Faith, Family, and Fighting: All Phase 1 Ideas and Concepts (1st Update)

Faith, Family, and Fighting Indiegogo  page e-Books The Man Who Fell Into The Black Inferno: Currently available at (click the title).  The first of the 4 Black Inferno Books, this introduces the world to John Jason Kennedy and some of the mythology behind the Black Inferno, Old Earth, and Nyota….

A Legacy of Hard Dying: Die Hard Year One The Origin

Well this was an interesting tidbit I came across today.  There are at this very moment, men in suits, men in khaki shorts and Hawian Shirts, probably men in tights and extremely likely a woman serving them coffee and dark liquor, hatching out the details for a sixth Die Hard…

A Shock To Your System

    Another late night, another conversation with my youngest brother.  The topic of choice: instead of giving all these cacausian super heroes racial make overs, why not either a) make up our own or b) use the few minority ones already present and update them for a modern audience….

Posting Schedule Going Forward

    Daily Updates How About That Thing That Happened: At least one  wrestling, entertainment, or other news update. Parents After Dark: Video Recap of our podcast. Around The IWC: Random comments about wrestling around the web and my responses to them.   Multiple Updates Per Week Casting the Stars: Because genre films…

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