Another Fort Worth February

Sixty eight degrees; the sort of weather that drops a man to his knees in a thankful prayer during the summer but manages to coax a few beads of sweats during what’s supposed to be the middle of winter.

My second February in Fort Worth begins as the previous.  There are some interesting prospects but nothing concrete yet.  I have several pages of handwritten notes and noway as of yet to translate any of them into tangible assets.  It’s another missed birthday for my first born and another year of wedded bliss with my wife.  My mom’s another year older and I would have liked to do something big for her.

The wife and I just saw Star Wars and it was enjoyable.  Expect all sorts of commentary about that experience tomorrow.

It’s Black History Month and so far, my twitter and facebook feeds have not been cluttered with “why not a White History Month.”

WWE did a spotlight on the World’s Strongest Man himself and it does sort of making him as a big a deal as he should have been from the start.  Mark Henry is legitimately one of the strongest men that ever lived.  Entire genres are built  around the trope of who is, was,  or can be the world’s strongest.  It’s just sort of mind boggling that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry will not be an entry on a list somewhere as anything other than a hypothetical.

I wasn’t watching much WWF back in the day (WCW fuh fuh for life) but the man was an athletic marvel and should have had a run with the belt around the time Brock was a rookie.  Who wouldn’t have like to see 10 years younger Hall of Pain Mark Henry vs Brock headline an event?  Crazy, no fun people, that’s who.

But if Mark is calling it a career after this year’s Mania, the guy has made some memories and that’s all a performer can really hope for in the end.

Speaking of Mania, another February PPV match is centered around Roman Reigns getting a World Title by being pit against an opponent the crowd is more enamored with.  Last year, we had D-Bryan following in the footsteps of his Seattle Seahawks and not repeating at champ.

This year, we have one of the best talkers in the E outlining why he should be headlining and making a darn good case.  I like Dean.  Not my favorite, but entertaining.  He probably has the most on point promo game on the roster right behind Kevin Owens, which is why it was a shame (SHAME) that there was not battle of worlds between the two during their IC Title feud.

Not to get all smarky and say Dean’s there to eat a pin, but man that feels a lot like what happened to Bryan last year and no disrespect to Brock or Dean, but Bryan was more over than either man and a better dance partner as far as showing Roman can do more than be dominant or be dominated.

Wait and see as they say.  Happy February everyone.


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