Fiction Friday 11/27/2015

It’s after midnight and I’m still awake; as are many of you.  Technically, it is Saturday, but hey, it’s still Friday until you go to sleep, right?  That’s how these things work when you’re younger anyway.

So what’s new in the fantastic world of fiction?  Well, later today will be the next additions to the Back to Action anthology.  Find out what happened to Nina (Starlight Principality); who the strange man in Anabelle’s room (Toy Soldiers and War Machines); If Johari gets her sponsorship (Fighter’s Paradise Unlimited); and what’s next for Jamaal (Children of Old Earth).

I will also be posting a preview of my next novel The Last Chamber.   The Last Chamber will feature characters and story arcs from Back to Action as well as introduce events and people that tie all these characters together.  Make sure you keep up with this page and the free monthly collection.

This week begins the start of something new.  I am offering a special opportunity for people to submit character profiles to me for a nominal fee between $0.99 and $4.99.  Those characters will be integrated into the “Faith, Family, and Fighting” universe.  Anytime I use that character (in a book, a video, merchandising) I will either share a percentage of the money made based on a several factors (importance, prominence, medium, frquencey, which character profile tier) with the creator or offer a one time fee for that character’s inclusion in a project.

The Man Who Fell Into The Black Inferno is still availabe for .99 at my payhip store for another week before I move it to the kindle store, so get in on that deal while you still can.  The Special Edition PDF will also be available next week before moving to the kindle store as well.

Coming up this Cyber Monday, my first children’s e-book Daddy Is Silly will be available at my payhip store for $1.99 and at the kindle store for $2.99 for two weeks.  Those they buy it from my payhip store will get a code that allows them to get the kindle version for $0.99.  Who can pass up two for the price of one.

That about wraps it up this week.  Hope you either stayed home with loved ones or shopped responsibly.  Stay updated on all the fun things Faith, Family, and Fighting will be doing over the next few weeks.  Good bye and God bless.


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