy Turkey day folks.  Hope your bellies are full and you avoided fights with family memembers you only see once a year – unless someone took a pie to face or your drunkle got 3D’d through a table because you should be posting that madness on youtube right now. It’s…


SmackDown Your Vote 10/22/2015

Welcome to this week’s SmackDown Your Vote! No need to wait in line with old people to let your voice be heard. Vote from your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, flip phone or borrow someone else’s.   We start with a cold open in the Corridor of Contrived Conveniences and WWE…

I Came To Praise…The Miz

  Through no fault of the onscreen talent, SmackDown is rarely destination television. Some would point to its pre-taped nature and there is some merit to that argument. If pro-wrestling were more sport than entertainment, being taped two days earlier and being spoiled on results would turn off some fans….

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