Stir Fry Number Six – Half Baked Ideas and Full Stomachs

It was the best of fries, it was the worst of fries.  It was another stroke of brilliance born of a growling tummy and a scarcity of items in the pantry or cupboards. As my strengthening belief in a higher power defines this new era of my life, this generation I was born into is being defined as one that is less religious if not more discerning in their spiritual beliefs.

That last line has nothing to do with food other than I wanted to continue the homage to Tale of Two Cities  and the nature of belief is the sort of thing I think about while I’m standing near a stove and making a concerted effort not to burn down my apartment.  Burning food is actually the reason I  never took up smoking.  I burned a block of noodles some twenty years ago and my pre-adolescent mind rationalized that if something as delicious (and apparently cancerous) as pork flavored Ramen noodles could smell that horrid while burning, then why would I intentionally light a piece of paper with God knows what inside of it and stick it that close to my delicate nose?  From that point, I never had the faintest curiosity for smoking.  Though, like guns, I am endless fascinated with cigarettes and cigars in fictional settings.

As another hopeful spring gave way to a winter I refuse to allow to sink me into despair, with everything and nothing before me and for the betterment or detriment to my certain dreams, I choose to use this time to throw things into a pan and see what happens.

What do you think of when you think of stir fry?  Is a specific memory or flavor?  Do you define it by the ingredients or by towering flames dancing along a hibachi grill?

In my family, we choose to keep it simple.  Stir fry is merely the method of preparation and nothing more.  I suppose that means I don’t scramble eggs so much as I stir fry them with black beans and onions and other components I will speak of at another time.  Tonight’s presentation is the sixth stir fry concoction I have conceived.

For the more adventurous pallette and those who “for Science” is a fun catchphrase and way of life, what you need is some diced onions, soy sauce, brown sugar, shredded cheese, green beans (canned or frozen, my preference is french style for the texture) and whatever type of noodle you like.

Depending on how much you want to make, choose the skillet or frying pan of your liking and cover the bottom with your diced onions.  Take two or three pinches of brown sugar (I have relatively big hands so you might want a couple pinches more) and sprinkle over the onions.  Add just enough soy sauce to get the onions wet then heat on medium for 4 minutes making sure to  stir.  Once you get a nice color going, add the green beans.  If you’re using a can, leave a little water in the can.

The noodles are where you can get creative.  When I made my version, I had just made my wife some chicken noodle soup.  I simply added some spaghetti noodles to the soup, cooked away the soup and added the noodles to my pan.  I stir in about half a palm of shredded mozzarella until it was completed melted.

After allowing it to set for, thirty seconds (I advise people that care about the inside of their mouths to exercise greater patience) I tried it and I was happy with the combination of flavors.  So give a try this weekend and let me know how it turned out for you or what substitutes you used or even if the very idea of this concoction makes you question my sanity.  Thanks for reading and I’ll see you after church.

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