Divas Quick Fixes Follow Up Part One

To continue my unofficial “Women’s Wrestling Week” here is a follow up to my 10 Quick Fixes For the Divas Division that I wrote last year roughly around the time AJ Lee allegedly upset the other Divas by saying she hoped Bailey, Sasha, Becky, or Charlotte became the next recipient of…

What I’m Thankful For

‘Tis the appointed time of year to express our gratitude for those far and near.  A time to remember the good and bad then eat the best meal you ever had.  And that’s it, no more rhyming after that last line.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.   I am thankful for: a…


Mid-Week Mash Up WWEZ

In my humble opinion, pro-wrestling is the most malleable form of entertainment.  Nearly any story or character archetype can be reshaped to fit a wrestling centric narrative.  While a guy like me could watch Cesaro wrestle six or seven 20 minute matches with six or seven different opponents over the…


The ABCs of Monday Night Raw 11/23/2015 Page 1

Good afternoon wrestling fans.  Welcome to the newest edition of the ABCs of Monday Night Raw.  I’m your host  Chocolate Raindrop Wendell Darnell Mitchell, II and I will be your tour guide through the meandering, sometimes circuitous routes that WWE takes to put on a three-hour sports entertainment broadcast. Let see…


The ABCs of Monday Night Raw 11/23/2015 Page 2

Previous   Best Moments 1. Rusev Returns I am a fan of the Bulgarian Brute.  No matter what nonsense he’s been involved in lately, he manages to shine.  He is the sort of back up you need. One week he’s saving you from suicide dive attempts and the next he’s…


The ABCs of Monday Night Raw 11/23/2015 Page 3

Previous   CRITICISMS 1. Why Are The Dudleys Even Here When the Dudleys were signed, I figured they would have a few fun matches with the new blood, get one last title run, then put the New Day over strong.  That seemed like a pretty straight forward trajectory.  They could have…


I Don’t Want Your Revolution

Just over a year ago, I wrote this post simple things that could be implemented to improve the Divas division in WWE.  There was nothing earth shattering or even revolutionary mentioned.  I merely picked a few examples that have been used elsewhere without compromising whatever vision WWE has about wrestling-unless of course…


Fiction Friday 11/20/2015

Hello fans of fictional story telling and welcome to another edition of Fiction Friday.  Today I wanted to pimp my first completed novel that is currently on sale here.  The first 1500 copies are available for the low price of $0.99 and is definitely that change you found under your…


SmackDown Your Vote 11/19/2105 Page 1

Hey guys.  After taking  a few weeks off to fail miserably at crowd funding, I am back doing something I am half way decent at: making smarky observations about the B-show.  Let’s get to it, shall we?   So, Monday I criticized WWE a bit for not having a video tribute….


SmackDown Your Vote11/19/2015 Page 2

There’s been exhaustive commentary about the controversial nature of the Diva’s contract segment.  My two cents? I think it’s equally valid to be upset by this as it is not to be.  Keep the discourse civil and we can judge the effectiveness of it.  The beatdown was solid, so points…

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